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A Visit to Sivasagar | English | Class 4 | Lesson 8 | Questions | Answers | SCERT | ASSAM

A Visit to Sivasagar | English | Class 4 | Lesson 8 | Questions | Answers | SCERT | ASSAM

A Visit to Sivasagar | English | Class 4 | Lesson 8 | Questions | Answers | SCERT | ASSAM

1. Answers:
(a) What were Ramen and Rita waiting for?
Answer: Ramen and Rita were eagerly waiting for their summer vacation.
(b) How did they go to Sivasagar?
Answer: They went to Sivasagar by a beautiful red ASTC bus.
(c)  What did they see on their way to Sivasagar?

Answer: On their way to Sivasagar they saw many beautiful places including the famous Kaziranga National Park, beautiful green tea gardens, and paddy fields.
(d) What did the kings and the courtiers do in Rang Ghar?
Answer: The kings and the courtiers had watched games and sports, dances, and fights from Rang Ghar.
(e) Where were the Ahoms Kings laid to rest?
Answer: Charaideu is a sacred place where the Ahom Royals were laid to rest in the Madams.

A Visit to Sivasagar | English | Class 4 | Lesson 8 | Questions | Answers | SCERT | ASSAM
A Visit To Sivasagar questions answers


(a) Ramen and Rita saw vast and beautiful green tea gardens and paddy fields on the way.
Answer: Yes 
(b) They reached Sivasagar around 9 p.m. at night.
Answer: No
(c) Shiva Dol, Bishnu Dol, and Devi Dol are on the banks of Joysagar.
Answer: No
(d) Ahom Kings and their courtiers used to enjoy watching games and sports, dances, and fights from the Rang Ghar.
Answer: Yes
(e) Charaideu is famous for the madams of the royals.
Answer: Yes 


(a) We had a wonderful Journey to Sivasagar. 
(b) We did not realize that the Joysagar tank was so vast.
(c) Ramen and Rita were amazed to see the beautiful Rang Ghar. 
(d) The monuments reflect the artistry of the Ahom Kingdom. 
(e) The Rang Ghar is a wonderful Monument
(f) We have created precious memories for ourselves in Sivasagar.


(a) distant - He is my distant relative.
(b) amazed - They were amazed to see the beautiful Rang Ghar.
(c) admired - Ramen and Rita admired the beautiful Rang Ghar.
(d) Wonderful - Ramen and Rita had a wonderful journey to Sivasagar.


 (a) and - Ramen and Rita saw a vast and beautiful tea garden.
 (b) but -  I want to go to the 'Birthday party' but I'm so tired.
 (c) hence - The roads were covered in ice, hence it was not safe to drive.
 (d) so - Visiting historical places teaches us many things, so we must-visit places of historical importance.
 (e) Therefore - I was sick therefore, I could not attend my classes.


Answer: Guwahati is a famous city. It is the Gateway of North-East. The city is situated on the bank of the mighty Brahmaputra. Guwahati is famous, for Saraighat bridge, Kamakhya temple, Guwahati University Science museum, Guwahati Planetarium, etc. Guwahati is a place of historic importance. It is the capital city of our state. We all love this, wonderful city. 


Work in pairs and ask each other the following questions to get answers:

(a) Where do you see such a scene?
Answer: "ANAND MELA"
(b) Will you enjoy going to such places?
Answer: Yes
(c) Why do people visit such a place?
Answer: To spend happy times with their family and friends.
(d) What are the girls doing in front of the Shop?
Answer: The girls are buying Balloons, flowers, and toys.
(e) A family is sitting together: can you say where they are sitting and what they are doing?
Answer: They are sitting in a Hotel and they are having food.
(f) Name the things you see in front of the shop?
Answer: Flowers, Ballons, handbag, Ko-pou flowers, etc.

Questions / Answers
(a) The family is having tasty food.
(b) The spin wheel is very big
(c) The florist is selling beautiful flowers.
(d) The children are playing happily with colorful balloons.


Answer: I will read 'Discovery of India' because I want to know about India.

14. (b) Now, read the slogans. You can write one on your own in the last box:

Answer: Let's Spread Green.

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