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 Lesson 6 | The rain all questions and answers | Reader 3

Lesson 6 | The rain all questions and answers | Reader 3
Lesson 6 | The rain all questions and answers | Reader 3

Which is your favourite season and why? Share your views with the class.
Read this poem to find out why the rainy season is the poet's favourite season.
I hear leaves drinking Rain;
I hear rich leaves on top
Giving the poor beneath
Drop after drop;
'Tis a sweet noise to hear
These green leaves drinking near.
And when the sun comes out,
After this rain shall stop,
A wondrous light will fill
Each dark,round drop;
I hope the sun shines bright;
'Twill be a lovely sight.
- W H Davies 
A. Answer the following questions.
1. What are the sounds you hear when the rain falls?
Answer: We hear the soft pitter-patter sounds when the rain falls.
2.List the sights you see after the rain.
Answer: After the rain, we can see sight of a wondrous light, sight of beautiful rainbow and many more.
3. In what sense are the leaves on top 'rich' and the leaves beneath 'poor'?
Answer: The leaves on top are rich, by these the poet means that these leaves on top drink the rainwater first, while the leaves beneath are 'poor' as they drink the rain water passed by the top 'rich' leaves.
4. What happens to the plants and the earth when the rain falls?
Answer: When the rain falls the plants and the earth look more greener and healthier. 
5.What does the earth look like when the sun shines after the rain?
Answer: When the sun shines after the rain the earth will look more delightful it will fill each dark corner of the earth with light and new hope. 
B. Match the following words based on the poem.
1. Sweet - noise.
2. Green - Leaves.
3. Wondrous - light.
4. Round - drop.
5. Bright - sun.
6. Lovely -  sight.
C. Pick out words from the poem that mean the opposite of the following.
1. Rich - Poor
2. Beneath - Top
3. Light - Dark
4. Far - Near
5. Dull - Clean
6. Start - Stop

D. Top rhymes with drop and hear with near. Pick out words from the poem that rhyme with the following words.

1. Pain - Rain.
2. Bun - Sun.
3. Hill - Fill.
4. Night -  Bright.

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 Lesson 5 | The three best things all questions and answers | Reader 3

Lesson 5 | The three best things all questions and answers | Reader 3
Lesson 5 | The three best things all questions and answers | Reader 3


What, according to you, are the three best things in the world? Share with the class, explaining why. 

A. Answer the following questions briefly.

1. What was Akbar and Birbal doing one fine evening?

Answer: One fine evening, Akbar and Birbal were walking in a beautiful garden.

2.What did they talk about?

Answer: They talked about the beauties of nature, such as sunrise and sunset and many more.

3.Name some of God's gifts to man?

Answer: Sunrise and sunset, the high mountains, the skies at night, the moon and the stars, and the colours of the rainbow are some of the gifts of God to man. 

4. Which flower did Akbar find the best?

Answer: Akbar find the rose flower best.

B. Answer the following questions in detail.

1. Which is the best milk, according to Birbal?Why?

Answer: According to Birbal, 'Mother's milk is the best milk because  a child becomes a great man on it'. 

2. Which is the best flower, according to Birbal?Why?

Answer: According to Birbal, 'The flower of the cotton plant is the best flower'. Since it gives clothes to us.

3.Which is the best sweetness, according to Birbal?Why?

Answer: According to Birbal, 'The sweetness of the kind words is the best sweetness'. Because it pleases everyone.

C. Tick the correct option to complete each sentence.

1.Mother's milk is the best because

a. It is the sweetest milk known to us.

b. a child growing up on mother's milk becomes a great human being.

Answer: (b) a child growing up on mother's milk becomes a great human being.

2. The cotton flower is the best flower because

a. it is used for making clothers.

b. it is white and soft.

Answer: (b) It is used for making clothes.

3. The sweetness of kind words is the best because

a. it costs nothing

b. it pleases everyone.

Answer: (b) it pleases everyone.

D. Fill in the blanks. Choose from the words given in the box.

1.Milk is good for health.

