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Essay Writing | Class 10 | Grammar | HSLC | SEBA | ASSAM

Essay Writing | Class 10 | Grammar |  HSLC | SEBA | ASSAM
Essay Writing | Class 10 | Grammar |  HSLC | SEBA | ASSAM



(A) Health is Wealth OR How to keep good health ESSAY

(Points: what the saying means – miseries brought by ill-health –
measures to preserve health –exercise, good food, and good habits 
benefits of good health)

Every person desires to lead a happy life. When most of the people think that wealth is the root of all happiness, they forget that no other wealth is as precious as health. This ever-true proverb signifies the importance of health in every human life. If health is lost a person cannot enjoy the earthen pleasures. Every minute of such a sick person’s life has to be spent miserably. As good health is the key to all worldly happiness, so one must learn how to control one’s health and direct it towards a good shape. Good health requires a good plan regarding how one spends one’s day. For example, if one allocates even half an hour to do some exercise, it can be highly beneficial. Similarly, a balanced diet provides all necessary nutrition which helps to the healthy function of our body. As one of the nursery poems goes “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy…”, similarly one must be specific about when one goes to bed and when one wakes up. Apart from that cleanliness of our surroundings prevent the formation of deadly viruses which cause many diseases. As it is known to all that certain mosquitoes lay their eggs in blocked water, it must be prevented. Moreover, one must ensure sufficient rest after one

has all physical activities. If health is lost then it may be concluded that the person has lost everything. As prevention is always better than cure, one must focus to fight for good health rather than fighting against diseases.


(Points: your life at home in the morning – your preparation for school –your leisure times – your afternoon hours – evening – conclusion.)

My daily life begins at 5 O’ clock in the morning with the sound of birds chirping which alarms that another busy day has just started. Soon after I leave my bed, I step out to a nearby open field to have some exercise and to feel the freshness of morning air. Coming back, I have a cup of tea or milk and sit on the study table. I prepare the lessons to be taught and also revise the previous lessons. Then at 7 O’clock, I start my preparation for school and leave for school at around 8.30 AM. At school, we have a specific routine and life at school goes on in a mechanical way. I try to learn what the teachers teach, and note down the necessary topics. During break time I have some joyous activities with my friends. We even share our Tiffin. By the Afternoon the school is over and I have some time to spare with my neighborhood friends. I usually take part in the Galli cricket team and we also play Kabaddi etc. But in spite of having lots of enjoyment, I never forget to accomplish my home works and to prepare for the next
day’s lessons. Whenever I have any vacations, I like to visit my relatives and go for an outing with my family. I also like to read books and it is actually my hobby. I always make time for reading books. I like to live a disciplined life and this routine life yet helps me to best utilize my time. As time is more precious than any costly metal, I see to it that in my daily life a single moment should is not wasted.

2. Your study of a book [H.S.L.C. 2001] OR A Famous
Book [HSLC 2004] A Book you admire [H.S.L.C.
2009] OR Your Favorite Book [HSLC 2015]

(Points: the name of the book – the name of the author – what you have read in the book – conclusion)

(Points: the name of the book – author – language – subject matter – why you admire – conclusion)

Reading book is my hobby and I spend my leisure time reading some books. Even during school holidays, I prefer to stay at home and read some storybooks. I read many of them, but the one I would like to mention is the legendry book titled “BurhiAair Sadhu” contributed by RasrajLakhsminathBezbaruah. This book is a literary credit to the Assamese literature. “BurhiAair Sadhu” was first published in 1912 and is a collection of thirty pleasant stories written in the Assamese. These stories were based on folklores which were transformed into great stories by LaksminathBezbaruah using his unique style of writing. A few stories of the book are “Bandar Aru Hiyal”, “Tela Aru Tuja”, “Tejimola”,“Saravjan” etc. 

