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All Things Bright and Beautiful

all things bright and beautiful, questions and answers
All things bright and beautiful

In the poem "All Things Bright and Beautiful", the poet praises the things and creatures made by Lord God. God has created this world full of bright and beautiful things. The creatures created by Him are great and small. God has made things wise and wonderful.

The colorful flowers that we see are also created by the Lord God. He has made their glowing colors. The birds that sing fly with tiny wings that are made by God.



lesson 1 question 1

a) All things are bright and beautiful. (light/bright/great)
b) Each little flower that opens. (runs/sings/opens)
c) God made their tiny wings. (rings/stings/wings)


a)Write the names of two small creatures.
Answer: The names of two small creatures are ants and butterflies. 

b) "He made their glowing colors" - who is 'he' in this line?
Answer: In this line, 'he' is referred to the Lord God. 

c) See your textbook for this question.
Answer: In this line 'their' is referred to the birds.

d) What are the things that God has made?
Answer: The things that God has made are the bright and beautiful things, great and small creatures,, colorful flowers and tine wings of birds.

e) Why does the poet praise God in this poem?
Answer: The poet praises God in this world because he has made all things bright and beautiful. He has created the big and small creatures, colorful flowers, and wings of birds.

4. Questions

a) small, beautiful, all

b) wonderful, small, beautiful

c) might, color, bright

d) wings, open, sings

5. Complete the word-web with things you find in a garden:
6. Write a word that rhymes with the first two:

sweet - feet - beet

thing - sing - ring 

mood - food - good

old - cold - gold

7. Read the following:

little drops of water
tiny drops of water
small drops of water 

The word little, tiny, small have the same meaning in these sentences.

beautiful - pretty, nice

great - large, big

wise - clever, intelligent

wonderful - lovely, delightful


a) sunburn

b) sunlight

c) sunshine

d) Sunday

e) sunflower  

f) sun rays
9. Answer:
class 5, lesson 1, question no 9

10. See and practice this question from your textbook.

11. This year, on Earth Day, you wish to send a greeting card to your friend. here is a greeting card for you.
12. Your school celebrated World Environment Day on 5 June this year by holding a quiz. Your team won the quiz. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about the quiz. You may use the points given in the box:
13. Read the following conversation. Rewrite the conversation changing the underlined words into short forms.
14. Complete the following. You may choose words given in the box. Rewrite the complete sentence:
15. Write two words ending with 'MB': 

thumb   dumb  plumb   numb

16. Say as fast as you can:

 bees     peas    seas    keys 
Now write the names of four things ending with 's' to mean more than one.

 toys, boys,  pens, dens 

17. Complete the  following by using 'and', 'but', 'so' or 'therefore': 
18. Look carefully at the pictures below. Find out six differences in picture 2 and write them down:
19. Read these sentences about a rhinoceros. Write down the questions you want to ask her. Don't forget to put the question mark:
20. Read this paragraph about your state written by a class V student:
21. Read the story:
22. Rearrange the following sentences to complete the story:
23. Roleplay: 

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