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Lesson 5 || A Pleasant Surprise || Class 2 SCERT English Assam

 Lesson 5 || A Pleasant Surprise || Class 2 SCERT English Assam



Ranjit and Mili are busy reading a newspaper.

 Listen to what Ranjit and Mili are talking about:

Oh my God! I see my poem here! Ma'am must have sent it to the newspaper. I never thought I could find my name in a newspaper someday. Look! The title of my poem is Busy Bee.

Mili: Wow! A poem? Let me recite it.

Busy Bee

I ran to the garden
To catch a busy bee,
It 'll sting', said mother
Let it fly free.
It moves very gently
It makes a lovely sound,
How can such a lovely thing
Sting me when I'm around?

That's really a good poem. I'll also try to write one today. Some of my drawings and paintings were published in our school magazine. Did you know that?

Ranjit: You are lucky! You didn't tell me that before. Can I see
them now?
Mili:  Sure. (Mili runs to her room.She comes back with a few of her drawings and shows them to Ranjit.)

 1.  Let's find out how much we have understood

(a) Why are Ranjit and Mili busy?
Ans: Ranjit and Mili are busy reading a newspaper.
(b) Who wrote a poem for the newspaper?
Ans: Ranjit wrote a poem for the newspaper.

(c) What is the name of the poem?
Ans: The name of the poem is "Busy Bee".

(d) Who recited the poem?
Answer: Mili recited the poem.

(e) Who draws pictures?
Answer: Mili draws the pictures.

(f) Where were the pictures published?
Ans: Pictures were published in their school Magazine.
2. Neha wrote a poem for her school magazine.

Let's recite:
I am a little boy
Lucky you may say,
I have a caring mother
Who loves me all day.
3. Let's complete the poem with the help of the given words:

Mina is my sister
She likes to cook
Mother is happy
When she picks up a book

Search for the rhyming words in this poem and write them on the leaf:
COOK - BOOK (Rhyming words)
4. This is a joke written by Nina for the newspaper. 
Read and enjoy:

Manoj, can you tell me the difference between an apple and an orange?

Manoj : The color of an orange is orange and the color of an apple is not apple.
5. Let's read:
Montu is going to his grandmother's place. He leaves a note for his mother.

I am going to grandma s house. I will come back at 8p.m.
Please don t worry
..................... Montu
6. Read the story of a farmer:

Once there was a farmer. There were many animals on his farm. He took great care of his animals. But one day he found all his animals missing,

What do you think had happened? Complete the story and tell the story to your friend.
Now, draw the farm and the farmer:

 7. Role play: 
8. Put a full stop or a question mark at the end of each sentence:

(a) My name is Mili.
(b) What is your name?
(c) He is my father.
(d) My mother is reading a book.
9. Let's read this joke:

One evening, Nasiruddin Mullah was sleeping. His wife was in
the kitchen. Suddenly his wife heard a big sound. "What's that?", she said. "It's my shirt", Mullah said. "Can the shirt make such a big sound?, the wife asked. "Oh! I was inside it", Mullah replied.

Now, note the ||full stop||, ||comma||, |question mark | ? |
and ||inverted commas|| in the sentences.

10. Find some sentences with inverted commas ( ") in the joke and write:
(a)  "What's that?".
(b)  "It's my shirt".
(c)  "Can the shirt make such a big sound"?
(d)  "Oh! I was inside it".
11. Work in pairs. Talk about things you can do with your friends:
Complete the sentences with the words Yes, I can" or "No, I can't.":
(a) Can you spell the word newspaper?
Ans: Yes i can.
(b) Can you recite a poem?
Ans: Yes i can.
(c) Can you write jokes?
Ans: Yes i can.
(d) Can you tell a story?
Ans: Yes i can.
(e) Can you play roles?
Ans: Yes i can.
(f) Can you say words that have sh, sc, sk at the beginning?
 Ans: Sh - Shirt, Sc - School, Sk - Skip.

 12. Listen:

I lost my umbrella on Monday, 26th January at
the playground of Janakpur M.E. School. It was
black. Anyone who has found it may contact at
the following address:

Jonak Doloi
C/o Moham Doloi
Janakpur, Golaghat, Assam.
13. Let's see how much we have understood:

(a) Who lost the umbrella?
Ans: Jonak Doloi.

(b) When did he lose the umbrella?
Ans: He lost his umbrella on Monday, 26th January.

(c) Where did he lose the umbrella?
Ans: He lost his umbrella at the playground of Janakpur M.E. School.

(d) What is the colour of the umbrella?
Ans: The color of the umbrella was black.
14. Write six sentences from the following table to make questions:
(a) Who lost the umbrella?
(b) Where was the umbrella lost?
(c) What was the colour of the umbrella?
(d) When did Jonak lose his umbrella?

15. Listen to the instructions and draw:

 16. Role play: 

Collect jokes and poems from newspapers/ magazines and share them with your friends.

18. Write a sentence below each picture:



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