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Class 8


class 8 assam solutions, the prince of panidihing question answer


1. Answer the following questions to check your understanding:

the prince of panidehing questions

(a) Why did the people of Chitolia and the neighboring villages panic?
Answer: The people of Chitolia and the neighboring villages panicked because the water level of the Brahmaputra was rising alarmingly. As a result, the embankment at Chitolia was also breached.

(b)What happened when the embankment at Chitolia village was breached?
Answer: When the embankment at Chitolia was breached, the river entered into the villages. In a moment, or we can say immediately the water rose to the tops of the houses. All around, there were cries and wails of the villagers. Animals farm were also swept away by the flood waves.

(c) What action did Khagen and his classmates take to rescue the villagers of Chitolia?
Answer: Khagen and his classmate took cognizance of the emerging issues caused by the flood. Without taking much time they brought into action. They made rafts from banana trunks and rescued the villagers. Khagen also took a boat and sailed up everyone to the relief camp set up in the school building. Khagen and his mates also arranged food for the villagers.

(d) How did Khagen and Dambaru rescue Dr. Hatibaruah and Moni Baidew?
Answer: Khagen and Dambaru mounted Dr. Hatibaruah and Moni Baidew in the boat and sail up stream and then down stream to the village school. However, at some point of their journey, their boat got trapped in a whirlpool. Six people riding in the boat spilt in the water. With great effort Khagen rescued Moni Baidew. The doctors and other people were also rescued. Later they had a safe passage to the village school.

(e) Why did the people of the village call Khagen "The Prince of Panidehing"?
Answer: Khagen was a daring boy, who had a big heart as well. He was always ready to help others even by putting his own life in danger. He made his own team to do all sorts of social activities. At the age of seventeen no one can dare to take up risks of such nature. He helped everyone at the time of flood. He also rescued Dr. Hatibaruah and his wife Moni Baidew. So, people called him ‘The Prince of Panidihing’.

2. How much of the story do you remember? Answer these questions quickly:
(a) Who was Khagen? How old was he?
Answer: Khagen was a brave boy who lived in Chitola, Borgaon. He was seventeen years old.

(b) 'It rained heavily all week.' What was the result?
Answer: Due to continuous rain, the water level of the Brahmaputra kept rising, submerging several villages of Chitola, Panidihing.

(c) 'In moments, huge waves of water broke into the villages.'- What is this situation called?
Answer: Huge waves of water broke into the villages of Panidihing due to the overflow of rainwater. This is called a flood.

(d) "Khagen!you have saved our lives, given us a new life."-Who said this? Why did he say this?
Answer: The quoted statement was said by the doctor Hatibaruah. He said this because Khagen rescued them from the flood by risking his own life.

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(e) Who was Moni Baidew?
Answer: Moni Baidew was the wife of Dr. Hatibaruah.

(f) When did flood come to Chitolia Village?
Answer: Flood came to Chitolia village in a rainy morning when the embankment at the village collapsed due to speedy current of the river Brahmaputra.

3. Complete the following sentences in your own words:

a)The water rolled over some of the house tops and a panicky situation arose amongst the village folks. People got onto the roof tops of the chang ghars. The livestock were swept away.

b)By the time the people of the Chitolia were evacuated, Khagen and his team got exhausted, but there was still arrangement for food and water to be made.

c)Half an hour later, the boat reached the doctor’s house and it almost missed a collision with the railing of the doctor’s verandah. Khagen and Dambaru rescued them to the boat.

d) The boat took a U turn now and it began to move swiftly with the current.

e) Dambaru and two other man somehow managed to catch 

4. Read the following. Use the clues to write a summary of the situation of Panidihing to be published in the local newspaper. Give a suitable title.
  • it rained heavily
  • panic gripped our village 
  • the embankment was breached 
  • villages took shelter on house-tops 
  • villagers from neighboring villages rushed to help 
  • the civil authority were also informed 
  • in no time rafts and boats were made ready 
  • hundreds of villagers were rescued along with their livestock
Panidihing submerged under Brahmaputra's Current
Panidihing, 16th June: In the recent heavy rainfall, village of Panidihing submerged under the overflowing water of the river Brahmaputra. The speedy current of the river water breached the embankment of the village and panic of flood water dominated the villagers within minutes. The villagers had to take shelters on their roof tops. The neighbouring villages came to their rescue and the local authorities were also informed. As part of quick remedy, rafts and boats were made ready and the affected villagers along with their livestock rescued to a safer location. 
b) Underline the adverbs in the sentences below and say what types they are.

(i) Khagen quickly grasped the situation.
(ii) He will stay here.
(iii) The civil authorities at Demow had to be informed immediately.
(iv) He had done it already.
(v) He is strong enough to steer the raft.
(vi) Since when has the doctor been stranded?
Vii) Moni Baidew is too afraid to board the boat.

