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Lesson 6: The Joy Of Living

questions and answers
The Joy Of Living

The Joy Of Living Questions And Answers

1. a) Give brief answers to the following questions :

(i) For Which team did Tarun play?
Answer: He plays for Team "A".

(ii) How did Team "B" behave with Tarun at the beginning?
Answer: The players of the Team "B" targeted Tarun from the beginning, they were always around him during the match and stopped him from kicking the ball by force. Moreover he was pushed to the ground several times.

(iii) Did Tarun score a goal in the match?
Answer: No, he did not score any goal in the match.

(iv) Why did not Tarun kick the ball?
Answer: Tarun did not kick the ball because the Goal Keeper of Team B, was lying injured near the goal-post.

(v) This question is about Tarun's action.
Answer: The referee told the boys, "What Tarun did was quite right." Because football is not only about scoring goals. There is much more to it that provides the joy of living.

1. (b) Say whether the statements are true or false:

Answer: False.

Answer: False.

Answer: False.

Answer: True.

Answer: False.

2. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct word from the choices given:

(a) Shall come
(b) Will score (had scored/will score/scored)
(c) is running out. (was running/is running/will be running)
(d) will see. (saw/will see/have seen)
(e) Tarun saw the goalkeeper lying injured. (saw/seen)

3. Read the following sentences :

Now, rewrite the sentences below using 'going to':

(a) If this continues, we shall going to lose the match.
(b) Tomorrow's match will going to be the most important.
(c) Tarun and his team will going to win the match.
(d) The referee will going to control the players of the match.

4. Make a few more sentences using the following as examples :

(a) take off:
                   : Tarun slowly took his football boots off.
(b) going on:
                   : Our holidays are going on.
(c) Run out:
                   : Tarun was run out in cricket
(d) act fast:
                   : They must act fast to tackle the situation.
(e) touch the hearts:
                     : He touch the heart of all who knew him.

6. Read the statements below and state whether each one is true or false. If it is true, circle the 'T' and if it is false, circle 'F':

Answer: False
Answer: False
Answer: True
Answer: True

7. Answer the following questions:

(a) What is the topic of Dr. Adity Goswami's speech?

Answer: "Drug abuse".
(b) Name two medicine that can be brought at a drug store.
Answer: Ativan and Atorvastatin.
(c) Give another word for the word 'drug'.
Answer: 'Medicine'.
(d) Give the meaning of 'abuse' in the expression 'drug abuse'.
Answer:  Improper use of Drugs is called 'drug abuse'.

8.  Work in groups. Make a chart showing at least three bad effects of drug abuse. You can draw or paste pictures to make your chart look attractive.

questions and answers

10. (b) Work in groups. Rearrange the words and write a slogan:
Answer: Improper use of Drugs may result in death.

Now, draw the poster : 

questions and answers

Now, write a word whose meaning is given below. Choose from the options given.


Now, make sentences using the following:

Wear: I wear my blue sweater.

Tuck: A bag was tucked under her arm.
undo:  it was too late to undo.
take off: he took his hat off.
tie: She tied knots in the rope.
button: He knew all the right buttons to push.

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