All these stories are my favorite. The best thing about the storybook is that the stories are always so lively and vivid. If someone goes through the book he feels as if the stories are going on just in front. I sit in the verandah when the weather is cloudy and it rains heavily and I read it to feel an inexpressible pleasure.
When I was a little child and my grandmother narrated the stories,
I could never doubt that the stories were a work of imagination. All the characters including that of the animals seemed true to me.
Apart from the taste of the stories we get to learn moral values
from the stories. ‘Tit for tat’ is the lesson from many stories like ‘Bandar Aru Hiyal’ etc. We also get to learn how to become clever from many stories of the book. For me, this is the best storybook I have ever read.


(a) The man you admire most

(Points: His name, birth, and parentage…. his field of activities…. his contribution…. why you admire him…. conclusion)

Life of a great man [H.S.L.C. 2003]

(Points: Name and early life – activities and services – why you admire him – his virtue and ideals.)

Your favorite hero in history [H.S.L.C. 2019]

Mahatma Gandhi was one of his kind legendries who is a replica of truth and non-violence himself. He lived for his nation and put forward the role of a national leader. He is popularly known as the Father of the Nation. Gandhiji was born at Porbandar, in Gujrat on October 2, 1869. His father was Karam Chand Gandhi who was the Dewan of Rajkot state and his motherwasPutlibai Gandhi. His mother was very religious who had influenced him in his childhood. He was a Barrister at Law from London.
Gandhi went to South Africa to defend one of his clients. His destiny took a sharp turn there. He was deprived of journeying in the first-class cabin of a train. He saw his countrymen being treated inhumanely. He launched Satyagraha there and become successful to restore the honor of his people. Gandhiji, after his return from South Africa in 1914, launched a series of freedom fights based on his principles of truth and nonviolence. In1930 he started the famous Civil Disobedience Movement and inspired his countrymen to make India free from British rule. In 1942, he started the “Quit India Movement” and the British had to quit India. India
became independent in 1947. Gandhiji worked hard to establish the supremacy of truth and nonviolence. He tried not only to free from British rule but also tried to free the Indians from social oppression and differences. He worked for social changes, cleanliness and social awareness on many issues. Gandhi devoted his life to the greater cause of society. He is rightly called the Father of the Nation. He is a man of the century.

5. Your Hobby

Hobby is a leisure time activity. It has great importance in a student’s life, as it gives relaxation after the boredom of studies. In one’s hectic life, it is very difficult to allocate time for rest. However, it is very necessary to have enough rest to re-energize ourselves. Reading book is my hobby and I spend my leisure time reading some books. Even during school holidays, I prefer to stay at home and read some storybooks. I read varieties of magazines, storybooks, articles, poetry works, etc. Reading has its own benefits. As a student, I have to prepare my lessons
regularly. But whenever I get time, I manage to read at least one such book. It erases my boredom of the busy schedule of the school. Moreover, it is highly beneficial for acquiring knowledge beyond the syllabus. It helps to cite examples in my studies and prepare quality solutions to the school book problems. As there is no boundary to knowledge, my hobby helps me to grow my knowledge competitively. I believe that hobby is not all about having fun, but also to derive some benefits. So, one must select one’s hobby in such a way that one gets best out of it. As time is precious, one should not waste time and rather try to build up one’s hobby fruitfully.