2. I woke up too late in the morning to see the sunrise.

3. The beauties of nature make us think of the goodness of God.

4.Standing on the seashore, i saw the beautiful sunset.

5. Everyone loves receiving gifts.

6. The doctor told me to take care of my health

E. Fill in the missing letters taking the help of the clues.

1. Handkerchiefs are made of this - Cotton

2. It gives us milk - Buffalo.

3. We sometimes see it in the sky on a rainy day - rainbow.

4. We store clothes and other things in this - Cupboard.

5. we taste with this - tongue.

F. Complete the following sentences taking the help of the table below.

1. She is taller (tall) than her sister.

2. Meera is the tallest (tall) girl in class.

3. Varun is as taller (tall) as Rajiv.

4. Birbal was cleverer (clever) than others in Akbar's court.

5. Birbal was the cleverest (clever) man in Akbar's court.

6. This painting is more colourful (colourful) than the other.

7. This painting is the most colourful in the room.

8. The lotus is a most beautiful flower.

9. The sunflower is more beautiful than a lotus.

10. But the rose is the most beautiful.



geography lesson
Class 8

Geography Lesson 

Working with the poem 

1. Find three or four phrases in stanza one or two which are likely to occur in a geography lesson.

 Answer: Stanza 1: scaled six inches to a mile

Stanza 2: the country had cities where the rivers ran, the valleys were populated


2. Seen from the window of an Aeroplan, the city appears 

i. As a haphazard as on ground 

ii. As neat as a map

iii. As developed as necessary 


3. Which of the following statements are examples of “the logic of geography”? 

i. There are cities where there are rivers

ii. Cities appear as they are not from six miles above the ground. 

iii. It is easy to understand why valleys are populated. 

iv. It is difficult to understand why humans hate and kill one another. 

v. The earth is round, and it has more sea than land. 


4. Mention two things that are: 

i. Clear from the height: 

Answer: From the height of the Aeroplane, it is clear why valleys are populated, that there are more seas than land

ii. Not clear from the height: 

Answer: But from the height of the Aeroplane, it is not clear why men on earth hate each other, and why they have built walls across the cities.

Geography Lesson  

Full Poem with Summary
When the jet sprang into the sky,
It was clear why the city
Had developed the way it had,
Seeing it scaled six inches to the mile.
There seemed an inevitability about what on
Ground had looked haphazard, unplanned 
And without style
 When the jet sprang into the sky.
When the jet reached ten thousand feet,
It was clear why the country,
Had cities where the rivers ran
And why the valleys were populated. The logic
Of geography
That land and water attracted man
Was clearly delineated
When the jet reached ten thousand feet.
When the jet rose six miles high,
It was clear the earth was round
And that it had more sea than land.
But it was difficult to understand
That the men on the earth found
Causes to hate each other, to build
Walls across cities and to kill.
From that height,it was not clear why.


In this poem "Geography Path" the poet tries to convey the message of humanity through the logic of geography. The poet recently had the experience of traveling by air. The jet he was in slowly rose to a height of six miles above the ground. This journey was no ordinary journey for the poet as there was a lot to learn in this journey.

Firstly, when the jet soared high into the sky, it revealed many of the fundamentals of a geography lesson. The poet clearly understood the measurement and measurement methods of geography. Random looking cities on Earth are essentially set for the survival of mankind. 

Soon, the jet achieved an altitude of ten thousand feet. The poet opened his senses further to understand the deeper lessons of geography. From that height, the poet gained knowledge about the logic of geography. He understood that mankind developed cities near rivers and more populated in valleys. He also noted a lesson that land and water attracted men to settle civilizations. 

The jet eventually reached an altitude of six miles. At this height, the author explained the secret principles of geography. He clearly learned that the Earth is round. Earth's surface is covered by more sea than land. 

