Wednesday 25 March 2020

Telengana CM Affrights in Anger, Stay at Home or Face Shoot-at-Sight

Shoot-at-Sight Order Won't be Delayed if Telengana People Refuse to Stay Inside


telengana cm shoot at sight order

India, 25th Mar, 2020: The whole country is frozen past lockdown order. But some people were seen coming out with various nasty excuses, even though some of them were out in order to fill up their ration bags. To see the uncontrollable people, Telengana CM Chandrashekhar Rao got furious and announced that he would left with no option but to order for shoot-at-sight if people still continue to violate the lockdown order anyhow. He would also not hesitate to call for imposition of 24 hour curfew if people are reluctant to stay indoor.

    CM Rao further added that if situation gets beyond control, the Army would be ordered to take charge over the situation. He would also not think twice before ordering a complete shut down of the petrol pumps to keep people out of fuel to travel. If curfew emerges it would last from 7 PM to 6 AM daily. Meanwhile, all shops were advised to take their shutter down by 6 PM daily.

    He said that his government is taking away the passports of the patients who have been tested positive for Covid-19. The home isolates are strictly asked to follow the protocols or else they will face passport seizure.

 During this pandemic, all the state administration are doing their best to stop the spread of the this deadly virus, everywhere everything is put under lockdown all the people of the country are facing problems due to this ongoing pandemic, states government are taking proper measures and providing their best to help the stucked labourers and migrant workers and also by helping the people of below poverty line by providing them their essential commodities, Beside the government N.G.O's and other willing peoples are also coming forward with their helping hands to provide as much as they can according to their capacity.

After taking all these steps also the some people are not co-operating with the governments at this the Telangana CM - Chandrashekhar affrights in Anger, Stay at Home or face shoot-at-sight.

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