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Anne Frank, Class: 7, Lesson: 3, Assam, English, Questions And Answers, Full Notes

Lesson : 3
Class: 7
Assam, SCERT
Anne frank class 7 questions and answers
Anne Frank Class 7 Questions and Answers



1.Questions and Answers:

(a) Where was Anne Frank from?
Answer(a): Anne Frank was from Netherland.

 (b) How has the Voice of Anne Frank reached out across continents and generations?
Answer(b): The voice of Anne Frank reached out across continents and generations with the help of her Diary. The World would not have known her if her diary had not been published after her death.

(c) What did Anne Frank see lying on the table among her other birthday presents?

Answer(c): Among her other birthday presents, Anne Frank saw a bunch of roses, a plant, and some peonies lying on the table.

(d) Why did Anne Frank remain in her bed lying till a quarter to seven on her birthday?
Answer(d): Anne Frank remain in her bed lying till a quarter to seven on her birthday because she was not allowed to get up at that hour.

(e) Who does 'you' in the lesson refer to?

Answer(e): The term "you" refers to 'Diary' of Anne Frank.

Class 7 Maths Lesson 3 In Assamese Medium

(f) What is 'Camera Obscura'?

Answer(f): "Camera obscura" is a darkened box with a convex lens for projecting the image of an external object on to a screen inside.

(g) Who welcomed Anne in the dining room?
Answer(g): In the dining room Anne received a warm welcome from Moortie (Anne's Cat).

(h) Why does Anne frank think that it is an odd idea for someone like her to keep a diary?

Answer(h): Anne Frank thinks that it is an odd idea for someone like her to keep a diary not only because she has never done before, but because she thinks that neither she nor anyone else will be interested in a diary of a thirteen-year-old school girl.

Class 7 Science Lesson 3 In Assamese Medium

(i) How does Anne Frank describe her feelings in one of her slightly melancholy days?
Answer(i): Anne Frank describes her feelings by saying "Paper is more patient than man" in one of her slightly melancholy days.

(j) Who is the Kitty?
Answer(j): Anne addressed her Diary as "Kitty".

2. Read the text and write the dates related to Anne Frank's life.
         Date of Birth: June 12, 1929
        Year of Death: March 1945
        Date of starting her diary: June 14, 1942


Gifts are given to Anne Frank                                                       
"Camera obscura", a party game, sweets, books,                   
money, Chocolates.

Who Gave Them
Mummy & Daddy

4. Let's learn some grammar :


(i) Anne Frank started writing her diary in the summer of 1942. Today, Anne's voice has reached out across continents and generations and her diary is one of the most important documents of the war.

(ii) Rian started writing books at the age of fifteen. Now, he has become a well-known writer.

(iii) Rashmi had started learning the guitar when she was in school. Now, she has opened a music school of her own where she teaches the guitar.

(iv) Sagar finished his homework immediately after he had returned from school. Now, he has gone out to play.

Note the following

The past perfect form is used to show that an action happened before another in the past.

For example, The plane had landed before we reached the airport.

in this sentence, had landed is an example of the past perfect form.

The action of the plane landing happened before the other action took place.

The other action, in this case, is "before we reached the airport. "


Reema was very happy on Sunday. She was given a diary on her Birthday. she received(receive) other gifts too, such as flowers and chocolates. Her grandmother sent her a letter, which reached just one time. Reema baked  (bake) biscuits, which she distributed at school. She also Spent (spend) some of her pocket money to buy a few stickers for her friends.

Let us revise the different forms of the verb 'have'.

Present forms: have, has.                          Past form: had

Note how these verbs are used as helping verbs (also called auxiliary verbs) in sentences :
(i) Have: I have received three gifts.
(ii)Has: Reema has left just now.

Both these sentences have the auxiliary verb 'have' in the present tense.

(iii) Had: Her grandmother had sent her a letter which she received this morning.
(iv) Had: We had given her a bouquet of flowers which made her happy.

5. Read the following sentence :

The teacher handed out the worksheets to the students.
Note that the verb handed is the main verb used in the past tense. Main Verbs can be of two types :

(a) Regular Verbs: These are verbs that form their past tense and past participle forms according to an established pattern. Most verbs have a past tense and past participle with -d.
e.g. play-played-played,     walk-walked-walked

(b) Irregular verbs: They are verbs that do not follow the established pattern when they take their past tense and past participle forms.
e.g. drink-drank-drunk,   ring-rang-rung

some irregular verbs do not change their forms.
e.g. cut-cut-cut   ,   hit-hit-hit

There are some verbs which take forms like the following in the past tense and past participle-

The verb go takes the forms -
go - went - gone

Now complete the sentences by filling in the blanks with the simple past form of the verbs given below

(i) Another birthday has gone by, so I'm now fifteen. I  received  (receive) quite a few gifts.

(ii) Peter gave  (give) me a lovely bouquet of peonies; the poor boy had put a lot of effort into finding a present, but nothing quite    (work) out.

(iii) Churchill was on a torpedo boat that  Shelled (shell) the coast.

 Rewrite the sentences in the passive form.

(i) Anne Frank receives a diary for her birthday.
Answer: A Diary has been received by Anne Frank on her birthday.

(ii) Anne is counting her gifts.
Answer: Gifts are being counted by Anne.

(iii) Anne has baked biscuits for herself.
Answer: Biscuits had been baked by Anne for herself.

(iv) Anne wrote a diary entry.
Answer: A diary entry was written by Anne.

(v) Her parents had given her a blue blouse.
Answer: A blue blouse had been given to her by her parents.

7. Reading Storybooks:

In the text you read about the books that were gifted to Anne on her birthday. Prepare a list of English storybooks (or books translated to English ) that you have read.

work with a partner. You and your partner will then tell each other which book on the list is your favorite, who are your favorite characters in the book and why you like the book.

Help one another to write a brief book review of a book you have read recently. Write in the following format :

(i) The Name of the book: A Tale of Two Cities
(ii) Name of the author: Charles Dickens
(iii) What type of a book it is (adventure, historical, biography, fiction and so on): Historical
(iv) Narration - is the book narrated in the first person, second person or third person: Third person
(v) Plot - A brief summary of the book (what was the book is about without giving too many details).  The France revolution has been well integrated with the main story in a tale of two cities.
(vi) Whether you liked/disliked the book. (Give reasons): I liked the book
(vii) Whether you would like to read more books by the author: Yes I will like to read more books.
(viii) Would you encourage others to read this book? how would you rate the book? (How many stars would you give?) Yes I would encourage others to read this book. I will rate 4/5 stars.
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