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I'm a mobile phone | Lesson 6 | Class 3 | Questions Answers | SCERT ASSAM

Lesson 6: I’m a mobile Phone

I'm a mobile phone, questions answers



1 Find Rhyming Word
(a) Small – Call
(b) Names – Games
(c) Hear – Dear

(a) I call my friends
(b) I store games.
(c) I play games.
(d) I write with it.
(e) I take photos.
(f) I listen to music
(g) I watch videos

3. Arrange the Letters

 (a) Computer
 (b)Mobile Phone
(c) Telephone
(d) Newspaper
(e) Radio
(f) Television
(g) Signboard
(h) Magazine
(i) Noticeboard
(j) Calendar

4. Let’s see how much we have understood and write:
(a) What are the names of the two friends?
Answer: Ajay and Barun
(b) What are they going to watch?
Answer: Football match
(c) Why did Ajay call up Barun?
Answer: Ajay calls Barun to inform him about the football match.

5. Read the following dialogues between Barun and Ajay. The dialogues are not in the correct order. Work with a friend. Put the correct number of dialogues in the boxes.
(a) Hello, is that Ajay?
(b) Yes, Ajay’s here
(c) How are you, Ajay?
(d) I’m fine. Thank you.

7.(b) Questions
(1). Answer: A Football match is going to be held at Nehru Bali Field.
(2). Answer: The match will be held between M.K. Gandhi M.E. school V.S. Royal Academy
(3). Answer: The match will be held on 9th September at 3 p.m.

8. Ajay tried to write a few sentences about the football match that he watched. Help him to choose the correct word from the brackets and complete the sentences;
(a) Yesterday I went to watch a football match.
(b) Barun Came with me.
(c) We loved the match.
(d) Royal Academy scored three goals.
(e) Royal Academy won the match.

9. Answers
(a) Ajay and I wanted to see a match.
(b) The match was held at Nehru Bali Field.
(c) Royal Academy was the winner.
(d) It scored three goals.


(a) Beautiful
(b) Big
(c) Tall
(d) Red
(e) Yellow
(f) White
(g) Small
(h) Purple


(a) There they saw a big buffalo
(b) I saw a small girl standing near a big tree.

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