Wednesday 29 April 2020

Zubeen Garg or Zihadi Hossain Munna? What is the real full name of Zubeen Garg?

Assamese Singer Zubin Garg Teased by Google as Zihadi Munna

zubeen garg Full Name
Zubin Garg or Zihadi Hussain Munna?

Assam,29th Apr, 2020: Zubeen Garg is just the another name of Assamese Music World, and he is perhaps the uncrowned king of Assamese Music. From a child to and aged person, everyone loves to hear his music. His melodious voice touches the heart of every listener. If such a living legend is left to face a humiliating situation, everyone's heart gets melted in sadness.
   In a recent algorithm failure, the giant searcher Google displayed the full name of the Assamese Heartthrob Singer Zubeen Garg as Md. Zihadi Hossain Munna, pelting stones onto the sentiments of the Assamese community. Actually, the real full name of Zubeen Garg is Zubeen Borthakur. The name Zubeen Garg was given after the name of another singing legend Zubin Mehta
   Actually such discrepancy appeared because of an faulty entry in the wikipedia page of Zubeen Garg. Someone might have done a mischief or may be it is a failure of the machine. But in the full name section, his name was entered as Md. Zihadi Hussain Munna. Later, the disappointed fans of Zubin Garg reported the bug, and as of today the Wikipedia page seems to get corrected. Today the snippet in Google displays the full name of Zubeen Garg as Zubeen Borthakur.
zubeen garg Full Name
Zubeen Garg Full name is Zubeen Borthakur
Zihadi Hussain Munna is actually a Bangladeshi Tiktoker. And Zubeen Garg has no connection with him. The real full name of Zubeen Garg is Zubeen Borthakur. After the correction now everything is alright. Hope such misstatement never appears in the future. At least such mistakes should not happen with a person who constantly devoted his entire life for the greater cause of upholding the dignity of one's cultural assets. 

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