Monday 13 April 2020

Modi Magic! 21 Days Lockdown Caused Victory Over Corona and Also Re-pixeletted Nature?

 Lockdown and Environment: An Overlook

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  Corona Virus that crawled from the Yuhan City of China in December 2019 has so far caused the biggest depredation on human civilization across the globe. The super power nations also came into its grip, and even the brilliant staffs of scientists from those super power nations had to answer in unison, "Wait for a couple of months for the discovery of vaccine of Corona is not a child's play." As the scientists gave up in the short run, and the widespread Covid-19 turned some developed nations into death valleys, India's biggest decision was a complete lockdown of its country in order to freeze the mass movement at large.

  India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at 8 PM on 24th March 2020 made it public that the country would observe a lockdown period of 21 days from midnight of that day. But the approach to announce a lockdown was a replica of his style he used back in the year 2016 to announce demonetization, without setting up a neutralizing backup plan to cope up with the hue and cry that might emerge from the lockdown scheme.

  So, the obvious result to be faced here is a big economic jerk that the country will take a long time to recover. However is there no any positive impact of it? Let us explore both the faces of the coin.



Environment Impact:

  There is speculation that the biggest positive impact of lockdown will be enjoyed by the environment. Due to complete lockdown, from big factories to small cars, all have suddenly stopped emitting harmful gases and therefore the environment also got a chance to refurbish itself. Reports were coming from Italy that the water in Venice started refracting clearer. Similarly, in Indian scenario, there were claims that the Dhauladhar range of Himalayan Mountains were visible from Punjab’s Jalandhar, that stands two hundred kilometers away from the mountain range. The most recent survey conducted Central Pollution Control Board of India reported that Air Quality Index (AQI) of several Indian cities has improved a lot during this lockdown period.


Economic Impact

  A bold decision though, the announcement of a sudden lockdown was completely without a proper backup plan. In a single day, the lockdown turned lakhs of daily wage earners into jobless and left their eyes on tears. Since the announcement, thousands of labourers from Delhi started paddling to their home states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. On 29th of March 2020, thousands of labourers and their families massively gathered in Anand Bihar, Delhi where-from they were later boarded to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh by running special buses by the Delhi Government. From farmers to middlemen of vegetables to daily rationing, all were in chaos as to how to sell their products. However, in the government announcement it was no where mentioned that lockdown would also close the supply of essential commodities, but people became restless that night. That happened only because the government did not make any early arrangement for that. Even though the government claims that such sudden lockdown was necessary to curb the early and fast spread of Sars-Cov-2 in India, it should have been the duty of the government to make a proper action plan for that.
Kristalina Georgieva
Kristalina Georgieva,
IMF Head

  The lockdown policy affected India's economic sector largely. For the last few days, India's stock market has been been crashing continuously recording the lowest of all time. However, along with India's economy, the world economy is also diving to a new low as the developed countries are also in the grip of Noval Corona.   

  The current Managing Director (MD) and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva predicts, "It is now clear that we have entered a recession. We project a rebound in 2021, but only if we contain the virus and prevent liquidity problems from becoming a solvency issue."

Social Impact: 

  The large outbreak of corona gave birth to certain conspiracies which have some social impacts as well. The major weapon to fight against corona is maintaining social distancing, which created trust issues. Now people with coughing and sneezing have been started being looked with suspicious eyes. Though not every coughing and sneezing is a symptom of corona. People will take their time to recover from such social fears. The most unfortunate happened in India was the Nizzamuddin Tablight Zamat incident. Though the Markaz at Nizzzamuddin happened before lockdown, people started giving a religious color to it. Because of the careless behaviour of a few group of heedless religious propagators, a whole community had to face social cuss.

  The deadly virus Corona also began an ugly cold battle two super power nations of the world. The United States of America and China out spoke a blame game on each other. A tensed political scenario emerged when America President Donald Trump termed the Noval Corona virus as “Chinese Virus”. While Chinese President Xi Jinping countered it immediately saying it a conspiracy of the USA, who spread the virus in China’s Yuhan through its Army.

 Educational Impact:

   Noval Corona virus took a toll on the education system heavily. From Kindergarten to Post Graduations all the ongoing classes were put to halt by the government as soon as the noval corona charged to India in the middle of March, 2020. Entrance examinations to different professional courses were postponed. Similarly, the HS First year examinations were withheld for indefinite period. The final semester students of the graduation courses will suffer a lot because the postponement of regular classes will also delay their final examination, which will in turn kill their valuable times. 


  The human beings have an illusionary believe that they are the dynastic kings of the nature's kingdom. But, the pandemics like Noval Corona are brutal slaps on their fathomless beliefs and in deed the nature's silent demonstration that human beings are still its subject. The unforgettable lessons that the nature has taught the human beings must be obeyed henceforth.