8. Read this news item carefully:
Two die in Assam floods

Anil Nagar, July 16: Two persons, including a man and a woman were drowned in a devastating flood caused by heavy rains in Anil Nagar, Kamrup district, Assam. All the flood-affected people were however rescued and taken to the relief camps. The district administration sought the help of paramilitary forces in the rescue operation. Many NGOs also offered their help in the operation.

(b) Look at the kinds of information that are mentioned in the news item and find answers to the following questions:
(i) Where did the flood occur?
Answer: The flood occurred in Anil Nagar of Kamrup district, Assam.
(ii) How many people died in the flood?
Answer: Two people died in the flood.
(iii) What were the flood-affected people taken to?
Answer: The people who were affected by flood were taken to the relief camps.
(iv) Who helped the flood-affected people?
Answer: The district administration, the paramilitary force and the NGOs helped the flood-affected people.

(c) Imagine you are Khagen. Working with your partner, write a newspaper report on the floods and how they affected the lives of the people in your village and the neighbouring villages.

Panidihing submerged under Brahmaputra's Current
Panidihing, 16th June: In the recent heavy rainfall, the village of Panidihing submerged under the overflowing water of the river Brahmaputra. The speedy current of the river water breached the embankment of the village and panic of floodwater dominated the villagers within minutes. The villagers had to take shelters on their rooftops. The neighboring villages came to their rescue and the local authorities were also informed. As part of quick remedy, rafts and boats were made ready and the affected villagers along with their livestock rescued to a safer location. Later, the village Primary School was converted to a temporary relief center. More than 250 villagers had taken shelter there. The district administration responded to the situation rapidly and supplied food items and other necessary relief materials there. The government has ensured the villagers that a quick rehabilitation program will be launched soon after the flood gets over.

Your report should include the following:
(i) The headline
(ii) The dateline
(iii) Where and how the floods occurred
(iv) Damages caused to life and property
(v) How the people of the village responded to the crisis
(vi) How rescue operations were carried out
(vii) Where relief camps were set up
(viii) How many people were shifted to the relief camp
(ix) What steps the government took to provide relief and rehabilitation to the people

(9) What would you have done if you were Khagen? Write a diary entry describing your experience and actions on the day the floods occurred in your village. Use the information from the main text to write your entry.

Your diary page may include the following points:
(a) Date and time of making the entry
(b) How you alerted the people about the breach in the embankment
(iii) What steps you took to help your family and people of the village (including alerting the civil authorities)

24th June, 2021  10:00 pm
   Today was horrible. Also the most thrilling day of my life. Early morning, the Brahmaputra breached our embankment of our village. Water, water and water everywhere. My home went down the level of water also. My neighbors were also panicking. I couldn't see their tears. I decided to fight back. I called all my playmates boys and decided to make rafts of banana trees. We made seven of them. I urged everyone to mount on the rafts. We then sailed towards our village school. Later, we also dialed up at 100 and asked for the help of the administration.

10. Project Work:
Imagine your village has been inundated by the floodwaters of the Brahmaputra. Discuss in your group what steps you will take as volunteers to provide relief to the flood victims of your village. Draw up a plan of action.

The plan of action may include the following:
(a) Collecting donations for the flood-affected people, including clothes, food and other items of daily use
(b) Writing to various NGOs for help
(c) Writing to civil authorities for aid, on behalf of different individual victims and so on
(d) Giving company to the affected children and the elderly victims
(e) Providing first aid to the flood-affected people

Answer: As our village is amidst a big natural disaster, that is flood, I shall first make a group of boys in our villages. I shall first divide various roles among them all. The divided group members shall then perform his duties. We will have to collect a huge fund to help the flood-affected. We will have to distribute all the basic needs and other necessary items. 
    It will be our first and foremost duty to call the administration for help. I have heard that various NGOs also extend their support at the time of such catastrophes. Our team of volunteers will reach them seeking their help.
    To see such a big trouble, small children will panic and elderly people will feel demotivated. So, we will have to build a plan for their entertainment, so that they can be distracted from the troubles of life. 
    In a relief camp, the first aid box is very essential. We will manage one for ready use.  

11. Prepare a notice to be hung on your school noticeboard informing the students about a free health camp to help the flood victims. 
Gyanweb Tutorials School, Dibrugarh 
Dated: 06th June, 2021
Free Health Camp
It is hereby notified that our school is going to organize a health camp at Majuli Garchuk Village on 15th June. This camp aims to help the flood-affected villagers of that village. For this purpose, the students are requested to provide their all-pervasive support to make that day successful. The interested students are requested to volunteer for the role of helpers of the team of doctors. They should submit their names to the undersigned latest by 10th of June.

