Saturday 28 March 2020

An Israel Returnee is Suspected of Corona in Assam

An Israel Returnee is Suspected of Corona in Assam
An Israel Returnee is Suspected of Corona in Assam

Corona Suspect in Assam

Assam, 28th March, 2020: A Baksha District lived young boy from Assam has today reportedly been sent to Guwahati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in suspect of Covid-19. The boy from the Bangalipara Village of Goreswar, Baksha has recently returned from Israel on 22th March. Till his return, he kept himself quarantined as prescribed. But today he had attacks of mild fever and flu like symptoms.

   The news is panicking because another returnee and his friend from Uttar Pradesh who came back to India with him has already been tested positive of Covid-19.

    Presently, the boy is undergoing medical tests for speculative noval corona. Everything will be bright and clear only after the medical test reports arrives. If he is tested positive, it will be the first case of Noval Corona in Assam.

    Assam has isolated 45,000 people in self-quarantine. The state government of Assam is now in action mood under the strong leadership of Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma. He is strictly supervising the scenario and  he is personally involved in close monitoring of corona issues in Assam. The government is trying to ensure that corona should penetrate in Assam. But such reports of persons who have travel history, getting any flu like symptoms likely to create panic among the masses.


  There is an update in Hemanta Deka's corona case. Hemanta Deka from Bangalipara of Goreswar Baksa has been tested negative in medical tests carried out at GMCH. Also, his friend from Uttar Pradesh is also not corona positive as clarified by Hemanta Deka. He was very suspicious of himself because his friend from UP got positive, as he heard. But today he could breath to relax as he came to know that his friend was not actually positive and only a misconception formed in his mind. Not only he but the entire Assam now breathes to relax.