Wednesday 17 March 2021


Assam's education field is rapidly growing. The corona constellation brought a rapid change in the mode of inheriting knowledge, Assam not being an exception to it. The students are now bound to continue their studies using modern devices connected by internet.
With such unprepared digitization of the modes of learning, many students of Assam found themselves amid a clueless situation, because there was not enough study materials available for them on the internet. There were only few websites that provided dedicated solutions based on their state board SCERT syllabus. Whenever the students of Assam searched any question of their SCERT Textbook, they would find websites of National Level Education sites such as ByJus, TiwaryAcademy, LearnCBSE etc.

The students of Assam were helpless. But the scenario is no more like that. In the service of students of Assam, a website emerged from the very own native land of Assam. Yes, this is your very own website

This is a story of two hardworking friends, who took all the pain on behalf of the students of Assam for at least six months continuously to develop a website for the students of Assam. Rohit Chetry and Dipankar Dutta, at twenty four to twenty five of their age, were very anxious about the condition of the students of Assam, have decided to work hard and provide all sorts of SCERT Notes for the students at free of costs.

Subjects Covered by InfoBell

TheInfoBell drafted their work firstly to cover the English Subject as per the SCERT syllabus.

InfoBell Android App 

For searching your desired notes, typing it there in your browser again and again is way too tiresome. The national platforms of education websites provide their own Android Apps to access the contents systematically. But why should Assam's students stay behind in this aspect also. They should also have their own opportunities, own platforms and should be able to say proudly "We Use Our Own Assamese App".  So, the InfoBell took headache to provide them their own Android App. The taste of pride begins in the form of our app EDUCATELY ASSAM. It is available in Playstore.

TheInfoBell is Also in Youtube

You can view some study material as video content in our Youtube Channel named Gyanweb Tutorials.