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The Mountain and the Squirrel, Class: 6, Lesson: 7, Assam, English, Questions And Answers, Full Notes, SCERT

The Mountain and The Squirrel


questions and answers, class 6, lesson 7
The Mountain and the squirrel questions and answers

Have you come across the word 'proud'? The word has two meanings, one positive and one negative.

Work in pairs. Use the dictionary to find out both the meanings and write them in the space below:

(a) Positive meaning: Pleased
(b) Negative meaning: Haughty

Now think and tell which meaning (a) or (b) is opposite of the following words

Haughty: Humble, Modest

Discuss with your partner whether we should be proud or humble. Give two reasons for your answer.

We should be humble because it helps to builds trust

We should be humble because a humble person recognizes their own limitations.

Class 7 Science All lessons answers in Assamese Medium

1. Did you like the poem? Write three words you connect with each object you read in the poem. One has been done for you.


questions and answers, class 6, lesson 1. assam, english
The Mountain and the Squirrel Questions Answers


(a) Why did the mountain call the squirrel "Little prig"?
The mountain calls the squirrel "little prig' because the squirrel is too small compared to the mountain.

(b) What did the squirrel say to the mountain?
The squirrel replies mountain that while it is not as big as a mountain, the mountain is not even half as energetic as the squirrel.

(c) What is the main difference between the mountain and the squirrel?

Answer: The talents of both the squirrel and the mountains differ greatly.

Squirrel:  It cannot carry the forest on its back
Mountain:  it cannot crack a tiny nut.

(d) Check this question in your notebook following question number 2(d)

Who said these lines and to whom?
Squirrel said these lines to Mountain.

(e) The word 'former' means the first one out of two, and the word 'latter' means the second one out of two. "And the former called the latter Little prig'" - who is the 'former' and who is the 'latter' in the poem?

Answer: Mountain is the 'former' and squirrel is the 'latter' in the poem.

(f) Write down the line from the poem that means the following:

(I) The squirrel is not as big as the mountain and the mountain is not even half as energetic as Bun.

Answer: write line no. (13-14)

(II) Everyone is unique in their own way. People have different skills and everything is put very wisely.

Answer: Line No. 18

(III) To make a year and a revolution around the sun all types of things and weather Must be taken Into consideration.

Answer: Line No. (7-10)

3. Read the following lines:

Why does the poet talk about a year and a sphere?
The poet talks about a year and a sphere because to make a year and a revolution around the world all types of things and weather must be taken into consideration.

4. Answers

(a) The mountain called the squirrel 'Little prig".
Answer: True.
(b) The squirrel told the mountain that it wasn't a disgrace to be small.
Answer: True.
(c) The mountain is not as spry as the squirrel.
Answer: True
(d) The Squirrel can carry a forest on his back.
Answer: False

Correct sentence: The mountain can carry a Forest on his back.

5. Discuss in groups and share your answer with the class.

(a) What was the cause of the fight between the mountain and the squirrel? Why do you think so?
The main cause of the fight between the mountain and the squirrel is regarding their size and ability. Because in the poem huge mountain considers the tiny squirrel a 'little prig'" and the squirrel replies to the mountain by saying that while it isn't as large as the mountains, the mountain isn't even half as energetic as Bun.

(b) Tell your partner two things you like about the squirrel and two things you dislike about the mountain.
(the answer will be updated soon)

(6) Now try and change the following sentences from direct to Indirect speech.

(I) Anurag said to Anu, "You are a lazy girl."
Answer: Anurag told Anu that she was a lazy girl.

(II) Anu said to Anurag, "You are doubtless very smart'
Answer: Anu told Anurag that doubtless, he was very smart.

(III) Check Your book for this question

 Answer: He told her that he played Cricket

(IV) She replied, "I don't play Cricket."
Answer: She replied that she didn't play Cricket.

(V) She added, 'I dance Bihu.'
Answer: She added that she danced Bihu.

(VI) Check the textbook following a given question.

 Answer: He told her that he didn't dance Bihu.

(VII) Arun said, "A lazy girl cannot dance."
Answer: Arun told that a lazy girl cannot dance.

8. Questions

(I) Who serves us food in a restaurant?
Answer: Waiter
(II) Who takes care of sick or injured people?
Answer: Doctor
(III) Who teaches us in School?
Answer: Teacher
(IV) Who operates the controls of an aircraft?
Answer: Pilot
(V) Who takes care of our teeth?
Answer: Dentist.
(VI) Who puts out fires?
Answer: Fireman.

10. Textbook

(a)  Terang is a farmer. He grows fruits and vegetables. He supplies food to the people living in town and cities.

(b) Reshma is a shopkeeper. People get their grocery supplies from her shop.

(c) Robert is a Driver. He drives the car of the Governor. He is very honest and hard-working.

(d) Neboli is a pilot. She flies the aeroplane to different parts of the country. She is very careful because the lives of the passengers depend upon her.

(e) Akhilesh is a Soldier. He is very brave. He guards our borders against enemies.

(f) Mrs.Agarwal is a famous CEO. She is a hard-working woman. She employs over a hundred people in her industrial company.

(g) Tina is a designer. She works in a firm that designs houses and factories.

(b) Fill in the gaps in the sentences below using the Information given above. Use although where needed:

(I) Although Mr. Shekhar Sharma is the Governor, when he is in his car, his life depends on the Driver.

(II) Although Terang is not as rich or powerful as Mr. Sharma, Mrs.Agarwal, and Tina, they will get food to eat only if farmers like Terang grow crops in the fields.

(III) Although Akhilesh is not a General, the people of the country are safe because of Soldiers like him.

(IV) Grocers like Reshma can do business
Only because farmers like Terang produce things which she sells in her shop.

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