Mr. R.D. Sharma

Summary of The Prince Of Panidihing

 The prince of Panidehing is a story of a flood situation in a rural area called Chitolia and how the people of the Chitolia responded to it. We all know what happens when it rains heavily during the monsoon season. During this season the villages which are situated near the rivers have to face many problems due to the flood.
In this story it was the monsoon season, it rained heavily all week. The swelling water of the Brahmaputra continued rising, Panic gripped Chitolia and its neighboring villages. As the village was situated near the Brahmaputra river. Khagen’s own village Borgaon was not far from there.

This story “Prince of Panidihing” circulate around the life of Khagen, a young man of seventeen who is called as “Prince of Panidehing” by the village folk and also by his classmates of Nitaipukhuri college.
One morning, a loud roar alerted the villagers., the villagers got a signal that something terrible had happened. Yes they were right, the embankment which was made to control the flood water at Chitolia village was breached. In no time, after the breach of embankment huge waves of water entered into the village. That was a horrible scene everywhere there was hue and cry. People of the village to save their life huddled on roof-tops of the Chang-ghars, livestock swept away.

Khagen the prince of Panidehing was a brave fellow. After hearing the condition of Chitolia village, in a moment along with his friends with five banana rafts and one boat raced towards Chitolia village and rescued the villagers by bringing them to the high grounds of the school building.
After rescuing them Khagen and his friends arranged food and water for the men, women, and children sheltered in the school building,.The civil authorities at Demow were also informed immediately.
Khagen also helped Doctor Hatibaruah and his wife, they were stranded in their hospital quarters at kotiori. 
The title “The Prince of Panidehing” was rightly given to Khagen. He deserves it, his bravery proved it.

Summary of The Prince Of Panidihing in Hindi
पानीदेहिंग के राजकुमार चितोलिया नामक एक ग्रामीण इलाके में बाढ़ की कहानी है और चितोलिया के लोगों ने इसका जवाब कैसे दिया। हम सभी जानते हैं कि जब मानसून के मौसम में भारी बारिश होती है तो क्या होता है। इस मौसम में नदियों के किनारे बसे गांवों को बाढ़ के कारण कई समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ता है. इस कहानी में यह मानसून का मौसम था, पूरे सप्ताह भारी बारिश हुई। ब्रह्मपुत्र का बहता पानी लगातार बढ़ता जा रहा था, जिससे चितोलिया और उसके आस-पास के गांवों में दहशत फैल गई। चूंकि गांव ब्रह्मपुत्र नदी के पास स्थित था। खगेन का अपना गांव बोरगांव वहां से ज्यादा दूर नहीं था। 
यह कहानी "पानीदेहिंग का राजकुमार" सत्रह साल के एक युवक खगेन के जीवन के इर्द-गिर्द घूमती है, जिसे गाँव के लोग और निताईपुखुरी कॉलेज के उसके सहपाठियों द्वारा "पानीदेहिंग का राजकुमार" कहा जाता है। एक सुबह, एक तेज गर्जना ने ग्रामीणों को सतर्क कर दिया, ग्रामीणों को संकेत मिला कि कुछ भयानक हुआ है। हाँ, वे सही थे, चितोलिया गाँव में बाढ़ के पानी को नियंत्रित करने के लिए जो तटबंध बनाया गया था, वह टूट गया था। कुछ ही देर में तटबंध टूटने के बाद पानी की बड़ी-बड़ी लहरें गांव में घुस गईं। वह भयानक मंजर था, जहां हर तरफ चीख-पुकार मची थी। जान बचाने के लिए गांव के लोग चांग-घरों की छतों पर दुबक गए, मवेशी बह गए। 
पानीदेहिंग के राजकुमार खगेन एक बहादुर लड़का थे। चितौलिया गांव का हाल सुनकर पल भर में अपने दोस्तों के साथ पांच केले के राफ्ट और एक नाव के साथ चितोलिया गांव की ओर दौड़े और गांव वालों को स्कूल भवन के ऊंचे मैदान में लाकर बचाया. उन्हें बचाने के बाद खगेन और उसके दोस्तों ने स्कूल की इमारत में रहने वाले पुरुषों, महिलाओं और बच्चों के लिए भोजन और पानी की व्यवस्था की। डिमो शहर में नागरिक अधिकारियों को भी तुरंत सूचित किया गया। 
खगेन ने डॉक्टर हतिबरूआ और उनकी पत्नी की भी मदद की, वे कोटियोरी में अपने अस्पताल के क्वार्टर में फंसे हुए थे। खगेन को "द प्रिंस ऑफ पानीदेहिंग" की उपाधि ठीक ही दी गई थी। वह इसके हकदार हैं, उनकी बहादुरी ने इसे साबित कर दिया।

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