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The Fun They Had | English | Class 9 | Lesson 1 | Questions | Answers | NCERT Solutions

 The Fun They Had | English | Class 9 | Lesson 1 | Questions | Answers | NCERT Solutions

The Fun They Had | English | Class 9 | Lesson 1 | Questions | Answers | NCERT Solutions

The Fun They Had | Class 9 | SEBA | English | Solution

I. Answer these questions in a  few  words  or  a  couple  of  sentences  each.

1.   How old are Margie and Tommy?
Answer: Margie was eleven years old and Tommy was thirteen years old.

2.   What  did  Margie  write  in  her  diary?
Answer: Margie wrote in her diary on the page of 17 May, 2157 that Tommy had found a real book that day.

3.   Had  Margie  ever  seen  a  book  before?
Answer: No Margie had never seen a book before because she had only seen telebooks.

4.   What  things  about  the  book  did  she  find  strange? [2013]
Answer: The old book was strange for Margie because it was not a tele-book rather a printed book. The pages were crinkly and yellow. The words in the book did not move and stood still.

5.   What do you think a telebook is?
Answer: Telebook is an electronic book that is stored in a computer.

6.   Where  was  Margie’s  school?  Did  she  have  any  classmates?
Answer: Margie's school was next to her bedroom. No, she did not have any classmate.

7.   What  subjects  did  Margie  and  Tommy  learn?
Answer: Margie learnt arithmetic and geography, while Tommy learnt history.

II. Answer the following with reference to the story;

1. “I wouldn't throw it away”
i. Who says these words?
The question mentioned words were said by Tommy.
 ii. What will ‘it’ refer to?
‘It’ refers to the old book.

iii. What's it being compared with by the speaker?
‘It’ is being compared with a tele-book by the speaker.

2. “Sure, they'd an instructor, however it wasn’t a regular teacher. it absolutely was a person.” [2017]

 i. Who will “they” refer to?
In the question, ‘they’ refers to the pupils of the old kind of schools.

ii. What will ‘regular’ mean here?
Here, ‘regular’ suggests the mechanical teachers that Tommy and Margie have.

iii. What's it contrasted with?
It's contrasted with a mechanical teacher. Tommy and Margie find the old kind of teachers more interesting than the present mechanical teachers.

III. Answer each of these questions in a very short paragraph (about thirty words)

1. What kind of teachers did Margie and Tommy have?
Margie and Tommy had robotic teachers. The teachers used to display the lessons in a big screen and take the home works and other writings in a proper slot.

2. Why did Margie’s mother send for county inspector? [2013]
Margie’s mother sent for county inspector because Margie had been performing badly in geography. Her results in geography were not up to the mark.

3. What did he (the county inspector) do?
The county inspector smiled and checked the machine teacher. The machine was teaching geography at the speed of ten years level. He slowed it and patted Margie’s head.

4. Why was Margie doing badly in geography? What did the county inspector do to help her?
Margie was doing badly in geography because the machine teacher was teaching it at the speed of ten years level.
            The county inspector slowed the machine up to an average ten years level.

5. What had once happened to Tommy’s teacher?
Once, the history sector of Tommy’s teacher blanked out completely. The county inspector took the machine away for a month.

6. Did Margie have regular days and hours for school? If thus, why?
Yes, Margie had regular days and hours for school except Saturdays and Sundays because her mother thought small kids learned better in regular hours.

7. How does Tommy describe the old kind of school?
Tommy found a real book which described about old kind of school. According to the book, the old people had a man teacher. The teacher and students came under a common roof to teach and learn.

8. How does Tommy describe the the old kind of teachers?
Tommy found a real book which described about old kind of school. According to the book, the old people had a man teacher. A man teacher used to teach the students with tenderness. The teacher did not live in students’ house. 
IV. Answer  each  of  these  questions  in  two  or  three  paragraphs  (100 –150  words).
1. What are the main features of the mechanical teachers and the schoolrooms that  Margie  and  Tommy  have  in  the  story?
Answer: Margie and Tommy have mechanical teachers. The mechanical teacher was a large, black and ugly robotic teacher. It has a large screen inbuilt on which it displays the lessons and also asks questions. It can also give homework. It has a proper slot to insert the homework.
    Margie and Tommy have their classrooms attached next to their bedrooms. It is always on at regular hours except Saturdays and Sundays.

2. Why did Margie hate school? Why did she think the old kind of school must have  been  fun?
Answer: Margie hated her school because of her mechanical teacher. It gave her tests after tests in geography but she was doing very bad in it. It compulsorily asks her to complete her homework and submit it the next very day.
    She thought the old kind of schools must have been fun because in old schools the kids of same age learned the same thing. They could joyfully go to school together. They could help each other in their homework. Moreover, they had a man teacher.

1.    Where did Tommy find a real book? [District Board 2017]
Tommy found a real book in the attic.
2.    Choose the correct meaning: 
a.    …were yellow and crinkly…. [with many folds and lines/ straight/ bright and clear]
Answer: crinkly - with many folds and lines

b.    ….in the attic… [space below roof/ underground/ cupboard]
Answer: attic - space under roof.

c.    Margie was scornful. [contemptuous/ doubtful/ happy]
Answer: scornful – contemptuous

d.    He added loftily. [ in a lower voice/ with a sigh/ in a superior way]
Answer: loftily – in a superior way

e.    “May be”, he said nonchalantly. [happily/ carelessly/ anxiously] [2013]
Answer: nonchalantly – anxiously

f.    …. the slot where she…… (a given space/question/activity) [2016]
Answer: Slot – a given space. 

g.    Margie hated her school. (liked/ hated)    [2017]

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