Tuesday 28 April 2020

Change the Degree For Class 9 | English Grammar | SEBA | NCERT

EXERCISE : amendment The Degree for sophistication nine | SEBA | NCERT

Change the Degree For Class 9 | English Grammar | SEBA | NCERT

Change the Degree for sophistication nine | English synchronic linguistics | SEBA | NCERT

CHANGE THE DEGREE for sophistication nine

Amendment the degree of the subsequent as directed within the brackets:


1. District Board 2013

i. He's the most effective boy within the category. (to comparative degree)
He is higher than the other boy within the category.

ii. Iron is that the most helpful of all metals. (to positive degree)
No alternative metal is as helpful as iron.

2. District Board 2016

i. No alternative city in province is as massive as Dibrugarh. (to comparative degree)
Answer: Dibrugarh is larger than the other town in province.

ii. Benaras is that the most sacred place in India. (to positive degree)
Answer: No alternative place is as sacred as Benaras in India.

iii. The Mississippi is longer than all alternative rivers. (to superlative degree)
Answer: The Mississippi is that the longest stream of all.

3. District Board 2017
i. Metropolis is that the largest town in India. (to comparative)
Comparative: Metropolis is larger than the other town in India.
Positive: No alternative town is as massive as metropolis in India.

4. Extra | amendment The Degree

1. This is often the most effective book on the topic. (to comparative and to positive)
Comparative: This book is healthier than the other book on this subject.
Positive: No alternative book is pretty much as good as this book on the topic.

2. This is often one among the simplest poems within the reader. (to comparative/to positive)
Comparative: This literary composition is simpler than several alternative poems within the reader.
Positive: Only a few alternative literary compositions within the reader ar as simple as this poem.

3. This is often one among the most effective schools within the North. (to comparative/to positive)
Comparative: this faculty is healthier than several alternative schools within the North.
Positive: only a few alternative schools within the North are pretty much as good as this.

4. He's additional intelligent than you. (to positive/to superlative)
Positive: You're not as intelligent as he's.

5. The Rajdhani categorical runs quicker than the other train. (to positive/to superlative)
Positive: No alternative train is as quick because the Rajdhani categorical. Superlative: The Rajdhani categorical is that the quickest train of all.

6. No alternative boxer is as nice as mother Kom. (to comparative/to superlative)
Comparative: Mother Kom is larger than the other boxer. Superlative: mother Kom is that the greatest boxer of all.

7. Gold is additional precious than most alternative metals. (Change into superlative degree).
Gold is one among the foremost precious metals.

8. Guwahati is larger than the other town within the North-East. (change into positive)
No alternative cities within the North-East ar as massive as Guwahati.

9. No alternative fruit is as sweet because the mango. (Rewrite in comparative)
Mango is sweeter than the other fruits.