Sunday 5 April 2020

9 Baje 9 Minutes Observed in India in the Brightest Way After PM's Call for Unity

9 Baje 9 Minutes Observed in India in the Brightest Way After PM's Call for Unity

India, 5th April, 2020: PM Narendra Modi on 3rd of April appealed to the citizens to observe a unity call by lighting diyas and candles to show that India is unite to fight against pandemic corona. Tonight at 9pm, the countrymen came out to their front doorways or balconies to spark the diyas and candles and prayed to the almighty for relieving from corona. By implementing this campaign PM Modi wants to demonstrate the unity of India.

9 pm 9 minutes

   The President of India also shared a collective demonstration of positivity even by standing alone. In his tweet he shared his picture holding candles with his first lady and family members, however standing at a safe distance from one another.

The social media went crazy to upload pictures of lighting candles and Diyas by the users. People were seen chanting of Gayatri Mantra from the residential places of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Odisha:  People of Bhubaneshwar in a residential building chanted 'Gayatri Mantra' after lighting earthen lamps. At sharp 9 Pm people whole over India Switched off lights of their home and lit candle, some people were seen chanting Gayatri Mantra. It was one of the ways to pay tribute to the frontline warriors of the Country, who in the time of pandemic without taking their own care without thinking of their family is out for the service of the Nation.

   When every Indian was busy lighting candles and Diyas at his/her home, the center of attraction, and the mind behind this Diya and Candle Call, PM Modi was captured lighting a Diya in his own residence. People all over India obeyed his call and lighted Diyas and candles in their front door ways. Thus 9 Baje, 9minutes was observed in whole over India by its people in their own way, the social media sites were flooded by the post of Lights, Diyas, Candles. Thus it was observed peacefully