Saturday 28 March 2020

USA Records Spike to Over 100,000 Corona Cases Just in Two Month

USA's Corona Diary

USA Records Spike to Over 100,000 Corona Cases Just in Two Month

India, 28th March, 2020: Since its first positive case of Noval Corona two months back, USA has faced a fast hike in corona positive cases which rose over 100,000 confirmed cases till today. Only 2 days back it had 85,435 cases and just within this two days the number of cases headed to cross the figure of 100,000 cases.

  Till the moment this report has been drafted, the total figures stand at 104,205 sadly accompanied by a death figure of 1,701. However, 2,525 patients have recovered from the deadly grip of Corona. Highest figures recorded in the Capital  State of New York with total cases standing at 46,262 and 606 deaths.

   To report the action plan adopted by President Trump, The Washington Post reported that President Trump has recently signed a sweeping $2 trillion corona virus spending package into law. The President also took measures to curb oversight provisions in the legislation. Thus it will help to assert an authority of the President over a new inspector general’s office. The inspector general's office was created to monitor the disbursement of loans. This decision might give rise to a conflict between the White House and the Congress.

   The whole world's eye is now on USA, because USA now tops in the list of active corona cases. USA's policy to fight back against corona was quite fatal. The President did not take any timely action and situation went out of his hand. The lock down was imposed very late. Infections rose rapidly.The USA also was saddened by the demise of thousands of precious lives.

   The USA is the most powerful nation and claims to be the world leader. But the corona virus arose as a big tragedy in the country. A rapid action is now required. The scientists should focus highly on the discovery of the medicine at an early hour. Otherwise, the country will have to stand helpless.