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Little Raindrops | Class 3 | Lesson 5 | Questions | Answers | Scert | Assam

Lesson 5: Little Raindrops

Little Raindrops | Class 3 | Lesson 5 | Questions | Answers | Scert | Assam
Little Raindrops


1.    Let’s practice rhyming words. Listen to the first two words in each row and find another one from the box:
No | So | Go
Net | Met | Let
Town | Brown | Down
Tall | Call | All
Shout | Stout | Out
Rain | Pain | Train
Day | Today | May
He | She | Me

2.    Question no.3 Let’s see how much we have understood:

a)    What are the children waiting for?
Answer: The children are waiting for the rain to stop.
b)    Where will they sail the paper boats?:
Answer: They will sail paper boats in the rainwater.

3.    Work in pairs. Arrange the word cards according to the present (now) and past time (then). Write the words in column A And in Column B:
(A)    Now    (B) Then
(A)    Go       (B) Went
(A)    Meet   (B) Met
(A)    Do       (B) Did
(A)    Make   (B) Made

4.    When Raju came home late, his mother asked him a few questions. Read what Raju said. Now, complete the questions that Raju’s Mother asked. You can choose words from the box. One is done for you:

Mother: Where did you go?
Raju: I went to Mrinal’s house.
Mother: Whom did you meet there?
Raju: I met Preeti, Mina and Mrinal.
Mother: What did you did there?
Raju: We made paper boats.

5.    Here are some things we do in winter and summer. Choose the right words from the box and fill in the blanks:

(a)    We wear Sweaters
(b)    We sit near a fire
(c)    We drink hot milk
(d)    We go for a picnic
(a)    We sit under a fan
(b)    We eat ice-cream
(c)    We go for a swim
(d)    We wear cotton clothes.

6.    (a) What do you wear?
Answer: We wear sweaters.
(b) What do children drink?
Answer: Children Drink hot milk.
(c) What do we do in winter?
Answer:We go for a picnic in winter.
(e)    Where do we sit?
Answer: We sit near the fire.

7.    It is a hot day. Mina is talking about what she likes to do on a hot day. Look at the pictures and write in the bubbles what Mina does:

(a)    I go for a swim
(b)    She sits under a fan
(c)    She drinks hot milk.

8.    Did you know there is one more season called ‘Autumn’? Match the pictures with the seasons. 
One is done for you:

(a)    We wear sweaters – Winter
(b)    We visit ripe paddy field – Autumn
(c)    We eat ice-creams – Summer
(d)    We watch Bihu dance – Spring

9.    (a) Who built a nest in the paddy field?
Answer: Tailorbird.
(b) Who came to the paddy field and with whom?
Answer The farmer and his wife.

(d)    Answer: The farmer to his wife.

10.    (a) Raju, Preeti, Mina, and Mrinal went to Pobitora. They liked the place a lot.
(b) Pobitora is a beautiful place. It is a picnic spot too.
(c) Mina likes oranges. She ate the orange that Raju gave her.
(d) Mrinal likes fruit juice. He was happy to see the juice that his mother brought with her.

11.    Answer: Raju, Preeti, Mina, and Mrinal went to a picnic with their parents.  The picnic spot was very beautiful, Their they saw many birds, rhino, and also a big buffalo.