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A Glass Of Lemonade | English | Lesson 4 | Class 3 | Questions and Answers | SCERT


A Glass Of Lemonade | English | Lesson 4 | Class 3 | Questions and Answers | SCERT


1.    Listen and say ‘True’ or ‘False’:
a)    Mother is teaching Bubu how to make Lemonade.

Answer: True
b)    Bubu has brought a glass of water and two lemons.

Answer: False
c)    Mother is squeezing one half of the lemon into the glass of water.

Answer: True
d)    Bubu is stirring the mixture with a spoon.

Answer: False

3.    A) Bubu is going to make a glass of lemonade for his mother. But he has forgotten the steps. Help him by arranging the steps in the correct order. Write the serial numbers in the boxes. The first one is done for you:

Answer: Write the serial number in your textbook according to the answer given below.
 (i) Take a glass of water.
(ii) Cut the lemon into two halves  
 (iii) Squeeze one half of the lemon into the glass.
(iv) Add two spoonfuls of sugar.
(v) Add a pinch of salt.
(vi) Stir the mixture with the spoon.

b) Now, write the steps in the correct order in your notebook.

Answer: Same as the above answer. 

4. Now, listen to your teacher and show the actions:
(i) Pour a glass of water.
(ii) Squeeze one half of a lemon.
(iii) Wash a dish
(iv) Peel a banana.
(v) Cut a lemon into two halves.
(vi) Open a window.

6.    Read and Match:
(a)    A bathroom – a room to have a bath
(b)    A kitchen – A room where meals are cooked.
(c)    A dining room – A room mainly used for eating Meals.
(d)    A bedroom – A room to sleep in.

8.    You can find at least seven names of things that are used in the kitchen in the grid. Circle them. One is done for you:

Questions answers of A Glass of Lemonade

 10.    Talk to your friend and choose words and phrases from column A, B, and C to make sentences:
(A)    Mother added two spoonfuls of sugar and a pinch of salt to the glass.
(B)    Mother squeezed one half of the lemon into the glass.

11.    Choose the words/groups of words in the box to complete the sentences:
(a)    The oranges are in the basket.
(b)    The bottle of salt is on the table.
(c)    The knife is just beside the glass.
(d)    The jar of sugar is in the cupboard.

12.(b)    Underline the words- ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘his’, ‘they’, ‘it’. These are words used instead of Bubu, his mother, and the day. Now, match the words under A with those under B. One is done for you:
(a)    He – Bubu
(b)    She – Bubu’s mother
(c)    His – Bubu’s
(d)    Them – Bubu and his mother
(e)    It – A sunny day

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