Thursday, 13 February 2020

The North East Guy speaks up against the Social Media Assailants Doing Viral of MMS

Who is the North East Guy? The Listener of his Own Heart turns into a Social Media Rebel. 

The North East Guy speaks up against the Social Media Assailants who make Famous Assamese Tiktok girl video viral without Common Sense

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Social Media is a Utopian world and some of its dwellers lost all sense of civic conscience by signing into this imaginary world. For the pity sake of their demonic flavour and fun, they do share adult videos, images or other such electronic files which are source of temporary fun for some users, but which are not less than a bolt from blue for those who are depicted in such videos, images or other such electronic files.

“Such depletion of morale while using social media is catastrophic. However, the low of morale is not always acceptable specially when it comes to the dignity of a girl.”

This is what believed by the North East Guy aka Prit Baruah who recently shared a video through his Facebook handle PRIT BARUAH capturing his opinion on a viral video of Gunjan Das. The video got a massive response in no time and got upvotes for his honest opinion. The video was also uploaded in Youtube in a channel named THE NORTHEAST GUY

The NorthEast Guy is a Social Media Rebel who often speaks up against the deadliest mindset of the social media users who got no wits to differentiate between right and wrong. Social media has plastered wings to the nasty desires of modern youths. The leakage videos of couples is a common phenomenon. The sharers get a taste of a couple of minutes watching such videos or self-made videos, but they never think that such videos will destroy the lives of many even within less than the blinks of eyes.

The North East Guy has a clear agenda that he cannot tolerate any unsocial or unjust activity openly going on in the social media platforms. In his several Youtube videos, he drew social causes cinematically. All his journey began in the year 2012, but the journey did not meet its destination. Later he restarted his journey from 2017 after he had enough rest for almost 5 years. 

Whose Fault? The self made Youtube creator The North East Guy had a dramatic come back in 2017 with a video titled Whose Fault? which was basically a short film coining a deep social message against the suicidal mindset of young generations. In his video he gave strong messages crafting out the values of precious life - Life is better than death.

Indian Youth Needs to Change: In another video, the North East Guy also talked about the mindset of Indian youth who make shallow remarks on girls based on their dresses, skin colour or on other countless basis. Girls are often treated as objects by the boys. But The North East Guy has a different view and also struggles to change the mindset of other people. 

The Facebook Story: So, The North East Guy could not sit back silently when he saw that an unnamed girl was badly trolled by some memers and other social media users for a leaked viral video of the girl. He posted a video in his facebook handle in which he spoke continuously for more than four to five minutes. He spoke up things that stroke his minds and which he believed were necessary to be remembered by the young generations. In his words, “I made this video just to share my thoughts about our generations, we are so much into sharing things without a second thoughts that we forget our ethics and common sense.” Basically in his video, the North East Guy chided the youths who even dared to make memes on such sensitive issue of a girl’s life.

In a viral video of an Assamese girl, every stingy boy started sharing the link of that video and made it a viral one to douse their unethical thirst. Some of the Memers, never thinking twice, started pasting their template memes onto the face of the girl. Pathetic it was. The heartless social media goons were almost ready to destroy the life of the girl. Then up came the North East Guy a man with golden heart, he could not let it go unspoken. He posted a vedio in facebook on 12th Feb, 2020 twisting his tongues against the opportunist memers and careless social media users. He tried to refurbish the forgotten ethics while handling a social media account. A girl’s life cannot be captivated in the memes for the sake of some artificial amusement. No one would dare to share their own private video. It sarcastically shows the landslide of our own precious character and that of humanity at large. 

The North East Guy also shared the same video over his instragram profile TheNorthEast Guy. In his videos, the viewers also seemed to agree to his viewpoints. People upvoted his good work and blessed him for showing courage to that extant. What the North East Guy did was rebellious in the world of social media. Because of his bold stand, he now makes it clear that the social media also have users with wits and common sense. Whether it is social media or the real world, the humanity always has a victorious end.