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The Sound of Music | English | Class 9 | Lesson 2 | Questions | Answers | NCERT Solutions

 The Sound of Music | English | Class 9 | Lesson 2 | Questions | Answers | SEBA | Solutions

The Sound of Music | English | Class 9 | Lesson 2 | Questions | Answers | NCERT Solutions


I.    Answer these questions in a few words or couple of words.

1.    How old was Evelyn Glennie when she first went to Royal Academy of Music?
Answer: Evelyn was seventeen years when she went to Royal Academy of Music.

II.    When was Evelyn Glennie's deafness first come to the notice of her parents? When was it confirmed or How did they confirm that Evelyn had issues with her deafness? 

Answer: Evelyn’s deafness was first noticed when she was eight years old. It was confirmed at the age of eleven.

III.    How old was Evelyn when was discovered that her hearing severely impaired?
Answer: Evelyn was eleven years old when it was discovered that her hearing was severely impaired.

IV.    Who was Isabel Glennie?
Answer: Isabel Glennie was Evelyn’s mother.

V.    By whom was Evelyn encouraged in the field of music? [2016]
Answer: Evelyn was encouraged by Ron Forbes in the field of music. 

2. Name the various places and causes for which Evelyn performed.
Answer: Evelyn is now an internationally sought after percussionist. She delights her audience all around the world and she performs free concerts in front of prisoners and patients in hospitals. She also gives importance to teach the young musicians.

3.    Choose the correct statement:
a.    Evelyn feels the music [2016]
i.    Through her ears.
ii.    Pouring in through her entire body.
iii.    Through her fingers

Answer: (ii) Pouring in through her entire body.

III. Answer the following questions (100-150words)

1.    How does Evelyn hear music?
Answer: Evelyn Glennie is an extra ordinary example of strong determined multi percussionist who has overcome her physical barrier of deafness. She listens to music instead of hearing it. Even though Evelyn lost her hearing, she did not lose her spirit of learning music. Her teacher Ron Forbes took two drums to teach how to listen to music. She finally learned to feel the musical notes in different parts of her body.
    Her sheer determination and hard work did the rest. She learnt to open her mind and body to music. By dint of her hard work she dared to make her life for music and she started giving solo performance instead of orchestral work. Famous percussionist James Blades charmed by her talent rightly said that God might have taken her hearing, but has given back some extra ordinary. What others hear, she listens. 


The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

III. Answer these questions in 30-40 words.  

1.    Who imposed a ban the playing of pungi in royal residence? [2016]
Answer: It was Aurangazeb who imposed a ban the playing of pungi in royal residence.

2.    Why did Aurangazeb post a ban on the playing of the pungi?
Answer: Aurangazeb banned the playing of a musical instrument called pungi because the pungi made an unpleasant and annoying sound in the royal residence.

3.    Which game did Bismillah Khan use to play when he was a child? [2017]
Answer:  Bismillah Khan played Gilli Danda when he was a child.

4.    Choose the correct answer:

a.    Bismillah Khan played the shehnai. (pungi/shehnai) [2017]

5.     How was Shehnai different from a pungi? Or Enumerate the difference between a Pungi and a Shehnai. Or What sort of difference can be patch between a Shehnai and a Pungi?
Answer:  The Shehnai was made with a natural hollow stem which was wider and longer than the pungi. It has seven holes in the body and it is played by opening and closing of some of the holes. The notable difference was the improved sound quality of the shehnai which was better than that of the pungi.

6.    Where was the Shehnai played traditionally? How did Bismillah Khan change this?
Answer: Traditionally, shehnai was played in marriage ceremonies and other religious and auspicious occasions.
Bismillah Khan brought this traditional instrument onto the stage of classical music.

7.    When and how did Bismillah Khan get his big break?
Answer: In 1938, an All India Radio centre was opened in Lucknow. With the opening of the centre Bismillah got a big break and he became an often heard radio shehnai player.

8.    Where did Bismillah Khan play the shehnai on 15 August 1947? Why was the event historic?
Answer: On 15 August 1947, Bismillah greeted the nation with the tone of shehnai from the Redfort.
           The day was historic because on that day India got independence. 

9.    Why did Bismillah Khan refuse to start a shehnai school in the U.S.A.? [2016]
Answer: Bismillah Khan refused to be a part of a starter project of a shehnai school in the U.S.A. because he was so emotionally attached to his homeland Benaras and Dumraon that he could never think to part with Benaras or Dumraon. Even anyone could recreate Benaras in the U.S.A. but no one could transport the river Ganga there.

10.     Find two incidents in the text which tells you that Bismillah Khan loves India and Benaras.
Answer: Two instances which shows that Bismillah Khan loves India and Benaras are – 

i)    One of his students once requested Bismillah to head a school in the U.S.A., but he refused to do so by saying that no one could transport the river Ganga there in the U.S.A.

ii)    He used to say that whenever he was in abroad he thought only of India and when he was in Mumbai, he wants to be in Benaras and in Benars he missed Dumraon.