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Tom Sawyer | Class 6 | Lesson 2 | English | Questions And Answers | SCERT Solutions

Tom Sawyer


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1. Question No.1 

(a) On a Saturday night, Tom and Huck went to find

(i) ghosts
(ii) hidden treasure
(iii) thieves
(iv) tools
Answer: a hidden treasure

(b) check 1(b) question in your book
(i) pickaxe
(ii) spade
(iii) pickaxe and spade
(iv) axe and spade

Answer: pickaxe and spade

(c) Tom and Huck saw

(i) two men entering the house
(ii) one man entering the house
(iii) Joe entering the house
(iv) three thieves entering the house

Answer: two men entering the house

(d) "Thanks God! We had a narrow escape!" Who said this to whom?
(i) Tom said it to Huck.
(ii) Joe said it to Huck.
(iii) Huck said to Joe.
(iv) Huck said it to Tom.

Answer: Huck said it to tom 

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2. Questions
(a) What did Tom always dream of?

Answer: Tom always dreamt of finding boxes of hidden treasures in haunted houses. 

(b) What plan did Tom make with his friend Huck?

Answer: One day Tom and Huck planned to go on a treasure hunt to a broken-down house far away from their village.

3. (a)Check Textbook

class 6, lesson 2, question no 3, questions and answers
Words and Meanings


(i) Tom and Huck selected a house visited by ghosts for their new adventure.

Answer: Tom and Huck selected a haunted house for their new adventure. 

(ii) Tom and Huck started their journey at 12 o'clock at night.
Answer: Tom and Huck started their journey at midnight.

(iii) The thief was trying to make a hole in the ground.
Answer: The thief was trying to dig.

(iv) He saw a set of stairs including posts and rails inside the haunted house.

Answer: He saw a staircase inside the haunted house.

(v) Joe, one of the two men was a person who steals things.

Answer: Joe, one of the two men was a thief.

4. Arrange the jumbled sentences in the proper order to get the summary of the story "Tom Sawyer". Rewrite the sentences in the correct order. Begin some of the sentences with Then, After that, Next and Finally to show the events happen.

(c) Tom and Huck went out to find some treasure.
(h) They selected a broken-down house.
(g) After that, the boys started to dig at a place inside the house.
(a) They heard a voice outside.
(f) Then, Tom and Huck hid inside a room on the first floor.
(b) Next, two men entered the house.
(d) Then, they started to dig at the place which Tom and Huck had chosen. 
(e) Finally, the two men left the place taking the box of the gold coins. 

5. (a)
What story did you read last month?

Answer: I read a story last month about a monkey and a fox who were friends and did adventures for food together. One day, they looted a banana seller, and the monkey climbed up a tree with the bananas. But the fox could not climb. The monkey cheated him and ate all the bananas alone.

What is the name of the story?

Answer: The name of the story was "The Monkey and The Fox".

Who is the author?

Answer: The author of the story is Lakhsminath Bezbaruah.

What is the story about?

Answer: The story was about two friends - a monkey and a fox. They looted a banana seller but the monkey deceived the fox and ate all bananas alone.

Which character in the story you liked most?

Answer: I liked the character of the fox, who was very friendly and genuine.

Who was the character in the story you didn't like?

Answer: I did not like the character of the monkey. He was greedy and opportunist. 



The Monkey and The Fox

Once upon a time, there was a big jungle. There lived a monkey and a fox. They were best friends. They wandered about the jungle all day and found their food. 

One day, they saw a banana seller moving across the jungle. They decided to loot the bananas and fill their stomachs. They made some loud sounds with a ghostly tone. The seller was afraid and he fled leaving his bananas there. 

The monkey then said, The fox readily agreed.

From the treetop, the monkey cried, "Friend, I am throwing the bananas. If you can catch then you will get the banana. If you miss it, it will turn into banana skin." But to his bad luck, the fox could not catch any of the bananas and he got only the banana skins.

Actually, the smart monkey was not throwing the bananas, but only the skins of them. He planned maliciously to eat all the bananas himself alone. The fox was befooled.


Go straight.
Walk to the road.
Turn to your left.
Walk to the north.
Open the gate and there you are.

7. Let's learn some type of sentences:

We use sentences to perform certain functions. Depending on the function we have different types of sentences. e.g.
(a) Tom was fond of adventures.
(b) Tom and Huck entered the house.

These two sentences are assertive sentences. They state something or give some information.

Here are two other sentences:
(c) Have you thought of the pickaxe?
(d) Who bought them here?

Sentences (c) and (d) are interrogative sentences. They are used to ask questions.

Here are two other sentences:
(e) Read the story.
(f) Switch on the light please.

These sentences are instructions or orders or requests. They are called imperative sentences.

Now look at two other sentences:

(g) What a beautiful picture!
(h) How lovely the picture is!

These sentences express strong feelings or emotions. They are called exclamatory sentences.
8. Here are a few tools used by farmers. Learn their names.

class 6, lesson 8, answers
(a) Tom and Huck decided to go on a treasure hunt.

Answer: Assertive Sentence

(b) Go and search for hidden treasure, Joe.

Answer: Imperative Sentence

(c) Who buried the box in this house?

Answer: Interrogative Sentence

(d) Tom and Huck ran downstairs.

Answer: Assertive Sentence

(e) Dig the ground.
Answer: Imperative Sentence

(f) The boys began to breathe more easily.
Answer: Assertive Sentence

(g) Let's search the house.
Answer: Imperative Sentence

(h) Oh! It's a great discovery.
Answer: Exclamatory Sentence

(i) Thank God! We had a narrow escape!

Answer: Exclamatory Sentence

(j) The two men cried out in joy.

Answer: Assertive Sentence


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