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Thursday, 23 April 2020

A Golden Voice | English | Class 4 | Lesson 6 | questions | answers | SCERT | ASSAM


A Golden Voice | English  | Class 4 | Lesson 6 | questions | answers | SCERT | ASSAM

Write the names of the musical instrument that you have seen: 
(a) guitar
(b) flute
(c) harmonium
(d) tabla
(e) piano
(f) dhol
(g) pepa
(h) toka 

A. Arun and Aziz were -
(i) Working fast
(ii) Walking fast
(iii) Walking first
(iv) Working first
Answer: (ii) Walking fast

B. Arun and Aziz were standing under a -
(i) big and small tree
(ii) tall tree
(iii) big and tall tree
(iv) big tree
Answer:(iii) big and tall tree

C. Aziz's father was worried because -
(i) Aziz might lose his legs
(ii) Aziz might lose his hearing
(iii) Aziz might lose his arms.
(iv) Aziz might lose his eyesight
Answer: (iv) Aziz might lose his eyesight.

D. The music teacher told Aziz to -
(i) study everyday
(ii) walk everyday
(iii) practice everyday
(iv) play the tabla every day
Answer:(iii) Practise every day

2. Answers:
(a) Where were Arun and Aziz coming from?
Answer: Arun and Aziz were coming from Banajit's Birthday.

(b) What was Arun afraid of?
Answer: Arun was afraid of thunder and lightning.

(c) What was Aziz worried about?
Answer: Aziz was worried about his school.

(d) Why was Aziz's father worried?
Answer: Aziz's father was worried because, Aziz might lose his eyesight.

3. Let's read some words that are related to the weather. Can you add some more?
A Golden Voice | English  | Class 4 | Lesson 6 | questions | answers | SCERT | ASSAM

4. Work in pairs. Ask your friend to read the sentences aloud. See whether your friend is reading with a clear voice, stopping at full stops, pausing at commas, and reading with expression. Then you read it and ask your friend to observe you.

(a) Look at the sky.
(b) I'm afraid of thunder and lightning.
(c) Arun, I'm so worried!
(d) Who do you think is the winner?
(e) Aziz! Aziz! Aziz is the best.

5. Use the clues to make words on the weather and the crossword puzzle:
Answer: (1) Wind
(2) Weather
(3) Rain
(4) Storm
(5) Thunder

(1) air that moves quickly
(3) water that falls from the sky in drops
(5) a loud noise that you hear after a flash of lightning

(2) condition of the atmosphere at a particular time
(4) very bad weather with strong wind and rain and often thunder and lightning

6. Finn in the missing letters to form words related to weather. The first one is done for you.
(a) sunny
(b) winter
(c) rainy
(d) stormy
(e) cloudy
What did you notice? All the words end with dy

7. Look at the picture below and read about a sunny day.
Write a few sentences about a rainy day using some of the words from the box below.

Muddy, Cloudy, Cool, Wet, Heavy, Windy

ANSWER: It is a rainy day. it is raining heavily, Sky is cloudy, the weather is cool, a strong wind is also blowing. The clothes in the clothesline are dry. Some children are playing in a muddy area.

8. Let's read what Arun did when he visited his grandparents:

On Sunday, Arun went to visit his grandparents. His grandparents were happy to see him. In the evening, he went out for a walk with his grandfather. They reached home at 6 p.m. At night, Arun sat with his grandparents and listened to stories. He went to bed at 9 p.m. after having dinner. He woke up early the next morning and left for home.

Read the underlined words and write them below for practice.

Answer: (i) On Sunday
(ii) In the evening.
(iii) 6 P.M.
(iv) At night
(v) After having his dinner
(vi) Next Morning

Now, make sentences with the following group of words:

on Sunday, in the morning, in the evening, the next morning

Answer: On Sunday, Roma went to visit her Grandfather. In the morning, she went out for Morning walk with her grandfather, and in the evening they went to a roadside stall of a vegetable.and in the next morning Roma left for home.

9. Fill in the blanks with words from the box. They show time relationships. You can use a word more than once.

on, at, after, in

(a) I will reach school at 9 a.m.
(b) Our school will reopen after Bihu.
(c) I will do my homework in the evening.
(d) My friends will come to my house on Sunday.
(e) I like to listen to stories at night.

10. Now, write a few sentences about yourself using some of these words.
(a) I will reach tuition at 10 a.m.
(b) I like to watch television at night
(c)  on Sunday, I went to Tinsukia

11. Read the words in the boxes:
12. Read:

(a) drink
drink water
she is drinking water.

(b) draw
draw a picture
She is drawing a picture.

(c) Play
plays football
He was playing football.

(d) watch
watch T.V,
He was watching T.V.

14. Look at the clock and write the time:
Answer: It's half past 6.

Now, write what you and your family members were doing yesterday evening at this time.
(1) I was reading books.
(2) My sister was playing games.
(3) My father was watching television.
(4) My mother was cooking food.

16. As you know, Arun, Mini, and pen are all naming words. Read the following sentences and circle the naming words:

Answer:  Underlined words are naming words.
(a) Hiren is talking to Raj.
(b) Raj is wearing a black shirt.
(c) Arzu is playing the guitar.
(d) The teacher is writing on the blackboard.
(e) Juri is drinking water from the water bottle.

Write the naming words under the correct columns:
People - Hiren , Raj , Arzu , Juri.

Things - Shirt, Guitar, Blackboard, water bottle.

Now, choose any two naming words from the above list and make two sentences with them: 

Answer: (a) Raj likes to play guitar.
(b) Hiren is wearing a white shirt. 

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