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Dhunu's Guitar, Class: 7, Lesson: 6, Assam, English, Questions And Answers, Full Notes

Dhunu's Guitar


dhunu's guitar, class 7, what is meant by the word profession
Dhunu's Guitar

(a) What is meant by the word 'profession'?
Answer: The word 'profession' means the job that we take up to earn money when we grow up.

(b) Where is Dhunu from?
Answer: Dhunu is from Kalardiya village near Chaigaon in Kamrup district of Assam.

(c) Who made the film Village Rockstars?

Answer: Renowned filmmaker Rima Das made the film Village Rockstar.

(d) What was the name of Dhunu's brother?

Answer: The name of Dhunu's brother was Manabendra.

(e) Why did the village women often scold Dhunu?

Answer: The village women often scold Dhunu because she never behaves like a girl. She climbed trees, swam in the rivers. She used to spend time and play with boys.

(f) What did Dhunu's mother tell the woman who scolded her daughter?

Answer: Dhunu's mother never discouraged the boy-like activities of Dhunu and never listened to the scoldings of the village women. Because after her husband's death no one helped her and she had to do all manly activities to run her family. So, she found no wrong if Dhunu played with boys and spent time with them.

(g) What did Dhunu decide to do after meeting the musicians at a local event?

Answer: Dhunu was fascinated by the musical instruments of the musicians, especially by the guitar. So, after meeting them, she and her friends made Styrofoam cutouts of the guitar and started playing mocking a musical band.

(h) What plan did Dhunu propose after she realized that she could not afford to buy a guitar?

Answer: After Dhunu realized that she could not afford to buy a guitar, she proposed that she would do tiny odd jobs in the village to earn money.

(i) Why did Dhunu start doing odd jobs around the village?

Answer: Dhunu started doing odd jobs around the village to accumulate some to buy a guitar.

(j) "But Dhunu believes that if you really want something and work towards it, you can achieve it." - What does this line tell you about Dhunu's character?

Answer: The question mentioned statement shows that Dhunu had the strong will power and she was affirmed to achieve her dreams.

2.  Question

Answer: 'Dhunu's Guitar' is the story of a young eleven-year-old girl who lives in Kalardiya village with her mother. They are quite poor. Dhunu has a pet goat who she loves to spend time with. One day, Dhunu and her friends come across some musicians at a local event. She is fascinated by the band and their musical instruments, especially the guitar. She dreams of owning one herself and forming her own music band with her friends someday. But she is too poor to own a guitar. So she and her friends make Styrofoam guitar and play on them.

3. Question

  • Dhunu was brave
  • Dhunu was smart
  • Dhunu was ambitious 
  • Dhunu was joyful
  • Dhunu was hard working
  • Dhunu was helpful
  • Dhunu was courageous
  • Dhunu was passionate

4. Question
Answer: I have learned from this lesson that

  • difficulties are a part of life; we must simply go on living
  • life is painful, but it also hides happiness in between; we just need to find them
  • obstacles are common, but we can overcome it
5. Question
(a) a person who repairs shoes: COBBLER

(b) a person who repairs water pipes: PLUMBER

(c) a person who operates the controls of an aircraft, especially as a job: PILOT

(d) a person whose job is to take care of people's teeth: DENTIST

(e) a person who makes, repairs or sells articles made of gold: GOLDSMITH

(f) a person who can do magic tricks: MAGICIAN

(g) a person whose job is to cut men's hair and sometimes to shave them: BARBER

(h) a person who takes care of gardens: GARDENER

Now fill in the blanks using the correct possessive form.

(a) This is Dhunu. The tea stall belongs to her mother. The tea stall belongs to Dhunu's mother.

(b) She even does jobs normally done by a man. She does men's jobs.

(c) Bhaskar is a friend of Dhunu. Dhunu is Bhaskar's friend.

(d) The cars belong to the director. They are the director's cars.

(e) They made four Styrofoam cut-out guitars. The Styrofoam cut-out guitars' colors are red.

Here are some phrases and idioms:

(a) cry over - to weep for or on something 
(b) sweep away - to eliminate completely without a trace 
(c) give up - to refrain from doing something 
(d) go on - to move forward 
(e) make a living - to do something for livelihood 
(f) cut short - to make shorter 

(i) Dhunu's mother made a living by selling snacks at local events.
(ii) When the monsoon months begin, the fun of the children is cut short.

(iii) In spite of the difficulties Dhunu and her mother face, life must go on.

(iv) Though Dhunu knows she cannot afford a guitar, she doesn't give up.

(v) Dhunu was worried that the bamboo post where she had saved money to buy a guitar might have been swept away by the flood.

(vi) Dhunu accepts her destiny instead of crying over

8. Work in pairs

Dhunu's dream was to possess a guitar. Talk with your friend and share each other's dreams.

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