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The Letter | English | Class 4 | Lesson 5 | questions | answers | SCERT | ASSAM


The Letter | English  | Class 4 | Lesson 5 | questions | answers | SCERT | ASSAM
Lesson 5: The letter

Let's read a poem about a letter:

1. Write the rhyming words from the poem:
(a) host - post, most
(b) press - address, guess
(c) song - long
(d) meat - sheet, neat
(e) sink - ink, pink
(f) hen - pen, ten

2. Choose the correct answer :
(a) The letter is written to the girl's
(i) father
(ii) mother
(iii) uncle
(iv) aunt
Answer: (ii) mother

(b) To dry up the ink, I use
(i) an eraser
(ii) some chalk
(iii) some blotting paper
(iv) a piece of cloth
Answer: (iii) some blotting paper 

(c) How many kisses does the letter have room for?
(i) eleven
(ii) a ton
(iii) nine
(iv) ten
Answer: (iv) ten 

(d) The meaning of 'room' in the poem is
(i) study room
(ii) space
(iii) drawing room
(iv) a part within a house
Answer: (ii) space

3. Listen and repeat:
(a) slowly: The old man walks slowly.
(b) Quickly: The young girl walks quickly.
(c) brightly: The sun shines brightly.
(d) sweetly: The bird sings sweetly.
(e) happily: The girl dances happily.
Now, write the sentences from the poem that ends with -ly
(i) My pen travels slowly

(ii) I carefully blot it

(iii) I write the date clearly

4. Add 'ly' to get some new words. Write the words and make sentences with them. One is done for you:
(a) Love: Lovely - This flower is lovely and shy
(b) Most: Mostly - I enjoy stories mostly.
(c) Neat: Neatly - She is doing her work neatly.
(d) Brave: Bravely - He faced his illness bravely
(e) Friend: Friendly - Her Dog seems friendly.

7. Little Rosie is Milan's cousin. She is trying to write a letter to Milan. Help Rosie complete her letter:

Dear Milan,

I Hope You are fine. We all are fine here. I am very happy to know you are coming to Margherita. Please send more letters to me.

with love,   
your sister,

8. Have you written a letter to anyone? Practice writing your postal address in the following box: 

Name - Rohit Chetry
C/O - Shri Tej Bahadur Chetry
House No. 124
Village - Baragolai
Town - Margherita
District - Tinsukia
PIN - 786181

(a) Where have you seen this?
Answer: In a letter
(b) What is it called?
Answer: Stamp.

9. Here are a few pictures of Milan's Visit to Guwahati.
Now, choose the sentences from the box correctly describe each picture. Write a sentence below each picture.

Answers: Picture 1: Milan was excited to see the chimpanzee at the zoo.
Picture 2: Milan cheered the football players in the stadium.
Picture 3: Milan went to the market with his uncle.
Picture 4: Milan enjoyed looking at the stars in the planetarium. 

11. In Guwahati, Milan went to Beltola Bazar one morning with his uncle.
Milan and his father are at a roadside stall of a vegetable vendor on Sunday. Complete their conversation.
The Letter | English  | Class 4 | Lesson 5 | questions | answers | SCERT | ASSAM

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