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Lesson 7 || A Party Dress || Class 2 SCERT English Assam

 Lesson 7 || A Party Dress || Class 2 SCERT English Assam

Read what the children are saying about the stories:
Now, read this story "A Party Dress"
Once upon a time there lived a very tall fat man in the city of Tiptop. His name was Petupot.

Petupot was very happy. "I must wear a new dress", he said to himself. He visited several cloth shops but did not get a dress that fitted him well. He went to a tailor.

Petupot went to a weaver.

The tailor made a nice dress for Petupot with the piece of cloth that he had given him. Now, Petupot wanted a hat to wear and so he went to a basket maker.


Petupot was disappointed to hear this. So he went to a boatman.

On the day of the party, Petupot reached the mayor's house before time. He was very happy. He was in his new party dress.

1. Put a tick on the correct answers:

(a) Who wanted to wear a new dress?

i. Petupot
ii. Mulukraj
ii. the tailor

(b) What did Petupot wear for a hat?

i. an umbrella
ii. a basket
ii. a piece of cloth

(c) For how many days did the boatman give Petupot his boats?

i. one day
ii. two days
ii. three days

(d) Petupot got the shoes from the,
i.  the carpenter
ii. the boatman
ii. the shoemaker

(e) Petupot was very happy because -

i. he wanted a new dress
ii. the Mayor of the city invited him to a party
ii. everybody loved him

2. Read aloud:
3. Let's find out who does what:

4. Let's read and play roles:

 5. Work in small groups. Talk about each person and what they are wearing. Look at the different dresses. Which one win you wear for a marriage party? Circle it:

6. Draw dresses that your family members would wear for a marriage party:
7. Arrange the letters to form words you have learned:

tairol - Tailor
pencarter - Carpenter
werave - Weaver
atbonam - Boatman

8. Say as fast as you can:
Bake a cake, bake a cake baker's man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can.

9. Choose the correct option from the cloud:
(a) What do you say when you get a new dress from your parents?
Answer: Thank You.

(b) What do you say when your friends ask you for something and you are not ready to give it.
Answer: Sorry.
10. Complete the sentences by using "This" or "These":

These are boats.
These are Petupot's shoes. His shoes are boats.
This is his hat. His hat is a basket.

11. Write a few sentences about the picture. One is done for you:

12. Rewrite the sentences correctly:
(a) one for me make please.
Answer:Please make one for me.
(b) have a basket may 1?
Answer: May i have a basket.
(c) two boats for me please make will you? 
Answer: Will you please make two boats for me.

 13. Work in groups:

One of you show an action and ask your friend to imagine and tell you what you are doing. Examples: walking, running, jumping, sitting, crying, laughing

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