Friday 28 February 2020

Zubeen Garg Hospitalized, Admitted , today news ,In Nemcare Hospital Guwahati

Assam's Heart Throb Zubin Garg Hospitalized. Zubin Garg is in the ICU for Reported Nervous Disorder. 12 Doctors treating Zubin.

Zubeen Garg Hospitalized, Admitted , today news ,In Nemcare Hospital Guwahati

Zubin Garg's Health Update Exclusively with Infobell

Assam, 28th Feb, 2020; Assam's one and only living legend Zubin Garg reportedly has been hospitalized on an unsure medical ground hastily during evening hours today. A few while ago this evening, he was seen decorating a beautiful programme organized by the Guwahati Club. Soon, he started facing disturbance healthwise while taking part in the programme. Zubin Garg almost fainted on the stage while performing his legendary art. The crew was baffled and seen making hue and cry to hold Zubin from falling down. Some of them cried for water as a part of first aid. Without any further delay, the crew escorted him to the nearby Nemcare Hospital. 

        Doctors hurriedly trolleyed him to the ICU Room for emergency treatment. Doctors are now carrying out primary treatment and they are not giving any statement on this. One of Assam's Minister Naba Doley visited the Hospital to see Zubin Garg. A primary presumption is that Zubin Garg might have met Nervous Disorder. But, a clear picture will be out only after proper medical investigation. As, his treatment is undergoing, it will be premature to say anything. However, Doctors are assuring that it is not a major issue. We, the Infobell pray a #getwellsoon for our dearest Artist Zubin Garg.
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Zubin Garg Hospitalized News

Zubin Garg's Health Condition Improving

28.02.2020 11:12 PM, 

Editor-in-Chief of Pratidin Time, an Assamese News Channel, Nitumoni Saikia gave a press bite after he had met Zubin Garg in the hospital. He is almost fine now." Zubin's first voice after he woke up was "Where am I? Where have you brought me?". Mr. Saikia further added, "12 doctors including cardiologist Dr. A.K. Sharma are now around Zubin Garg to look after him, for which we are thankful to Nemcare Hospital. Zubin garg also had a pleasant conversation with his wife Garima Garg. He explained his conditions to the doctors normally."