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Verb Phrases | Class 10 | Grammar | HSLC | SEBA | ASSAM


Verb Phrases | Class 10 | Grammar | HSLC | SEBA | ASSAM
Verb Phrases | Class 10 | SEBA

1.    H.S.L.C. 2016
Bring up:{ডাঙৰদীঘলকৰা}: Mothers bring up their children with great care.
Look for:{সন্ধানকৰা}: The Company is looking for good employees.
Give up:{ত্যাগকৰা}: He has given up the habit of drinking.
Look after:{প্ৰতিপালনকৰা}: Shankardev’s grandmother looked after Shankardev in his childhood. 

2.    H.S.L.C. 2017
Give away: (বিতৰণকৰা): The NGO gave away foods and cloths to the flood affected.
Far and Wide: (বিভিন্নঠাইৰপৰা): Many competitors took part in the competition from far and wide.
Put out: (নুমুৱাইদিয়া): He put out the lamp.
Turn up: (উপস্হিতহোৱা): Many guests were invited but only a few turned up.

3.    H.S.L.C. 2018
Run over:  The car ran over the old man.
Deal in: (ব্যৱসায়কৰা)Rahuldeals in cosmetics.
Carry out: (পালনকৰা, অনুকৰণকৰা) The students must carry out the school disciplines.
In order to: (হেতুকে) the police had to leak tear gas in order to control the mob.
4.    H.S.L.C. 2019
far and wide – Participants are coming from far and wide to participate in the competition.
broke out – Suddenly cholera broke out in the village.
give up – People should never give up the hope.
fall out – The two boys fell out over the property.

5.    H.S.L.C. 2020
make out – He is making out his responsibilities.
give away – The chief guest gave away the prizes
deal in – He deals in tea.
carry out – The students must carry out the instructions.

6.    Additional phrasal verbs for reference:  
Order       Verb Phrase    Assamese Meaning    A Possible Sentence

     Abide by    মানি চলা    We must abide by the advices of the elders.

    According to    (কোনো ব্যক্তিৰ)মতে, অনুসৰি    According to Ramesh, he will pass.

    All in all    সৰ্বেসৰ্বা    The prime minister is all in all in the country.
    Approve of    সন্মতি প্ৰদান    We cannot approve of his misconduct

    As soon as    লগে লগে    As soon as the bus stopped at the station, we got off the bus.
    As well as    আৰু    Ram as well as Harry is a good student.

    At a loss    বিবুদ্ধিত পৰা, বুদ্ধিহীন হোৱা    The family was at a loss, after the death of the head of the family.
    At home in    পাৰ্গত    Ramanujan was at home in mathematics.

    At times    মাজেসময়ে (অনিয়মিতভাৱে)    At times she behaves rudely.
    Aware of    সজাগ হোৱা    We must be aware of the country’s ongoing affairs.

   Bear with    সহ্য কৰা    The civilians should bear with the problems that arise due to demonetization.
    Belong to        This book belongs to my brother.
    Break out    (মহামাৰী আদিৰ) প্ৰাদুৰ্ভাৱ ঘটা    Malaria broke out in the village all of a sudden.
    Bring to book    শাস্তি প্ৰদান    The teacher brought him to book for his misbehavior.
    By and by    কিছু সময়ৰ পিছত    I will narrate that part of the story by and by.
    By any means    যিকোনো প্ৰকাৰে    The government wants to fight against corruption by any means. 
    By dint of    বলত    He became successful by dint of industry.

    By leaps and bounds    দোপত দোপে (উন্নতি কৰা)    He succeeded by leaps and bounds in his life.
    By no means    কোনো পধ্যেই নহয়    The doctor could save the life of the patient by no means.
    By virtue of    হেতুকে,প্ৰভাৱত    He dictates commands to the juniors by virtue of his authority.
    By fits and starts    অনিয়মিতৰূপে    He comes to school by fits and starts.
     Call in    মাতি পঠিওৱা     Please call in a doctor.

    Call on    সাক্ষাৎ কৰা     You must call on the right officer for your problem.
    Call off    -    দূৰলৈ খেদা
-    সমাপ্তি ঘোষণা    -    Kindly call off your dog.
-    The war was called off.
    Carry out     পালন কৰা, অনুকৰণ কৰা    The students must carry out the school disciplines.
    Catch sight of     দৃষ্টিগোচৰ হোৱা    The road problem finally caught sight of the concerned authority.
    Close at hand    হাতে ঢুকি পোৱাতে, ওচৰতে    The schools and colleges should be close at hands of the students.

    Come across    লগ পোৱা    I came across one of my old friends yesterday in the market.
    Come round    আৰোগ্য হোৱা    There is no hope that he will come round of the deadly dieses.
    Compare to    তুলনা কৰা    One cannot compare quality to quantity.
     Deal in      ব্যৱসায় কৰা    Rahuldeals in cosmetics.

    Deal with    আচৰণ, ব্যৱহাৰ    The salesmen should deal with the customers tenderly. 
   Either …... or        Either Ram or Rahim will attend the meeting.
F     Fall out
    কাজিয়া কৰা    The two brothers fell out over their paternal property.
    Far and Wide    বিভিন্ন ঠাইৰ পৰা    People are coming from far and wide to see the football match.
    Fond of    প্ৰিয় হোৱা    Children are fond of sweets.

