Friday 3 April 2020

After Taali & Thali, PM Now Urges to Light Candles & Diyas on 5th April at 9pm Amid Ongoing Corona Fight

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PM Now Urges to Light Candles & Diyas on 5th April
PM Now Urges to Light Candles & Diyas on 5th April

India, 3rd April, 2020: After the Taali and Thali Episode on 22nd of March, PM Modi now comes with another clueless idea to increase unity while fighting against corona on the 10th day of 21 days lockdown period. Today at 9 AM, PM Narendra Modi released a video message through his twitter profile, wherein he urged the nation to show unity amidst the perplexing battle against Corona and to switch off the electric bulbs for 9 minutes at 9 PM on 5th of April and to light candles or diyas in their doorways or balconies.

 Gradually, India is noticing alarming up-rise in number of Corona positive cases with past 2500 cases. While 72 deaths were reported from Corona. PM Modi on 29th of March, opened a PM Care fund to raise donations from the people to help the corona affected and to meet up a strategic budget for the fight against corona. When Modi announced at 8:37 AM today that he was going to share a message on Corona at 9 AM, people speculated that he might put forward some strategic accounts of his action plans against Covid-19.

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  But to the greatest amusement, he came up with an odd idea to light candles or diyas for 9 minutes on 5th April's night by switching off the electricity. In his video message he said that it is necessary to show the strength of the unity of our nation. .

   At this crucial point of time when the poor and the labourers are suffering a lot, the Prime Minister of India is urging people to get involved in such odd fashioned activities. Earlier in his Taali and Thali initiative, people gathered in large numbers and beat Thalis by dancing in groups. Now, how people take his Diya and Candle initiative, it will be clear only on 5th April at 9PM.