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Important Substance writing For Class 10 Seba | English Grammar | HSLC | ASSAM

Important Substance writing For Class 10 Seba | English Grammar | HSLC | ASSAM 

Following Are the Important Substance writing for Class 10 SEBA with previous Question Paper solved ( 2016 -2020 )
Important Substance writing For Class 10 Seba | English Grammar | HSLC | ASSAM
Substance writing for class 10 Seba

1. H.S.L.C. 2016 | Substance writing | Class 10 | SEBA

Give the substance of the following passage:

It is very difficult to get rid of bad habits. So, one should be very
careful that one does not form bad habits during the early years
of life. idleness is one of such bad habits. Every boy and girl should
be diligent. They should avoid idleness like poison. Some of them
love to remain in bed long after daybreak and get out of bed most
unwillingly. Even after that they waste time over trifles and spend
as little time as they can in reading. As a result, they cannot learn
much as they should.what is worse, they become so accustomed
to such a bad habit that they cannot shake it off- even with their
greatest efforts. This bad habit then holds them hard in its coils
like a large snake.

Answer: Bad habits are very hard to eliminate from life. So, its
formation must be prevented at an early age of life. For that, hard
work is necessary. Idleness is such kind of poisonous bad habit, and
it must be avoided. Waking up too late is perhaps a sign of such
idleness. They like to spend time in fruitless deeds but does not get
involved in useful activities like reading etc. Because of which
learning process is interrupted. If bad habits become a part of one’s
life, that person cannot remove it, even if he or she wishes to do it

2. H.S.L.C. 2017 |Substance writing | Class 10 | SEBA

Give the substance of the following passage:

It is easy to acquire bad habits, such as eating too much food or
eating too many sweets or drinking fluid of any kind or smoking.
The more we do a thing, the more we tend to like doing it and if
we do not continue to do it, we feel unhappy this is called the
force of habit and the force of habit should be fought against.
Things which may be very good when only done from time to time,
tend to become very harmful when done too often and too much.
This applies even to such goods things as work or rest. Some
people form a habit of working too much and others of idling too
much. The wise man always remembers that this is true about
himself and checks any bad habit. He says to himself, “I am now
becoming idle” or “I smoke too much” and then adds, “I will get
myself out of this bad habit at once.”

Answer: Bad habits can be acquired easily simply by doing too much of one kind of activity again and again. Eating, drinking, smoking too much of one thing repeatedly is also a bad habit. The bad habits force us to do the thing or else we feel unhappy. So, we must fight against the force of bad habits. Everything is harmful if done or taken beyond a reasonable limit. It is immaterial whether it is good in nature or bad. For example, rest is good but not too much of it. A wise man is one who continuously checks on his habits and eliminate all such bad habits.

3. H.S.L.C. 2018 |Substance writing | Class 10 | SEBA

Give the substance of the following passage:

Of all the amusements which can possibly be imagined for a
hardworking man after his daily labour there is nothing like
reading an entertaining book. It calls for no bodily exertion, of
which he has had enough. It relives his home of dullness. It
transports him to as livelier and more interesting scene. While he
enjoys himself there, he may forget the evils of the present
moment. Nay, it accompanies him to his next day’s work and if
the book is an interesting one, it gives him something to think of
besides the drudgery of his everyday occupation. If I were to pray
for a taste it would be a taste for reading. Give a man this taste
and the means of gratifying it, you will find a happy man. You
place him in contact with the best writers of every age recorded
in history and then you will find him like a citizen of all nations
and a contemporary of all ages.

Answer: Reading an entertainment book is perhaps the best
refreshment after the daylong hardship of a hardworking man. It
transforms all the dullness into liveliness and an interesting scenario. The book’s refreshing content helps him to forget the curtness of the present moment. The interesting books reenergize the man for his next day and also give him a chance to think beyond his narrow working environment. So, every man should be given the taste of reading an interesting book. And it will in turn create happy people. By giving a chance to the people to meet the great authors, they may be accustomed to live as a contemporary citizen of all world.

4. H.S.L.C. 2019 |Substance writing | Class 10 | SEBA

Give the substance of the following passage:

The work which Gandhiji took up was not only the achievement of
political freedom but also the establishment of a social order based
on truth and nonviolence, unity and peace, equality and universal
brotherhood and maximum freedom for all. The unfinished part of
his experiment was perhaps more difficult to achieve than achieving of political freedom. In the political struggle against a foreign power all one could do was either join it or wish it success and give it their moral support. In establishing a social order of this pattern. There was a likely possibility of a conflict arising between groups and classes of our own people. Experience shows that man values his possessions even more than his life because in the former he sees the means for continuity and survival of his descendants even after body is reduced to ashes. A new order cannot be established without changing the mind, for at some stage or the other rich have to yield place to the poor to achieve a kind of egalitarian society.

Answer: Gandhi’s greater goal was not mere achieving political freedom but rather reforming the society cementing humane values like truth and nonviolence etc. however achieving that goal was not easy. Because of the differences amongst the communities, there was every possibility of arising conflicts. Human beings are more enthusiastic to their possessions than their lives and therefore a social reform is not possible without changing the minds. The differences between the rich and the poor can be removed only if the rich opens up a place for the poor.