    For good    চিৰদিনৰ বাবে    The migrants left their native land for good.

G    Get rid of    হাতসৰা    You should try to get rid of the problem.

    Give away    বিতৰণ কৰা     The prizes were given away by the chief guest.
    Give Up    ত্যাগ কৰা    The man gave up the habit of smoking.
H    Hand over    হস্তান্তৰ কৰা    The boss handed over the responsibility to his junior.
    Hue and cry     চিঞৰ –বাখৰ    There was a hue and cry amongst the public after the government had banned some old currencies.

I    In a body    দলবদ্ধভাৱে    They worked on the issue in a body.
    In a nutshell    থুলমূলকৈ    In a nutshell, the meeting discussed the problems of the area.
    In black and white    লিখিত ৰূপত    He promised me to pay off the debt in black and white.
    In lieu of    (কোনো বস্তু বা ব্যক্তিৰ) সলনি    I shall represent my school team in lieu of Ram.
    In no time    কিঞ্চিতো পলম নকৰি    The ambulance took the patient to the hospital in no time.
    In order to    হেতুকে    The police had to leak tear gas in order to control the mob.
    In spite of     সত্ত্বেও    In spite of my continuous oppose he did the mischief.
    Instead of    পৰিৱৰ্তে    Instead of playing you should read your lessons.
J    Join in    অংশ লোৱা    Rohan joined in the party.
    Jump at    উসাহিত হৈ প্ৰস্তাৱত মান্তি হোৱা     She jumped at the chance to go for a picnic.
    Jump on    আক্ৰমণ কৰা    The tiger jumped on the deer.   
   Keep back    পাছত ৰোৱা, আগবাঢ়ি নহা    A good leader never keeps him back.
    Keep out     বাহিৰত থকা, দূৰৈত থকা    This poisonous insecticide must be kept out of reach of a child.
    Laugh at    অট্টহাস্য, ইতিকিং    Don’t laugh at the poor.

    Live by    (জীৱিকাৰ দ্বাৰা) জীৱন নিৰ্বাহ    The beggar lives by begging.

    Live on    খাদ্যাভাসৰ সহায়ত জীৱন নিৰ্বাহ    The cow lives on grass.

    Look after    প্ৰতিপালন কৰা    The grandmother looks after the grandchild.
    Look at    একেথৰে চাই থকা    The tiger in the cage is looking at the stars.

    Look down upon    হেয়জ্ঞান কৰা    Never look down upon a poor.
    Look into    অনুসন্ধান কৰা    The police are looking into the matter.

    Make out    বুজি পোৱা    I could not make out the intention of the fraud.
    Make up    মনস্হিৰ কৰা    I have made up my mind to work hard.    Neither….Nor        Neither Ram nor Rahim attended the meeting.
    None but    (এওঁৰ বাহিৰে) অইন কোনো নহয়    None but Mohan can solve the sum.
    No sooner....
      No sooner had the thief seen the police, than he ran away.
    Now and then    মাজে সময়ে    He comes to our home now and then.      On account of    বাবে, কাৰণে    The school shall remain closed on account of Christmas.
    Out and out    সকলো প্ৰকাৰে, সম্পূৰ্ণৰূপে    The businessman made an out and out loss.
    Owing to    কাৰণে    He was absent owing to his illness.
    Part with    আতৰি যোৱা    She does not want to part with her book.
    Pass away    মৃত্যু হোৱা    The Legendry actor passed away.
    Put on    পৰিধান কৰা    In Rongali Bihu the Assamese put on new clothes.
    Put out    নুমুৱাই দিয়া    I put out the lamp. 
    Run out    শেষ হওঁ অৱস্হা    The car is running out of petrol.
    Run over    চেপি দিয়া    The car ran over the roadside walker.

    See off    বিদায় দিয়া    I saw off our guests at the railway station.
    Set out    যাত্ৰাৰম্ভ কৰা    Alexandra set out to win over the world.

    Set up    প্ৰতিষ্ঠা কৰা    He set up a small business after much struggle.
    So far as    যিমানদূৰ     So far as I know the news is untrue.
    Stand by    সমৰ্থন দেখুওৱা    The public stood by the government’s decision of demonetization. 
    Take down    টোকা গ্ৰহণ, লিখি লোৱা     Please take down the important notes.

    Take over    দ্বায়িত্ব গ্ৰহণ কৰা    After his death, his son took over the family business.
    Take to one’s bed    বেমাৰ আদিৰ কাৰণে শয্যাগত হোৱা     The old lady took to her bed as she caught fever.
    Turn down    নস্যাৎ কৰা    He turned down the business offer.

    Turn up    আহি দেখা দিয়া    Many guests were invited but only a few turned up.
    Up and down    উত্থান -পতন    Every human life is full of ups and downs.

   Wake up    সাৰ পোৱা, জাগি উঠা    I usually wake up at 6 O’ clock in the morning.
    Watch out    সাবধান হোৱা    Watch out for any danger while crossing the jungle.
    Well up in    আৱেগিক    Hearing the sad news, tears welled up in our eyes.
    Wipe out    পৰিষ্কাৰ কৰা,
 ধ্বংস কৰা    •    The wiper wiped out the car glass.
•    Cholera wiped out the village.