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The Stork and the Fox, Class: 5, Lesson: 4, Assam, English, Questions And Answers, Full Notes, SCERT

Lesson 4: The Stork and the Fox 

The stork and the fox questions and answers , class 5 , lesson 4 , Assam ,
The story and the fox

The Stork and the Fox questions and answers : 


(a) The box invited the stork for
(ii) Lunch
(ii) breakfast
(iii) dinner
(iv) tea
Answer: (i) Lunch

(b) The stork requested the fox to serve his food in
(i) a plate
(Ii) a cup
(iii) a pot
(iv) a bowl

Answer : (i) a plate

(c) The stork served the food in 
(i) a pot
(ii) a bowl
(iii) a plate
(iv) a glass tumbler

Answer : (i) a pot

(d) The fox could not eat the meal served by the stork because

(i) the meal was not tasty
(ii) he was not feeling well
(iii) the food was hot
(iv) the pot in which the food was served had a long and thin neck.

Answer : (iv) The pot in which the food was served had a long and thin neck.

2. Write the answers:

(a) Who invited the stork for lunch?
Answer: The fox invited the stork for lunch.

(b) What was the utensil in which the fox served the meal?
Answer: The fox served the meal on a plate.

(c) Why did not the stork respond to the fox's request?
Answer : The stork did not respond to the fox's request because the fox had treated the stork in the same way at his home.

3. Read the meal timetable of the stork:

(a) At what time does the stork have his lunch?
Answer: Stork have his lunch at 1.00 p.m.

(b) What does the stork have at 8:30 a.m.?
Answer: Stork have his breakfast At 8:30 a.m.

4. Works in pairs:

Ask each other the following questions about your favorite dish.

(a) What is your favorite dish?

Answer: My favorite dish is Biryani
(b) Who cooks it for you
Answer: My mom cooks it for me
(c) What ingredients are used to make it?
Answer: Long-grained rice , chicken, mint leaves, garam masala powder, salt, ginger paste, garlic paste, chili, tomato, refined oil.
(d) Why do you like it?
Answer: I like the taste of biryani.

5. Read the following sentences:

Answer: Invitation

Answer: Request


(a) Will you please give me your pen. (give, pen)?
(b) Would you like to give me some chocolate (like some chocolate)?
(c) Could you come to my house (come, my house)?
(d) May I play with you(play, you)?


(a) Who visited whom and on what occasion?
Answer: Rohit and Bina along with their parents visited their uncle's place in Tezpur on the occasion of Magh Bihu.

(b) What are the people in the picture doing?
Answer: In the picture people are having their tea.

(c) What did Bina's aunt say to Bina?
Answer: Bina's aunt said Bina to take some more ghila pitha .

(d) What did Binas's uncle offer to his brother?
Answer: Bina's uncle offers packed of gur for his brother.

9.Questions :

(a) Where did you go and when?
Answer: I went to my uncle's place last Saturday.
(b) Who did you visit and with whom?
Answer: I visited my uncle's place with my family.
(c) How did the host behave when he/she saw you?
Answer: My uncle was very happy to see me after a long time, He hosted me very affectionately and gave me lots of chocolates and toys.
(d) What did you do there?
Answer: There I played with my cousins, I had a lot of fun there,
(e) What did you talk about?
Answer: We talked about many things including my father's childhood days, and also about my school and many more.
(f) What did you eat?
Answer: Sweets, ghila pitha , laruu .
(g) Did you like the food and why?
Answer: yes I liked the food very much, especially that Doi with sira was very delicious.
(h) How did you feel?
Answer: I felt very nice. I would like to visit again.


Answer: I would like to have paratha and tea with milk, we will have to pay 100 Rupees in total.

11. Draw your favorite food and color it:

12. Bina shows this advertisement to her father:

13. (a)Answer

The stork and the fox questions and answers , class 5 , lesson 4 , Assam ,

Answer:  This is an Advertisement for Evening Snacks and dinner sold by Mummy ki Rasoi.It also provides Home Delivery with no extra charges .

13. (b)

14. Find words ending with 'ly' from the word grid below:

16. (a) Write in the oval below the name of a festival that you celebrate:

questions and answers

16. (b) Among the four points which one will you choose first and then next? Write them below accordingly:

16. (c) Now, make sentences using the above points to form a paragraph and write in your notebook.


17. Pick up any one card from below and say two or three sentences about it:

Your Favourite Food
Your Favourite Festival
Your School
Your best friend
Summer Vacation

Your Favourite Festival: Bihu

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