 Geography Lesson Summary in Hindi

इस कविता "जियोग्रीफी लेसन" में कवि भूगोल के तर्क के माध्यम से मानवता का संदेश देने की कोशिश करता है। कवि को हाल ही में हवाई यात्रा करने का अनुभव हुआ। वह जिस जेट में था वह धीरे-धीरे जमीन से छह मील की ऊंचाई तक उड़ गया। कवि के लिए यह यात्रा कोई साधारण यात्रा नहीं थी क्योंकि इस यात्रा में बहुत कुछ सीखने को था। 

सबसे पहले, जब जेट ने आसमान में ऊंची छलांग लगाई, तो इसने भूगोल के पाठ की कई बुनियादी बातों का खुलासा किया। भूगोल की मापन विधियों को कवि ने स्पष्ट रूप से समझा। पृथ्वी पर बेतरतीब दिखने वाले शहर अनिवार्य रूप से मानव जाति के अस्तित्व के लिए निर्धारित हैं। 

 जल्द ही, जेट ने दस हजार फीट की ऊंचाई हासिल कर ली। भूगोल के गहरे पाठों को समझने के लिए कवि ने अपनी इंद्रियों को और अधिक खोला। उस ऊंचाई से, कवि ने भूगोल के तर्क के बारे में ज्ञान प्राप्त किया। वह समझ गया था कि मानव जाति ने नदियों के पास शहरों का विकास किया है और घाटियों में अधिक आबादी है। उन्होंने एक सबक भी नोट किया कि भूमि और पानी ने सभ्यताओं को बसाने के लिए मानवो को आकर्षित किया। 

जेट आखिरकार छह मील की ऊंचाई पर पहुंच गया। इस ऊंचाई पर, लेखक ने भूगोल के गुप्त सिद्धांतों का ज्ञान प्राप्त किया। उन्होंने स्पष्ट रूप से सीखा कि पृथ्वी गोल है। पृथ्वी की सतह भूमि से अधिक समुद्र से ढकी है।

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 Lesson 4 |The Little Pine Tree all questions answers | Reader 3

If You had three magic wishes, what would you wish for? Is there anything about yourself or your life that you would wish to change? 


Share with ideas your friends

The little pine tree is a magical story about a pine tree who made three wishes. Read full story from your textbook. The little pine tree questions answers are given below.

A. Answer the following questions briefly

1. Where did the little pine tree grow?

Answer: The little pine tree grew in a valley.

2. What was the difference between the pine tree and the other trees?

Answer: The main difference between pine tree and the other trees is that pine trees are covered with needles while other trees in the woods have beautiful leaves.

3.What did the little pine tree first wish for? Why did it make this wish?

Answer: The first wish of the little pine tree was for golden leaves. The little pine tree wished to have golden leaves because she want to be more beautiful than the other trees.

4. Who heard the little pine tree's wish?

Answer: A Fairy heard the little pine tree's wish.

5.Who began to pull off the gold leaves? Why did he pull them off? What happened to the tree?

Answer: The pine tree was covered with golden leaves of shining gold, soon a man came and begun to pull off the gold leaves.

He pulled them off and carried them away because it will make him rich.

The little pine tree was bare after the man pulled them all. 

B. Match the following correctly to complete the sentences given below. 

1. Green Leaves - Goa.

2. Glass Leaves - Strong wind.

3. Gold leaves - Man with a bag. 

1, The first wish of the little pine tree was for Golden Leaves. But soon a Man with a bag came and carried all them away

2. The second wish of the little pine tree was for glass leaves. But soon a strong wind came and broke them all to pieces

3.The third wish of the little pine tree was for green leaves. But soon a goat came and ate them all

4. Finally, the little pine tree wished for needle leaves.Because the needles leaves were best for it. 

C. Write the antonyms of the following words.

1. after - before

2. hot - mild.

3. new - old.

4. quick - slow.

5. neat - dirty.

6. ugly - beautiful.

D. Write the synonyms of the following words.

1.begin - start.

2. error - mistake.

3. big -  huge.

4. ill - sick.

5. glad - happy.

6. look - attention.

