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Dhyan Chand | Class 6 | Lesson 3 | English | Questions And Answers | SCERT

Dhyan Chand



dhyan chand class 6 questions and answers
Dhyan Chand Class 6 Questions Answers


1. Let's Find out

(a) With which other gamers is Dhyan Chand compared?
Answer:  Dhyan Chand is compared with Pele of football and with Muhammad Ali of boxing.

(b) Who were the leading masters? Check this question in your textbook
Answer: When Dhyan Chand started his career, the Europeans and the Americans were the leading masters of hockey.

(c) When did the turning point in Dhyan Chand's life come?
Answer: The turning point in Dhyan Chand's life came after he had joined the British Indian Army at a very tender age of sixteen.

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(d) How did Dhyan Singh become Dhyan Chand?
Answer: Dhyan Singh used to do practice at night after his duty hours. He waited till the moon shines at night. So, his fellow players started calling him Dhyan Chand. His coach predicted that he would one day shine like a moon. And the coach gave him the title of Chand, which means the moon. 

(e) Where did Dhyan Chand win the title "hockey personality of the century"?
Answer: Dhyan Chand won the title "hockey personality of the century" in the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin. 

(f) What is his birthday celebrated as?
Answer: Dhyan Chand's birthday 29th August is celebrated as National Sports Day.

(g) Why was he given the nicknames 'The Wizard' and 'The Magician of Hockey'?
Answer: Dhyan Chand was given the nicknames 'The Wizard' and 'The Magician of Hockey' for his superb ball control. In his twenty-three years career, he scored a total of 570 goals in 15 matches.


(a) Recognition and awards received by Dhyan Chand.
 Answer: Paragraph 6

(b) Dhyan Chand's achievement in the international arena.
Answer: Paragraph 4

(c) Dhyan Chand, an international legend in hockey.
Answer: Paragraph 1

(d) Dhyan Chan's early life.
Answer: Paragraph 2

(e) Dhyan Chand's goals.
Answer: Paragraph 5

(f) How Dhyan Singh became Dhyan Chand.
Answer: Paragraph 3

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Questions answers of Lesson Dhyan Chand


(a) Dhyan Singh came to be called Dhyan Chand.
(b) Dhyan Chand was born in Allahabad in 1905.
(c) He was born in the month of September.
(d) Dhyan Chand was a football player.
(e) India won the first Gold medal in Hockey in 1928.
(f) Dhyan Chand scored a total of 600 goals in 20 matches.

5. Questions

   stautre ledgens praticec visilibity ceraer 
stautre - stature
ledgens - legends
praticec - practice
visilibity - visibility
carere - career
Now, pronounce the words correctly with the help of your teacher.

7. Here is another exercise to practice the new words you have learned. Say the words aloud and match the words in column A with their synonyms (words with similar meaning) in column B. One is done for you:

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Dhyan Chand questions answers

8. Please read this question in your textbook. This question will teach you about tense. Tense is of past, present, and future forms.

10. Read from your textbook.

11. (a) See question in your own textbook

(i) Answers:  played (play)  watched (watch)  supported (support) was (be) supported (support)

(ii) Answer:  started (start)  was (be)  was (be) short-lived. Within the next five minutes Kokrajhar scored (score)  was (be)

12. Do you recognize the man in this picture? he is Girish Sharma, a champion para-badminton player. Find out more about Girish Sharma and complete the information on him for your class noticeboard.

13. Which sport do you like the most? Here are some sentences on Sachin Tendulkar, the world-famous cricketer.

Questions and answers of Dhyan Chand

(a) My favorite player is Sachin Tendulkar.
(b) He plays cricket.
(c) He played for the Indian cricket team.
(d) He is a magnificent batsman.
(e) He was awarded the Bharat Ratna by the Indian Government.

Now write the names of your favorite player in the circle as shown. Then write five words related to that person. tell the class a few sentences about the person using the words you have written. You can write your sentences in the space below before sharing them with the class.

Dhyan Chand | Class 6 | Lesson 3 | English | Questions And Answers | SCERT
Viswanathan Anand

(a) My favorite player is Viswanathan Anand.
(b) He plays Chess.
(c) He won World Chess Championship.
(d) He is a sharp-minded Chess player.
(e) He is India's first Chess Grandmaster. 

14. Quiz Time:

Your teacher will hold a quiz to find out how much you learned from the lesson.

Here are the rules:

You will be put in groups A, B, C and so on.
Your teacher will keep the score on the blackboard.

The group with the highest score will be the winner.


(i) When and where was Dhyan Chand born?
Dhyan Chand was born in August 1905 in Allahabad. 

(ii) What did the turning point of his life come?
By joining the British Indian Army at the age of sixteen, Dhyan Chand met the turning point of his life.

(iii) Check this question in your textbook

 Answer: Dhyan Chand would rather be preferred to do his practice after he had successfully accomplished his duty hours. Then chose the night hours for practice.

(iv) What was his name before he was called Dhyan Chand?
Before he was called Dhyan Chand, his name was Dhyan Singh 

(v) Where did the Indian Hockey team win the first gold medal for India?
The Indian Hockey team won gold medal first time for India Amsterdam in 1928.

(vi) Where were the 1932 Olympics held?
The 1932 Olympics were held in Los Angeles.

(vii) Who led the Indian team to win the third gold medal in Berlin?
Dhyan Chand led the Indian team to win the third gold medal in Berlin.

(viii) What are the nicknames given to Dhyan Chand?
The nicknames given to Dhyan Chand are 'The Wizard' and 'The Magicians of Hockey'.

(ix) How many goals did he score during his sporting career?
Dhyan Chand won 570 goals in 15 different matches during his sports career.

(x) What is the name of Dhyan Chand's autobiography?
The name of Dhyan Chand's autobiography is 'Goal'.

(xi) Who honored him with the Padma Bhusan in 1956?
Answer: Honoured by -
The Indian Government Award - Padma Bhusan in 1956.

(xiii) Whose birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day?
Dhyan Chand's birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day.


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