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Narration Exercise | Class 9 | English Grammar | For SEBA | NCERT

 Narration Exercise for Class 9 | SEBA | NCERT | With Answers

Narration  Exercise | Class 9 | English Grammar | For SEBA | NCERT
Narration For Class 9 | SEBA

Change the form of narration of the followings: -    
1.    District Board 2016

a.    She said to me, “Shut the door at once.”
Answer: She asked me to shut the door at once. 

b.    The teacher said to Rahul that he had been observing him for an hour.
Answer: The teacher said to Rahul, “I have been observing you for an hour.”

1.    “Can you drive a car?”, I said to Rahim.
Answer: I asked Rahim if he could drive a car.
2.    The stranger asked me if I could tell him the way to post office.
We left it for you
3.    Anita said, “I do not know the boy.”
try it.
4.     Rahim said that his mother had been suffering from should do it of your own.
5.    Rahim said to me, “Do you know the man standing at the gate?
can you try, please.
6.    The young man told me that he had came from Jorhat to work in Guwahati.
your smartness at doing this.

Additional | Narration | Class 9 | English Grammar | SEBA

1.     He said, “Where does the man live?”
He said where the man lived.
2.     I replied that I did not know.
I said, “I do not know.”
4.     I replied that I did not.
I said, “No, I do not.”
6.     I replied that I was not.
I said, “No, I am not.”
8.     I replied that I had that.
I said, “I have lost it.”
10.    I replied that I had not done that.
I said, “I did not do it.”
12.     He asked me if I could help him.
He said to me, “Can you help me?”
27.    The teacher said to her, “Spell the word ‘naughty’.”
The teacher asked her to spell the word ‘naughty’.
29.    He said to me, “May God bless you.”
He wished me that God might bless me.
32.    She said to us, “Good morning, my friends.”
She wished her friends good morning.
37.     My friend said to me, “Let us go for a picnic.”
My friend proposed me that we should go for a picnic.
38.     The boys said that they were playing.
The boys said, “We are playing.”
40.     I said to my wife, “Let us enjoy the evening in the park.”
I proposed my wife that we should enjoy the evening in the park.
50.    The man said with pride that he was going very clever.
The man said, “How clever I am!”
53.    She asked me where I was going.
She said to me, “Where are you going?”
59.     Mother said to us, “Always speak the truth.
Mother advised us to always speak the truth.
65.     He said, “Good bye, my friends.”
He bade his friends good bye.
67.    The teacher said to me, “Don’t ask such a silly question.”
Answer: The teacher warned me not to ask such a silly question.
69.    Raju asked me if that was my pen.
Answer: Raju said to me, “Is this your pen?”
70.     Mr. Dutta bade his friends good bye.
Answer: Mr. Dutta said, “Good bye, my friends.”
71.     I said, “I shall not do anything that may offend you.
Answer: I said that I would not do anything that might offend him.
72.    The teacher said to us, “You should keep strict discipline to prosper in life.” 

Answer: The teacher told us that we should keep strict discipline to prosper in life.
73.    The girl exclaimed with surprise that it was a very big and black snake.
Answer: The girl said, “What a big and black snake it was!”
74.    My friend said, “If you behave like this, I will leave your company.
Answer: My friend said that if he behaved like that, he would leave his company.