Friday 1 May 2020

Lockdown Version 3.0, India's Lockdown Extended by Another 2 Weeks

3rd Installment of Lockdown Arrives, India to Remain Shut Till 17th May

Lockdown extended in India
Lockdown Version 3.0

India, 1st May 2020: In the most expected way, The Central Government today announces the 3rd installment of lockdown extension. The lockdown that has been extended for the 3rd time, shall increase the earlier deadline of 3rd May and with 2 weeks extension, shall last till 17th May. India is in Lock Down mode from the 24th of March. And with the announcement of extension for the third time, it is now a total of thirty-eight days lockdown.
    The Ministry of Home Affairs has however issued a set of new guidelines to prevail during this lockdown version 3.0. The government shall issue different directives for different zones - red zones, orange zones, and green zones districts. The green zone and orange zones districts to enjoy certain relaxations.
     The government decision is quite justified as India is serially experiencing a leap in corona cases in the last few days. Presently, the total positive cases stand at 35,043 with the registration of 180 new cases today. Sad to express that 1154 people have already died of corona in India. However, 9068 people also have recovered from the deadly grip of the corona

     As the lockdown is prolonged for the third time, the economy is going to face big jerks. How the government is going to cushion this economic jerk, it will now arise as a big economic challenge for the government.

     This prolonged lockdown has heavily hampered the lives of daily wage earners. Many of them are now jobless. They are unable to feed their families. And the government has totally failed to initiate any neutralizing schemes so far. After the expiry of lockdown, the government will have to focus on bringing back the economy on the right track.