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Rj Raunac on JNU | Exposed by Official Peeing Human , News ,


RJ Raunac exposed by Official Peeing Human, News, Rj Raunac on JNU Fee Hike:


Rj Raunac on JNU | Exposed by Official Peeing Human , News ,
Rj Raunac on JNU | Exposed by Official Peeing Human, News,


RJ Raunac tried to slam JNU protesters showing a PICTURE of a girl using Condom as a Rubber Band: Got himself hit-listed in the diary of Trollers.


RJ Raunac, a famous Indian Youtuber with more than 1.86 Million subscribers (as on 24th Nov 2019), who is commonly popular for his political satire and Shayari, as well as for his prank calls made with his nickname of Bauaa, recently got into controversy for his manipulative and fact-less discussion on Jawaharlal Nehru University situated in Delhi (JNU) student's protest against hostel fee hike. He published a commentary video on 20th Nov 2019 against the ongoing student protests and termed it illogical propounding some facts which are nothing but some whats-app forwards. He opened the beginning with a sour satirical remark that Delhi Police should not have beaten the JNU students because no civilized society should misbehave with the elderly people. RJ Raunac This video showed the new low of Indian Youtubers who are promoting the manipulative agenda for a particular political party.

But this time, he was not to be excused easily as he came under the eagle eyes of Official Peeing Human, another Youtuber who announced an e-Movement against those who have the routine habit of spreading fake propaganda of the ruling party through media houses and other social media platforms. He seizures out clips of the hypocrites who occasionally changes their views with changing scenario and misguide people providing some baseless facts. This time he published a video on RJ Raunac on 23rd Nov 2019 slamming RJ Raunac very badly. He answered all the allegations made by RJ Raunac by telecasting the real facts which were earlier misinterpreted by RJ Raunac to spread his propaganda. Most of his facts were proved wrong in the video of Official Peeing Human, for which the Peeing Army (This is how the fans of Official Peeing Human identify themselves.) started trolling RJ Raunac out of taste. See Official Peeing Human's Reply to RJ Raunac.

Rj Raunac exposed by Official Peeing Human, News, Rj Raunac on JNU Fee Hike.

Peeing Army's Attack

Soon after Official Peeing Human published his video on 23rd Nov 2019 towards the evening hours, the Peeing Army came to know about another Hippocrates RJ Raunac. He urged his viewers to take some initiative to teach RJ Raunac a lesson. He started with #boycottbaua and provided the link of RJ Raunac's nonsense video on JNU Protests.

The next moment was full of thrill. The Peeing Army marched to RJ Raunac's video and started criticizing Raunac for his partial analysis of JNU Protests. The video was full of baseless facts which are some nonsense whats-app forewards and "Tuchh Buddhi" Raunac depended on them for making such a serious analysis of the ongoing protests. His comment box flooded with the comments of the Peeing Army and within one to two hours his video got an alarming hike in Dislikes from 16 thousand to 30 thousand. People mostly urged to report his video as SPAM & MISLEADING and also cursed him for his astigmatic nonsense.

His Like and Dislike ratio soon started increasing and his comment box had enough of scoldings. RJ Raunac soon got to know about how he was baffled by Peeing Army. He was in the Chakrabyuha. He had no option but to surrender and thus within two hours of a video upload by Official Peeing Human he had to correct himself for the Con Fact. Actually, he projected a picture of a girl from JNU wearing con to tie her hair like a rubber band. But, this picture was one of a thousand other viral pictures spread commonly to misguide people. Some people forward such pictures to circulate some fake news. This time foolish Raunac used this picture in support of his claim that JNU students lead an uncivilized life. But, Peeing Human's video clearly depicted that the picture was fake.

RJ Raunac, then commented in his own video clarifying that he mistakenly used that picture of a girl with Condom Rubber Band.


Result of the Battle:

RJ Raunac got the real taste this time. He came to know that fake propaganda is not going to work anymore. People are saying that he is good at doing BAUAA comedy but not as a political analyst. The job of a Political Analyst is a serious job, it cannot be creamed with comedy, and that also with some fake information.

1. Apology: Within two hours of video publishing by Official Peeing Human, Raunac had to apologize publicly.

3. Losing the faith of Public: This cheap publicity stunt of Raunac costed him high on his good image. So, far RJ Raunac was considered to be a good content creator who seemed to remain unbiased. But this time he went way too far to prove that he might be funded or at least politically biased.

4. Twitter War: #BoycottBaua Vs. #Isupport_Rj Raunac: This exposes also gave rise to a breathtaking twitter war. Throughout the day, the two hashtags kept betting swords, and finally peeing army made #BoycottBaua run in number one trend in twitter. Thus, supporters of Raunac had a despise face at the end.

5.  RJ Raunac gives copyright strike to hide the bitter truth: On 26th Nov 2019 RJ Raunac could not the truth go on air anymore. So, he issued a copyright strike on the video of Official Peeing Human. Youtube has a copyright policy under which a content creator can take down a video for publishing a video or an image or any other content without his/her written permission. So, RJ Raunac took advantage of the policy and issued the copyright notice. It is notable that the Official Peeing Human has already a previous copyright strike. Again, as per youtube copyright policy, it can suspend a youtube account for three consecutive copyright strikes.

   But, the Official Peeing Human gave a counterclaim to the fabricated copyright strike, because Youtube's Fairuse policy permits the use of copyrighted content for reporting, commenting, criticism or teaching and for other non-commercial uses. So, Youtube revived his video once again.

6. RJ Raunac now became a new meme material: Raunac is now a fresh ingredient for Meme Makers. From Twitter to Facebook, pages now so often pops up in between flashing memes of Raunac. Perhaps they might refresh your mood. Raunac is so kind-hearted that he has taken the pain to become common laughing stuff. Let us pan our eyes around some nasty memes on Raunac.

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