6. The Festival You Like Most [H.S.L.C.2016, 2019]

Modern people follow a busy schedule and they get little time to spend time joyfully with their families. But a festival puts a halt to this and gives a chance to rejoice life. Of course, being an Assamese, my favourite festival is Bihu. Bihu is the national festival of Assam which pours divine joy in the hearts of the
Assamese people. Bihu is celebrated in three different shades – Bohag Bihu, Kati Bihu, and Magh Bihu. Bohag Bihu is observed in the middle of the month of April. It is the beginning of a new Assamese year and the season of spring. They worship cows in
this Bihu and prepare different bakeries (Pithas). The younger take blessings of the elderly people. They enjoy Bihu dance and songs. It is also called as Rongali Bihu, (Bihu of Joy). Kati Bihu or Kongali Bihu is observed during the middle of the month of
October. As the farmers dry their stock of paddy by the middle of the Assamese year, they pray under the Tulsi trees to the almighty for the robust growth of their crops. As the farmers become penniless, this Bihu is called Kongali Bihu (Bihu of Impoverished). Magh Bihu is observed during the harvesting season that is in the middle of the month of January. As the farmers have harvested their paddies, they arrange grand feasts. They make a thatched hut called BhelaGhar and set fire at the Meji as a customary practice. This Bihu is called Bhogali Bihu, (Bihu of Lavishness). The series of Bihu bring great joy amongst the Assamese community. I like to
be a part of my local Bihu Dance group. I put on new dresses and have fun with my friends. What I like the most about Bihu is that Bihu is not merely a celebration but a tradition to express tenderly love to friends and families and to show respect to the elders. It is all about the joy of togetherness. Perhaps this festival teaches how people can share humanity, tenderness in a joyful way amongst the greatest community of human beings.

7. Television as a Source of Knowledge [H.S.L.C. 2016]

Television is an old and popular medium of entertainment. It has been serving the people for many decades. It was first discovered by John Logie Baird in 1926. Television has brought a revolution to the world of entertainment. Television is not only entertaining but also a learning tool. Television has entered into every household soon after its discovery. Television is popular in every country because of its wide variety of programs. It attracts the housewives by telecasting serials of plays. The constructive talk shows, debate shows, infotainment-based shows enhance the knowledge base of the students. For example, the Discovery Network telecasts wildlife-based shows. The government uses television to promote its schemes and topics in the public interest. Television
has helped to modernize the thoughts of the uneducated people and it has helped to stop many superstitions. Even kids are benefited. The kids’ channels telecast cartoons that help the kids to develop their personality. In modern times, the teleshopping channels have started using television as a platform to sell their products.
In spite of its benefits, some people have titled it like an idiot’s box. It has much harm also. It increases the idle nature because the shows are of long durations. Moreover, the contents of the television may be offensive, sexual and may break public harmony. Students may fail to select suitable programs and end up wasting their precious time. Today, politicians use television channels
to promote their agenda and pollute the public order As the television has both of the good and evil effects, so the students should select the programs carefully.

8. Your School Library [HSLC 2017]

Knowledge is always a supreme power, which distinct mankind from other animals. From the very beginning of human society, the knowledge hunters have been forwarding their lifelong discovery of knowledge imprinted in the form of books. And, a library stores all such books in one place. According to the OXFORD English dictionary, a library is a building or a room containing a collection of books, periodicals …… for use or borrowing by the public or the
members of an institution. In our school, to facilitate a world-class knowledge base, there is a well built and well-planned library. It stands separate from the main school building and is a large two-storied building containing more than twenty thousand books. The library is named after renowned author Lakhsminath Bezbaruah. It not only offers books to the school students but also to the local people. It usually offers two books per student for a period of fifteen days, thereafter imposing a penalty for delay. Our library is one of the most decorated libraries in our district and is famous all over the state. We as a student are mostly benefitted from this library, as it contains books from all genres. The students, as well as the locals, can enhance their knowledge. Even our school library has recently taken up an initiative to offer free books to the poor students. We as a student feel proud to be a part of this scheme. A good school library always aids us in improving our knowledge, and so a school library is a must for each and every school.

