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Louis Pasteur || English || Lesson 5 || Class 8 || Assam || Question and Answer || SCERT Solutions

Class 8

Louis Pasteur English lesson 5 class 8 Assam question and answer. NCERT solutions
Louis Pasteur Questions Answers

Louis Pasteur All questions & answer
1. Question No.1 Check Your Textbook

1.(a) What happened one day while Louis Pasteur was playing with his friends?
Answer(a): One day while Louis Pasteur was playing with his friend, a frightened man came running to them and told him that someone had been bitten by a mad wolf from the mountain.

1.(b) What does rabies cause in human beings?
Answer(b): Rabies is a species of virus that causes inflammation in human beings. Rabies in men turn them mad and may cause them to die.


1.(c) What experiment did Pasteur conduct on rabbits?

Answer(c): Louis Pasteur carried on experiments on rabbits to find a cure for rabies. In his experiments, he injected the rabbits with the virus and succeeded in curing them.

1.(d) Who was Pasteur's first human patient? Was his treatment successful?

Answer(d): The first human patient was a schoolboy who was bitten by a mad dog on 6th July 1885. Yes, Pasteur’s treatment was very successful. 

1.(e) Where and when did the French government establish the Pasteur Institute? What is it famous for?

Answer(e): The French government established the Pasteur Institute in Paris in 1885. The institute is famous for dedicated studies in biology, micro-organisms, diseases, and vaccines.


                         Louis pasteur question no.2 answer


a) Puja, “Beware of animal bites as they may cause rabies.”

b) Rohan, “Measles is a deadly disease. It can lead to pneumonia, diarrhea, and other life-threatening complications.”

c) Pushpa, “Rubella infection can lead to children born with congenital birth defects, such as blindness, deafness, mental retardation, and congenital heart defects.”

d) Juman, “The Anopheles mosquito carries malaria disease and in order to prevent it we must keep food and water covered, use repellent and sleep under a mosquito net.”


Louis Pasteur Questions Answers, SCERT Solutions
Louis Pasteur Lesson 5


6 (c). Questions

(i) We play football in the afternoon. (play)

(ii) The sun rises in the east. (rise)

(iii) Don’t make a noise; the baby is sleeping. (sleep)

(iv) Someone is knocking at the door; can you hear it?  (knock)

(v) The man is running towards the bus. (run)

(vi) The bus usually comes at 8 o’clock. (come)

(vii) He is preparing for an engineering entrance examination. (prepare)

(viii) He is learning German. (learn)


(i) Louis Pasteur died in 1895. (die)

(ii) Pasteur knew that the mad wolf was suffering from rabies. (suffer).

(iii) When I reached his house, he was having lunch. (have)

(iv) I arrived last evening. (arrive)

(v) The boys were playing football when it suddenly began to rain. (play)

8. Check Your Textbook for Question, write the given answers in paragraph wise, due to some reason we have numbered it.
(a)Yesterday I was returning from school alone.
(b) On the way, I saw a group of boys around a dog. 
(c) The dog seemed to be mad, and the boys were throwing stones at it. 
(d) This made the dog angry and frightened. 
(e) The dog began to bark angrily. 
(f) The boys found this very funny and they hit the dog with a stick. 
(g) I was standing nearby quietly. 
(h) Suddenly the dog rushed at me and bit me.
(i)  I shouted to the boys to help me. But they ran away. 
(j) The dog was so angry that it would not let me go of my leg.
(k)  Finally, three men from a nearby shop came out and chased the dog away. 

9. Here are a few words from the lesson. See if you can match the words to their meanings:

Louis Pasteur question no.9
Question No.9

  a) “What is the matter?” Louis asked him.
Louis asked him what the matter was.

b) “Can you save my son?” the woman asked Louis.
The woman asked Louis if he could save her son.

c) “I’ll do whatever I can”, said Louis to the boy.
Louis told the boy that he would do whatever he could. 


Born on December 27, 1822 Louis Pasteur was a French Biologist. He is renowned for his discoveries of the principles of Vaccination. This story is about Louis Pasteur, He found a cure for rabies, which was considered as one of the deadliest diseases of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Lets’s Read the story
One Day when Louis Pasteur was playing with his friends. Suddenly he saw a man strangely running towards him. He was very frightened, Louis asked him the reason for his such behavior. The man replied that “Someone has been bitten by a mad wolf from the mountain”. Louis understood that the mad wolf was suffering from rabies.
If you don’t know, Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain in humans and other mammals. Animals with this viral disease get  Mad. This viral is can be spread to humans also if human beings are bitten by animals with rabies.
Many years later, after that incident. Louis Pasteur started experimenting to discover the vaccine for this disease. He started his experiments on rabbits. In his experiments, he treated rabbits by injecting them with the same virus and he succeeded in curing them. After this successful experiment on rabbits, he thought to try it on human beings. And that chance came on 6 July 1885, when a boy was returning from school was bitten by a Mad dog. Her mother came to Pasteur to seek help She started crying. Louis Pasteur answered her that he is ready to give everything he had.
As the vaccine which was used on rabbits was successful but Pasteur was not sure about the outcome of the same vaccine when used on human beings. He thought that if it works it will benefit the entire human race in the future. Thinking this he made up his mind to take the risk. He injected the boy with the virus. After injecting the virus Pasteur Kept him under observation, the result which came was very surprising, the boy responded to Pasteur’s treatment. It was a huge achievement for Pasteur and a great discovery for the human race. This new method of treatment of rabies made Pasteur famous all over the world.