E. Complete the sentences by filling in the correct possessive pronouns. 

1.This cricket bat belongs to me, it is mine

2. This book belongs to Ravi and Sushma. it is theirs.

3. My pencil is broken. Can i borrow yours

4. Those toys belong to my sister and me. They are ours.

5. These long necklaces are my sister's. They are hers

6. Her watch is cheap, but his is expensive. 

F. Read the following words aloud.

a. Mean - Long E sound,

b. Best - Short E sound

c. Shell - Short E sound 

d. Hem - Short E sound.

e. Beast - Long E sound.

f. Heat - Long E sound.

Have a class discussion on the following topic. 

What lesson do you think the fairy taught the little pine tree? Do you agree with the fairy? why/why not?

Answer:  The fairy taught the little pine tree that we should be happy with whatever things that god has given us.

Write a letter to your best friend telling him/her about your new house.

Margherita, Tinsukia

13 June 2021,

My Dear Ajay,

How are you? I am very well. I was not able to write to you earlier because i have been very busy shifting into our new home.

I really love my new home, It is near Dehing River. The scenic beauty of this place is very mesmerizing. The sunset view is like paradise. 

I have made a new friend who lives next door to us, he is very kind, helpful and caring. 

I am looking forward to hearing all about your new class. Have you made new friends too? Tell me all about them. Write soon,

 Your Loving Friend,

 Rohit Chetry

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Anubhabi hiya Assamese Song Lyrics in English and Assamese Language with meaning 


Anubhabi Hiya

Anubhabi Hiya, a heart full of feelings is a sensational Assamese romantic song sung by Karan Das and Amrendra Kalita. Realesed on 25th February, 2021, this song has crossed around 8 lakhs views on Youtube till date.Anubhabi hiya lyrics

 Karan Das, an emerging talent of Assamese Music Industry uploads in his own Youtube Channel an "Assamese Romantic Song based on the feeling of being enchanted by the charm of your loved one". Anubhabi hiya lyrics in english.

Lyrics By - Barsha Rani Kakati and Koushik Sharma.

Music and Mixing - Karan Das


Anubhabi hiya Assamese Song Full Lyrics in English

Anubhabi Hiyat
Tumarei Khihoron
Junaki Xondhiyar xemeka Eii Mon
Ujagori Nixat
Tumarei Agomon
Junaki Akaxot Umole ei Mon{2}

Xorotor Protitu Xondhiyat
Tumarei Nasun
Tumar Hahite
Jipaal Ehejar Khopun

Tumi xorotor osinaki Xur
Biyopi jai bohu dur xudur

Tumarei Nasun

Ehejar Khopun

Tumarei Nasun

Ehejar Khopun 

Doxudixe biyopi ubhotiba
Hiyate thitapi loboloi
Xunasun rua kisu xomoi
Ase bohu Kotha koboloi

Kisu Kotha premor bhakhar
Xasi thua bohu agorei pora
Onumoti hole Tumar
Uti jabo Mur monore pora

 Xorotor Protitu Xondhiyat
Tumarei Nasun
Tumar Hahite
Jipaal Ehejar Khopun

 Anubhabi Hiyat
Tumarei Khihoron
Junaki Xondhiyar xemeka Eii Mon
Ujagori Nixat
Tumarei Agomon
Junaki Akaxot Umole ei Mon

  An eye soothing cinematic musical video acted by Rupankar Bharali and Violina Deka sails on the tune of the music of Anubhabi Hiya is a polish on gold. Anubhabi hiya lyrics in assamese.




অনুভৱী হিয়াতে
তোমাৰেই শিহৰণ
জোনাকী সন্ধিয়াৰ সেমেকা এই মন
উজাগৰি নিশাত
তোমাৰেই আগমণ
জোনাকী আকাশত উমলে এই মন

শৰতৰ প্ৰতিটো সন্ধিয়াৰ
তোমাৰেই নাচুন
তোমাৰ সহিতে
জীপাল এহেজাৰ সপোন

তুমি শৰতৰ অচিনাকি সুৰ
বিয়লি যায় বহু দূৰ সুদূৰ

তোমাৰেই নাচুন
এহেজাৰ সপোন
তোমাৰেই নাচুন
এহেজাৰ সপোন

দহোদিশে বিয়পি উভতিব
হিয়াতে থিতাপি ল'বলৈ
শুনাচোন ৰোৱ কিছু সময়
আছে বহু কথা ক'বলৈ

