Friday, 14 February 2020

Srinivas Gowda covers 100 meters in just 9.55 seconds in Traditional Kambala race Faster than Usian Bolt?

Meet  Karnataka Man Srinivasa Gowada runs in the shoes of Usain Bolt! Breaks Record of Usain Bolt sprinting 142.5 meter just in 13.62 meter.

Traditional Kambala Bull Race turns into a Thrilling Race Track. Srinivasa Gowada, a jockey from Kambal wins hearts of Millions with his windy racing speed

Meet  Karnataka Man Srinivasa Gowada runs in the shoes of Usain Bolt! Breaks Record of Usain Bolt sprinting 142.5 meter just in 13.62 meter.

Meet  Karnataka Man Srinivasa Gowada runs in the shoes of Usain Bolt! Breaks Record of Usain Bolt sprinting 142.5 meter just in 13.62 meter.

Kambala race is India's traditional buffalo race which is held annually in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka. Generally, The season of Kambala race starts in November and lasts until March, Over 45 races are held annually. Kambala's race is organized through Kambala Samithi's for the entertainment of the rural people of the area. READ FURTHER SRINIVASA GOWADA COVERS 100 METRES IN JUST 9.55 SECONDS IN KAMBALA RACE

India, 14th Feb, 2020: A man named Srinivasa Gowada, a local jockey from the coastal areas of Moodabidri, Karnataka won million hearts recently who participated in the traditional bull race called Kambala. In the race, he sprinted with a blurry speed and covered a distance of 142.50 meters just in 13.62 seconds. People calculated out the average and started comparing him with the world’s fastest athlete Usain Bolt who holds the unrepeatable record of 100 meter race in 9.58 seconds. Srinivasa Gowada has already outnumbered the record of Usain Bolt by gaining 0.03 seconds if the claims of the spectators are to be believed. If calculated it becomes 100 meter in 9.55 seconds. 

           Kambala racer ardent jockey Srinivasa ran competing along the speed of a furious pair of bulls and matched that unprecedented record in the traditional Bull race. Notably, Srinivasa already broke a 30 years old record of that traditional Kambala race.  

However, there is no authentic source to verify the claim to be true. The race was conducted in muddy and wet race tracks and therefore the acclaimed speed seems difficult to be achieved because of the presence of the speed deterrents. Moreover, Srinivasa was running along the pair of buffaloes catching their tails and obviously his speed got multiplied by the speed of the buffaloes. 

The unbelievable speed however achieved by the Kambala racer is now a tongue twister for those who have watched his run. It soon became an internet sensation. The social media is now apparently praising the man. The man if given proper training may do well in Olympics, this is what they are claiming. 

           The traditional Kambala race is a celebrated high voltage sport in the coastal areas of Moodabidri, Karnataka. However, it is a controversial race as well. Many animal rights activists stand against this race and because of their continuous appeal it was banned for a few years in Karnataka. Later Congress government led by chief minister Siddaramiah restored it by passing a special legislation. The high voltage race of Kambala bestows cash prize in several lakhs upon the winner. READ NISHAN SHETTY RECORD FULL STORY

Sports Minister Kiran Rijiju calls Karnataka 

Man Srinivasa Gowda as "INDIAN USIAN BOLT"

Srinivasa is a new internet sensation, who ran a distance of hundred meter just in 9.55 seconds which is claimed to have broken the record of world's fastest runner Usain Bolt. After he went viral in the social media, big leaders are now sharing their views on Srinivasa's epic performance. Srinivasa is actually a jockey taking part in a traditional Kambala race with a pair of Buffaloes.