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Important Correct Tense Exercise | Class 9 | English Grammar | For SEBA | NCERT

Important and Common Correct Tense For Class 9 SEBA | NCERT | English Grammar Exercise With Answers

Important Correct Tense Excercise | Class 9 | English Grammar | For SEBA | NCERT

1.    District Board 2016
1.    I saw him a week ago. (see)
2.    I went out after she had arrived. (arrive)
3.    If I were a bird. (be)

2.    Correct Tense Exercise With Answers For Class 9 SEBA

1.    It has been raining since eight o’clock this morning. (rain)
2.    I had my dinner an hour ago. (have)
3.    When we went to his house, he was reading a book.(read)
4.    She behaves as if she knew everything.(know)
5.    Socrates was taken away to prison. (take)
6.    She went to Shillong last month. (go)
7.    If it rains, I shall not go out. (rain)
8.    I have been reading the book since morning. (read)
9.    He has been doing the work since Monday last. (do)
10.    The work was begun a month ago. (begin)
11.    He left for Europe last Friday.(leave)
12.    You have learnt English for six years now.
13.    He went out after he had locked the door.
14.    You will fail unless you work hard.
15.    I have not seen him since we have left school.
16.    As he was getting off the bus, he fell down.
17.    The show always begins at 6 P.M.
18.    He treated me as though I were a god.
19.    If you neglect your studies, you will fail.
20.    I have not met him for a week.
21.    The bus usually arrives here at 6 o’clock.
22.    The lady slipped while she was climbing the steps.
23.    If I were the member of the committee, I would not do such a mistake.
24.    The moon disappears when the sun rises.
25.    I have not met him for a year now.
26.    My sister generally goes to school on feet.
27.    He said that he likes only coffee.
28.    I have not taken my breakfast yet.
29.    I heard that you were ill.We have known each other for many years. If you invite him, he will come.
30.    She has been waiting for you since early morning.
31.    She talks as if she knew everything.
32.    My sister does not drink tea or coffee.
33.    He is sleeping and cannot meet you.
34.    We have been living here since 1980.
35.    If rain continues, the match will postpone.
36.    One of my uncles has been living in Guwahati for ten years.
37.    They went to college after I had returned.
38.    The construction of the road was begun a month ago.
39.    I could have helped you if I were present there.
40.    Most of the soldiers were killed in the battle. 
41.    There are many stories about the invention of printing.
42.    I have known him since his boyhood. (know)Milton said, “I is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven.”(say)I had my dinner before he arrived at our house.  (have)
43.    We shall have finished our work by Monday next. (finish)
44.    The boy is playing now, but he was sleeping an hour ago.  (Sleep)
45.    I may mention, however, that I was none the worse for abstaining (abstain) from exercise. That was (be) I read (read) in books about the benefits of taking (take) long walks in the open air and liked (like) the advice, I had formed a habit of taking (take) walks.