Sunday 9 February 2020

400 Kilometer travelled just in 4 hours, Ambulance rescues 40 days old baby for heart surgery from Mangalore to Bangalore, People and Police makes Zero traffic for the Ambulance

Speed thrills, but never always Kills

Sometimes, Speed also saves life

An ambulance speeds at 100 kilometer per hour from Mangalore to Bangalore to save the life of a little Baby.

Ambulance man saves baby's life
India, 9th Feb 2020; A speedy driver is always cursed by the passersby, but not this ambulance driver from Mangalore, who recently drove a distance of around 350 kilometers just to shift a 40 days old baby to a hospital in Bangalore in just 4 hours. The baby was to undergo a heart surgery in Jaidur Hospital in Bangalore. The 40 days old baby was diagnosed with heart disease and doctors advised its parents to transfer to Bangalore for advance treatment without any further delay. The big headache of the family was the distance of almost 400 kilometers which cannot be covered within a shorter period by road. Then, came up Md. Hanif Malbari, an ambulance driver from Mangalore, Karnataka and vowed to do an impossible task. 

 in this case, there was already a well laid out way from Mangalore to Bangalore. All one need is to set out the journey. The ambulance driver, seeing such a little baby’s life in extreme danger, did not think twice and asked its parents to get into the ambulance. The rest of the journey was not less than a miracle. The ambulance was geared up to the possible speed that its engine could generate, and drove all the way from Mangalore to Bangalore. In this journey, the driving fuel was not only petrol or diesel, but also the courage and a sense of humanity of the driver.

          As soon as the news of the courageous ride of the ambulance got viral in the social media, people started standing near the road capturing the windy speed of the ambulance and clapping at his extra ordinary achievement. People travelling though that road started giving the ambulance way out of their own motion. Traffic police, at several points, cleared the road for the ambulance to pass. People, at Bangalore, gave him a warrior’s welcome. Because of the driver’s courage and presence of mind, a little baby was saved from the grief of oncoming death. Now, people are appreciating the driver, Md Hanif Malbari.