Saturday 28 March 2020

ABP News Misstated Facts Regarding Death Toll of Corona. Got it Corrected After Infobell's Pointing Out


India, 28th March, 2020: Corona updates regarding number of active cases, death rates, recovery rates etc. are very necessary data for viewers and in order to help the viewers India's news sites have been updating it regularly. But sometimes some sort of discrepancies appear. India's leading News Channel ABP News today updated in its website figures relating to Corona's death toll with misstated fact. At about 1:14 PM today, the ABP News Website displayed, "As per latest update available with ABP News, the death toll climbed to 902,..."

abp corona news
ABP did blunder while publishing online news, showing 902 death from Corona

But actually till midday today, total cases of Corona Patients rose to 902 and death figure stood only at 20. The ABP News online news portal did a blunder while publishing that news. So, the Infobell decided to take on the issue and tweeted the screenshot of the news. Theinfobell just wants to remind the mistake because such mistake may even lead to a chaotic situation. These are small mistakes but the results may be drastic.
tweet, abp news, corona virus, death figure by abp
The Infobell's Tweet tagging ABP News

Presently, it is good to see that ABP News has corrected the line and refreshed it as, "As per the latest update available with ABP News, the number of COVID-19 positive cases climbed to 906, with 19 deaths reported."
An error-free reporting perhaps should be treated as the rights of the viewers. In India, the media houses nowadays lack luminous as biased reporting is very common. So, the viewers must be wise enough to draw a clear line between the right news and the wrong news.

Through this post, we can see that a single mistake from leading news sites can create drastic chaos to its viewers, therefore we must try to avoid doing such mistakes and i hope it was their mistake and now they have corrected it.

abp news misstatement of fact
ABP News corrected the News