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Hello Computer, Class: 5, Lesson: 8, Assam, English. Questions and Answers, Full Notes, SCERT



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Hello Computer Questions And Answers : 


(i) I have keys.
I am a keyword.

(ii) I have keys too
I am a typewriter.

(iii) I have a screen.
I am a  monitor.

(iv) I have a screen too.
I am a television.

(v) I have a long tail.
I am a mouse.

(vi) I have a short tail.
I am a mouse too.

2. Questions

questions and answers of Hello computer


3. b) Now, complete :
a) Mohan Gohain is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.
b) He wears glasses.
c) He loves to watch television.
d) He loves to listen to music.
e) He is also a recipient of the Sahitya Surabhi Award.
 f) A person who writes books, stories, articles, etc. is called an author.

3. c) 
My name is Minor Chetry. I am 3 feet 1 inch tall. I am 9 years old, I love to watch an sports program and cartoon network on television.
4. a) Answers

hello computer class 5 , lesson 8 , assam

i) Name the girl in the picture.
Answer: Anjalee
ii) Who is sitting near the girl?
        Answer: Anjalee's Grandfather
iii) What are they doing?
                 Answer: They are watching television.
iv) What are they watching?
Answer: They are watching NEWS on television
v) What did the newsreader on the TV say?
The newsreader says that Mr. M. Gohain wins the Sahitya Surabhi Award this year.
vi) Rewrite the breaking news in the space below.
Answer: Mr. M. Gohain wins the Sahitya Surabhi Award this year.
vii) Are they happy?
Answer: Yes they are very happy.
viii) Why are they happy?
Answer: They both are happy because Mr. M. Gohain wins the Sahitya Surabhi Award.

4. b) Answers:

6. Choose and write the correct option:

A. Mr. M. Gohain wrote the book:

     Answer : (ii) Flying High.

B. For what program was Mohan Gohain invited?

     Answer : (ii) For a public felicitation ceremony.

C. Name of the award that Mohan Gohain won

      Answer: Sahitya Surabhi Award.

D. How many books has Mr. Gohain written?
    Answer : (iii) Six

E. Where do we click to download an attachment?

    Answer : (iii) on 'download'

8. Questions

                Answer: I have a computer, I like to draw on it.

Answer: Anjalee can send emails over the internet, She can also buy books on it.

                Answer: Ranju and Anjalee are friends. they often play games on the computer.

                Answer: Anjalee’s grandfather is a writer. he writes books.


(a) Anjali is using a computer
(b) She is writing an email 


(a) Raju is using a mobile phone 
(b) He is sending SMS to his friends

Questions: CRICKET, WATCH,  TV

(a) Anjali and Raju are watching Television
(b) They are watching cricket on television 

Questions: RADIO,  NEWS,  LISTEN 
(a) Anjali and her sister is listening News on Radio

(b) They love to listen to News on Radio

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