Wednesday 27 November 2019

What is Floor Test in Politics | Floor Test meaning in Politics | When is Floor Test in Maharashtra

Floor Test; Meaning, Significance in Indian Politics, Floor Test: the game-changer of Maharashtra Government. Devendra Fadnavis' Resignation before Floor Test

Devendra Fadnavis' Resignation before Floor Test
Devendra Fadnavis


Floor Test Meaning

The floor test is a political method to prove the majority support in favour of the political party who forms the government after election. This method works by secret ballot paper or by using Electronic voting machine in the Legislative Assembly or in the Parliament. This is basically a confidence motion run to know whether the government enjoys the confidence of the House or not. This situation arises when no political party wins a majority in the general election, and one of the political parties claim to form an alliance government, but there arises a question of confidence of the House. The House Speaker conducts the floor test to clear the question of the majority.

Importance of Floor Test in Indian Politics: 

Indian politics is full of twists, speculations, and contingencies. So, many a time winning an election with the absolute majority is a mirage dream. Because the voters have diverse political expectations, most of the time they give a mixed mandate. The political parties are left to form an alliance government as the last option. But the formation of the alliance government is also not so easy. The political support of different parties lies in different political agendas and political ideologies. Many times, floor tests played a crucial role in the formation of a government. It creates a breathless situation in politics. In fact, in the year of 2019, two-floor tests occupied a middle position in the two-state election. The Karnataka government in July 2019 and Maharashtra Government were formed completely based on floor tests. ALSO READ: HOW RJ RAUNAC EXPOSED BY OFFICIAL PEEING HUMAN FULL STORY

Maharashtra Government Floor Test:

The General state election of Maharashtra 2019 was full of suspense, thriller and high end political drama. One month after the election results were declared, on 23rd Day of November 2019, the BJP claimed to have formed the government with the face of Devendra Fadnavis as CM, backing the political support of NCP's rebel Ajit Pawar, who also walked in as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharshtra. On the other side, three political parties Congress, Shivshena & NCP's alliance was all set to form the Maharshtra Government and their jaw dropped in awe to see the BJP's illusionary move. Shocked by the decision of BJP, they moved to the Supreme Court and file an urgent petition to hear the matter. The Supreme Court on 26th Nov, 2019 directed the BJP government to face a floor test by the deadline of 5 pm on 27th Nov, 2019. But BJP's newly formed government could not dare a floor test as directed by Supreme Court and after a tenure of 80 Hours Devendra Fadnavis decided to resign early morning on 27th Nov, 2019. However though he resigned, Fadnavis achieved a new political milestone, that is, he became the first CM of Maharshtra to hold the post for the shortest period.

       The high voltage political drama is constantly changing the Political scenario of Maharashtra.  On 23rd of November, 2019 Devendra Fadnavis took the oath to decorate the post of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra with the Political back from Ajit Pawar of NCP, which was a dramatic twist after month long hypothesis going on among the political parties. It was acclaimed to be a master stroke of BJP's Chanakya Amit Shah. 
     But surprises were still awaiting to awe the people of Maharashtra, as the NCP-Congress-Shiv Sena alliance was still to play their master stroke. The alliance was totally upset by the trickery walk out from the alliance and joining the hands of BJP's Devendra Fadnavis. So, they moved before the Supreme Court alleging lack of majority of the newly formed government. The Supreme Court hearing the urgent petition ordered the government to face a floor test on 27th Nov, 2019 by 5 pm.