Monday 13 April 2020

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Lesson 7: My Story


class 5, lesson 7, water, questions and answers

Water tells its own story:


1. Read the autobiography written by water and complete the sentences in the bubbles: 
2. Let's learn a few words. Read the words which have the same meaning as 'beautiful':

class 5, question 2

Now, make sentences using the words


good looking: She is a good looking girl.

charming: The early morning's nature view is charming.

beautiful: They have a beautiful house.

attractive: Her mild behavior makes her attractive.

pretty: The baby is very pretty.

handsome: Handsome is what handsome does.

3. Look at the picture. Read the sentences: 

question no 3

 4. Read the autobiography of water and underline the following words living, dancing, flying, help, polluted, wasted. They all describe actions.
Now, complete the table with action words:

my story, class 5, lesson 7, question 4

 5. Look at the picture of the bottle of cough syrup. Some information has been given on the label of the bottle of medicine. Write them down: 

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