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The Joy of Helping, Class: 5, Lesson: 2, Assam, English, Questions and Answers, Full Notes, SCERT

Lesson: 2 The Joy of Helping

The joy of helping questions and answers lesson 2 , class 5 , assam
Lesson 2 The joy of helping

The joy of helping questions and answers

1. Answers
(a) The headmaster was talking about –

(i) Flood damage
(ii) Soil erosion
(iii) Earthquake disasters
(iv) Deforestation

Answer: (iii) Earthquake disasters

(b) The headmaster sought contributions from teachers and students –

(i) To help the flood-affected people
(ii) To organize a function at school
(iii) To help earthquake-hit people
(iv) To go for a picnic

Answer: (iii) To help earthquake-hit people

(c) Raju thought of contributing-

(i) Bread, butter, and fruits
(ii) Bread, biscuits, and fruits
(iii) Clothes, water, and money
(iv) Water, biscuit, and bread

Answer: (ii) Bread, biscuits and fruits

(d) The contribution was carried to the earthquake-affected area in –

(i) A cart
(ii) A goods van
(iii) A mini truck
(iv) A tractor

Answer: (ii) A goods van

(e) The team members of the school felt very-

(i) Happy to help the people in misery
(ii) Funny at helping the people in misery
(iii) Sad to help the people in misery
(iv) Worried about helping the people in misery

Answer: (i) Happy to help the people in misery

(f) When we help someone we always feel-

(i) Miserable
(ii) Happy
(iii) Sad
(iv) Funny

Answer: (ii) Happy

2. Arrange the following sentences as it happened in the lesson :

Answer : (i) People have lost their homes and belonging
               (ii)  Tomorrow, after morning assembly we will collect your contributions.
               (iii) During the lunch break, Nita, Gita, and Raju were discussing their contribution.
               (iv) The goods van and a team of volunteers including Raju and Rita than left for their destination.
               (v) The team members felt very happy to have helped the people in distress.


(a) Answer: (i) I will take out a puppy from the ditch.
               (ii) After that, I will bath him.
              (iii) Lastly, I will give some food to the puppy.

Answer: (i) Firstly, I will check how much he is injured, he is alright or not or if he needs any medical treatment.
              (ii) After that, I will spray a pain killer in his injured part
             (iii) Lastly, I will take him to his home


(a) Answer: (iv) Damaged

(b) Answer: (iv) Earthquake affected place

(c) They were very sad to see the plight and misery of the people.
(i) Playful environment
(ii) Difficult and sad situation
(iii) Happy situation
(iv) Faces

Answer: (ii) Difficult and sad situation

(d) Everyone was very grateful to the volunteers for their help.

(i) Satisfied
(ii) Happy
(iii) Thankful
(iv) Joyful

Answer: (ii) Happy


(a) They were very sad to see the plight and misery of the people there.
(b) The team members felt very happy to have helped the people in distress.

(i) A kind man shows – Kindness
(ii) A happy man shows – Happiness
(iii) A sincere person shows – Sincerity
(iv) A brave soldier shows – Bravery
(v) An honest man shows – honesty


(a) A flock of sheep was grazing in the field.
(b) I have a bunch of keys.
(c) Can you see the herd of cattle?
(d) He gave me a bundle of sticks.
(e) A delegation of teachers visited the Chief Minister.


(a) A team of – Players
(b) A Flock of – Birds
(c) A bunch of – flowers
(d) A bundle of –  books
(e) A herd of – elephants


(i) Ring - a piece of jewelry that you wear on your finger
(ii) Injure - to harm or hurt yourself or somebody else physically
(iii) Occur - to happen
(iv) Victim - a person or animal that is injured
(v) Belongings - the things that you own that can be moved
(vi) Contribution - Something that you give

10. :

Rohit , Nikhil and Anjuma were walking to school. Abhi was sitting in his wheelchair. His father was walking behind him. He was taking Abhi to school.


(i) At 8 o’clock in the morning yesterday, I was going to school
(ii) At 4 o’clock in the evening yesterday, I was playing Cricket


Good Manners - (i) Showing respect to teachers.
                           (ii) Helping the poor and the needy
                          (iii) Talking politely
                          (iv) Being honest
                          (v) Being obedient

Abhi is a loving boy. He speaks politely. He is honest and obedient. He shares his food with his friends. He is neat and tidy. He respects his teachers and elders. He is intelligent too. Everyone loves him.

13. Questions:

(i) I’m very sorry , I broke your pencil.
(ii) Excuse me , can I borrow your pen ?
(iii) Please write a letter to me.
(iv) Would you mind, bringing a glass of water for me?


(i) Love – loving
(ii) Care – caring
(iii) Share – sharing
(iv) Make – making

(i) Run – running
(ii) Swim – swimming
(iii) Clip – clipping
(iv) Cut – cutting

(i) Clap – clapping
(ii) Hop – hopping
(iii) Sit – sitting
(iv) Tap – tapping


(i) Obedient – obediently
(ii) Neat – neatly
(iii) Honest – honestly
(iv) Kind – kindly
(v) Intelligent – intelligently


(i) I should obey my teachers
(ii) I should take softly
(iii) I should share my things
(iv) I should not tell lies
(v) I should not quarrel
(vi) I should not make a noise

17. Read the sentences on the chart :

(i) Work hard
(ii) Help the poor and the sick
(iii) Respect your elders
(iv) Use a handkerchief while coughing
(v) Use a handkerchief while sneezing
(vi) Comb your hair neatly
(vii) Wash your hand with Dettol
(viii) Obey your teachers
(ix) Obey traffic rules


(i) I must help the poor and the sick.
(ii) I must respect my elders.
(iii) I must comb my hair neatly
(iv)I must use a handkerchief while sneezing.

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