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Voice Change Exercise For Class 9 | English Grammar | SEBA | NCERT

Voice Change Exercise For Class 9 | English Grammar | SEBA | NCERT

Voice amendment Exercise for sophistication nine | English synchronic linguistics | SEBA | NCERT

The common voices are of two types, namely active and passive. In active voices, the doer of the action gets importance while in case of passive voice the act done by the doer gets focus. In these two ways a sentence may be manipulated without even modifying the meaning of the sentences, but thereby enhancing the appearance or tonal sophistication of the sentence. 
COMMON VOICE amendment for sophistication nine

Change the voice of the subsequent sentences: -


2. District Board 2016

a. The work was being done by Maine.

I was doing the work.

b. It's time to prevent the war.

It is time the war is to be stopped.

Jumble Word

Make sentences from the cluster of disorderly words:

1. District Board 2013

a. Within the room/was nobody/there.

There was no one within the area.

b. Place to place/because I/I travel/move from/like to.

I travel as a result of i prefer to maneuver from place to put.

c. Hardly/koalas are/ever drink/animals that/water.

Koalas area unit animals that seldom drink water.

2. District Board 2016

a. Looking/I am/for/house/him/for/a new.

Answer: I'm searching for a replacement house for him.

b. Work/stop/and/talking/begin/your/new.

Answer: Stop talking and start your new work.

c. The boy/my nephew/yesterday/came here/who/is.

Answer: The boy WHO came here yesterday was my kinsman.

3. District Board 2017

a. Heat Eskimos terribly garments wear.

Eskimos wear terribly heat garments.

b. I cow saw a dead walking whereas i used to be within the garden.

I saw a dead cow whereas i used to be walking within the garden.

c. A wall of nationalist leader hangs on the portrait.

A portrait of nationalist leader hangs on the wall.