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What is Corona Virus? Corona in india, Meaning, Symptoms, Precautions

Corona Virus: The Chinese Version of Messenger of Death God.

Corona Virus is a rising threat to South East Asian Countries. Know all about how to prevent it.

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The horrendous Corona Virus, which already engulfed the bigger territory of China, is now gradually shifting to attack more people in the border sharing countries of China. The dangerous corona virus is now behind many infectious diseases, signaling an epidemic if not conquered by man.
Corona Virus is a dangerous and transmittable disease from animals to human and then from human to human. Belonging to the thread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS Virus), the Corona virus is mostly found in animals with no extra surprise that it can also victimize the human beings. Corona Virus affects the mammals and birds most often. Diarrhea in cows and pigs, upper respiratory diseases in chickens are also some form of common attacks of Corona Virus. 
The Corona Virus became a hot cup of tea, and a new rim of headache as it recently out broke in Wuhan City of China in December. Soon, it crossed the boundary limits and started influencing many people. READ FURTHER CORONA VIRUS ,VIRUS IN INDIA, SYMPTOMS, PRECAUTIONS

Meaning of Corona Virus

Corona is a type of infectious disease which is mainly transmitted from mammals or birds to human beings and then transmits though various related causes from one man to another. The Corona Virus are of many types, but the one which can transmit to human body is Novel Corona or 2019 n-COV for short as recognized by the World Health Organization. The mother source of Corona Virus is from Wuhan city in China and therefore it is also known as Wuhan Corona. Both man and other animals have seen in the grip of Corona.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

symptoms of corona virus


Corona Virus dominantly attacks the respiratory system of human body creating many other respiratory issues side by side. Corona Virus sometimes causes fever along with runny nose, cough, sore throat etc. The common cold and flu may also be a look alike of Corona Virus. Breathing issues, fever, diarrhea, gastrointestinal issues, general body pains are some common symptoms. However if it reaches to a severe level, it may cause pneumonia, high fever of 100.4 degree Fahrenheit or higher or even kidney failure.

How it transmits

Corona is easily transmittable like cold and flu. It commonly spreads out through the sneezes or coughs of an infected person. Using the contaminated objects of an infected patient can also cause an easy transmission of Corona Virus. 
How to prevent Corona Virus
Prevention is the master vaccine of many transmittable diseases not excepting Corona Virus. As it is now clear that this diseases may transmits from mammals and birds including chicken, cows, pigs etc. so a safe distance must be maintained from the infected or prone animals. 
A safe idea here is using a face covering mask in public places. Not even small cold and flu can be ignored and a physicians advice must be sought if any of the symptoms appear. Discovery of a diseases at an early level may help to prevent it from getting into a severe level. The below points will help you to prevent Corona:

1. Washing hands frequently, whenever you touches anything dirty, washing hands will help you to fight against deadly corona virus. The hand palms are the safe zones for corona viruses to get a shelter and then to enter into your body.

2. Maintain a  Social Distance: Do not  dare to enter into the radius of minimum 1 meter (3 feet) of a sneezing or coughing person. Nor you should allow your beloved to come closer than that distance if you are sneezing or coughing. Avoid all sorts of mass gathering and postpone your travel schedules. 

3. Avoid rubbing your eyes, touching nose and mouth: Do not touch your nose and mouth very frequently as the deadly Corona can pass into your body through nose and mouth. Alike, avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands.

4. Cover before sneezing: Before sneezing you should cover your nose and mouth with a tissue paper or bent knee. After using the tissue paper, it should be disposed off safely.

5. Consult doctors if the symptoms persists: The symptoms of Corona are similar to cold and flu, and therefore if you suffer from cold and flu and you do not get well within the reasonable time, without a single moment delay, consult your health checker and get diagnosed properly.
History of Corona Virus
Though it seems that Corona Virus is a recent medical trauma, the history of Corona Virus dates back to the year 1960. It was at early stage discovered in chickens. The most common bronchitis virus in chickens are ancestors of Corona Virus. Corona Virus is just the another member of the family of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS Virus). So, corona virus is a transmittable diseases found among mammals and birds. Some of the listed corona virus types are 229E, NL63, OC43, HKU 1, which are common human corona viruses. 
The very recent discovered species of human corona virus is Novel Corona Virus or 2019-nCOV for short as identified by World Health Organization (WHO). These virus originated from the city of Wuhan in China. The alleged source of 2019 n-COV is the odd food habit of the people of Wuhan. So, this 2019 n-COV is also known as Wuhan Corona Virus. 
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Corona’s death tolls

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Corona Virus News

The infamous Corona Virus is now accountable for more than 17 deaths all around the world. The virus that rose from the seafood of Wuhan in December, has now captured the world map. Reports are coming from all corners of the world getting infected by Corona Virus. More than 500 cases were under the scrutiny of doctors in Wuhan from the month of December, 2019. Soon, the boundary of Wuhan fell short for Corona Virus and got widespread in China. So far, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and U.S.A are in the radar of the virus. As the world shares the same atmosphere and as the world travel is now a common phenomenon, therefore the Corona Virus has an easy route everywhere.