9. Science in Everyday Life [HSLC 2017, 2020]

Today is the age of science and technology. A modern man cannot live his life without applying science and technology. Science does not necessarily mean tools equipped with technology, but it is all about innovation of new ideas, the discovery of knowledge based on facts. Science discovers facts after conducting a series of experimentation and it tests the universal validity of the innovations. Science is interlinked with every field of one’s life. Science has converted the world into a global village. Science is not limited to the sphere of the earth. It has studied the whole universe. Science has smoothened the human’s life in every aspect. From communication to transportation, entertainment to education, science has helped human beings by innovating new machines. A year’s work is now a minute away and a thousand men’s work is in the hands of a single person. Thanks to science which has not only discovered machines but also has removed many superstitions and evil social practices, as science has modernized the thinking of mankind. Due to the discovery of arms and ammunition, a country can ensure its sovereignty. However, science has evil results also. It has made man materialistic. Due to dependency on machines, man has become lazy. Physical involvement has become less and people have to suffer from many diseases. Pollution is a curse of science. Global warming and weather changes are common problems. People have started terrorism using science and technology. Social media has brought its own evils. Science is a discovery by the man and for the man. So, it must be used for the utmost development of mankind. Without the application of science, one can never spend even a single day of his life.

10. Benefits of Physical Exercise [H.S.L.C. 2018]

Health is the most precious gift which is the key to a pleasant and joyous life. Every person desires to lead a happy life. When most of the people think that wealth is the root of all happiness, they forget that no other wealth is as precious as health. If health is lost a person cannot enjoy the earthen pleasures. Every minute of such a sick person’s life has to be spent miserably. Perhaps there is a no better option to preserve health than doing physical exercises. Physical exercise includes physical activities like jogging, yoga,
aerobics, gym, sports, etc. Physical exercise has emerged as a core need of modern civilization where physical activities are less, resulting in the growth of diseases like high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, depression, heart stroke. For elegant health, one needs a good circulation of blood. The physical exercise can only ensure that. Physical exercise re-energizes our body ensuring an increase in stamina, stable mental growth and improved antibody. In the modern era, people are putting their brains into work whereas the body sits all day in front of a computer. So physical exercise can ensure that we utilize bodily fat too thereby decreasing the risk of getting ill. If health is lost then it may be concluded that the person has lost everything. As prevention is always better than cure, one must focus to fight for good health rather than fighting against diseases.

11. Your last day at school [H.S.L.C. 2018]

School as always is a learning temple. It converts the human body of flesh and blood into a body of knowledge. What makes a man different from other living creatures is the brain with knowledge. I began my school life in XYZ school some twelve years ago. The horrific idea of parting with my parents brought tears in my eyes during my childhood days. In India’s ancient philosophy teachers were placed right after the parents. And the school is nothing but a family, where the teachers are a replica of our parents. Thus, we students enjoy another extension of our family in school. But time is harsh, it finally brought the day when we had to leave our beloved
family, our respected teachers. To make the moment livelier and more memorable our junior students organized a welfare function. We were all gathered in the auditorium and our dearest Principal addressed us and also blessed us mostly with a choking voice. Other teachers also blessed us with a melting heart. We took the blessings of our teachers. All the students in our class started crying and a shade of sadness subdued the auditorium. We were
gifted by our juniors and the teachers and perhaps these gifts were the most precious gifts ever. With a heavy heart, we stepped out of the school building. I wondered why I was crying when I was leaving because one day I cried while I was entering. My friends walked along the road in the opposite direction, I saw them until
they disappeared. The sun was setting down to indicate that the day was over, but for me, it was an end of a decade.

12. Punctuality [H.S.L.C. 2019]

Time and tide wait for none. Time management and maintaining regularity are the essence of every successful man. Human life is full of duties and responsibilities and he who performs his part of duty on time, he makes his own destiny. Punctuality is the habit of doing one’s activity within the stipulated time period and on a regular basis.
People always complain that the almighty has done injustice with them because He did not distribute money, wealth, etc. equally among the people. But they never think that God has allotted twenty-four hours of the time frame in a day equally among all. A person can master in any field by utilizing that time period beneficially. For students, punctuality is a must. Without punctuality, a student cannot finish up the syllabus within proper time and he/she fails to achieve a good result. A better career relies on the students’ present performance. In every field, from job to business, punctually provides the roadmap of success. Mahatma Gandhi is a fine example of a punctual man who used to allot different segments of a day for different works. In fact, many successful leaders admitted that punctuality is their secret to success. Punctuality in man is an added advantage. It makes a man stay always ahead of time and paves a way to success.