কিছু কথা প্ৰেমৰ ভাষাৰ
যাচি থোৱা বহু আগৰেই পৰা
অনুমতি হ'লে তোমাৰ
উটি যাব মোৰ মনৰে পৰা

শৰতৰ প্ৰতিটো সন্ধিয়াৰ
তোমাৰেই নাচোন
তোমাৰ সহিতে
জীপাল এহেজাৰ সপোন

অনুভৱী হিয়াতে
তোমাৰেই শিহৰণ
জোনাকী সন্ধিয়াৰ সেমেকা এই মন
উজাগৰি নিশাত
তোমাৰেই আগমণ
জোনাকী আকাশত উমলে এই মন

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 Lesson 3 | Trees all questions answers from Reader 3 | English

Trees questions and answers

Everyday, human beings use things made from plants and trees. Even animals and other plants live and grow in their shelter.



  •  Fruits
  •  Flowers
  •  Medicine
  •  Wood
  •  Oxygen

Answer the following questions briefly. 

1. Why does the poet say that trees are kind?

Answer: The poet says that trees are the kindest things because they do not harm anyone they simply grow. They provide a shade for sleepy animals and gather birds among their branches.

2. How are trees helpful to birds and animals?

Answer: Trees are very helpful to birds and animals because they provide shade, shelter and food for them.

3. From the second stanza, pick out the names of three things that trees give human beings.

Answer: The three things that trees give human beings are - Fruits, wood, and leaves.

4. Write three pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Light - Night, Begun - Sun, Halloween - Green.




 Lesson 2 | Thumbelina all questions answers | Reader 3

Thumbelina Lesson 2 Questions and answers


1.    What did the woman ask the fairy?
Answer: The woman wished to have a little child of her own so she asked the fairy “Where she can find one”.
2.    Where did the woman plant the barleycorn?
Answer: The woman planted the barleycorn in the farmer’s field.
3.    How much money did she pay the fairy?
Answer: The woman paid twelve shillings to the fairy.
4.    Who was sitting inside the tulip?
Answer: A very graceful little maiden was sitting inside the tulip.
5.    Why was the maiden called Thumbelina?
Answer: The little maiden was named “Thumbelina” because she was only just as long as a thumb.
6.    What could Thumbelina do very well?
Answer: Thumbelina could sing so softly and sweetly.

B.    Match the things used by Thumbelina with what they are made of.

Things used by Thumbelina                   What they are made of
(i)    Boat                           ------------      Tulip-leaf
(ii)    Cradle                        ------------      Walnut-shell
(iii)    Counterpane            ------------      Rose-leaf
(iv)    Bed                            -------------      Blue-violet-leaves
(v)    Two oars                   -------------     White horsehair
(vi)    Pool                           -------------      Plateful of water

C.    Fill in the blanks with the correct gender.
Before Filling the blanks let us understood about the different kinds of Gender.
Masculine Gender – Words that stands for Male are Masculine Gender.
Feminine Gender – Words that stands for Female are Feminine Gender.
Common Gender- Words that refer to either Males or Females are Common Gender.
Neuter Gender- Words that stand for things without life are in the Neuter Gender.

(i)    A Lioness – Feminine
(ii)    A Book -      Neuter
(iii)    Mary – Feminine
(iv)    A Chair – Neuter
(v)    Ravi – Masculine
(vi)    A Teacher – Common
(vii)    A Tree – Common
(viii)    My brother – Masculine

D.    Write the following words in the correct columns.

Countable Nouns   Uncountable Nouns

 Many People               Less Air

Ten Chocolates

Hundred Rupees

A Lot of Money

Some grass

Six horses

A Dozen roses

E. Fill in the blanks using would or could,

(i) Could I use your pencil,Please?

(ii) Would You like to come with me to the park today?

(iii) Could my brother join the game?

(iv) I Would be happy if you come to my birthday party.