Thursday 19 March 2020

Akhil Gogoi NIA Case New Update, NIA seeking 'Answers of Certain Questions' from Rahul Chetry, a Student Protestor Gives Murky Buzz after Akhil Gogoi got Bail!!!

Democratic Protest? NIA Serves Summons on Rahul Chetry, A Student Cum CAA Protester to Appear as Witness in Connection with Akhil Gogoi Case 

New Juggle of NIA after Akhil Gogoi got bail due to lack of evidence. The Student Leader smells Politics in it.

summon by nia, akhil gogoi case
Assam, 19th Mar, 2020: Yesterday National Investigating Agency (NIA) sent a summon under Section 160 of CrPC to the General Secretary of Dibrugarh University Post Graduate Students' Union (DUPGSU) Mr. Rahul Chetry, who is also the Gorkha Student Leader, who has been raising a strong voice against the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. Assam led a series of protests against that unfavourable Act and Rahul Chetry as a representative of the youth raised his voice against this. Now he has received a summon to appear before NIA authority on 20th March, 2020 to answer Certain Questions to be put by NIA. But so far Rahul Chetry is Uncertain about the Questions to be faced by him tomorrow. 

Is Corona haunting You?

     Yesterday, Akhil Gogoi, the KMSS leader got bail in NIA led Maoist Case after 91 days spending in Guwahati Central Jail. But very surprisingly he was arrested again by the Sivsagar Police on the day of his bail in a suspicious case registered with them on 12th December, 2019. 
nia case, akhil gogoi, summon to rahul chetry
Summon sent with Overlapping Names. NIA does not have a good Printer or a Good Typist?

    Now in such a tensed moment, the summons to a student leader brings a imprecise scenario. Notably NIA was adversely failed to submit proper proof in Akhil Gogoi case to the Court because of which he got bail in the Maoist Case. Now the biggest question here, is this a new juggle of NIA in Akhil Gogoi Case after their 91 days long failed move to keep him behind the bars?

    Voice of young generations, Rahul Chetry was surprised to see a summon from NIA yesterday which was primarily printed in the name of Rubul Chetry, who is Rahul Chetry's UAE lived brother. He found that the name of Rubul Chetry has been overwritten with his name and then served to him. In the letter, he is asked to appear at the NIA office located in Sonapur, Guwahati, a very outskirt area from the main city of Guwahati. The letter further reads

 "You are hereby directed to appear before ..... the National Investigating Agency..... for the purpose of answering certain questions..."

     In an interview with TheInfobell, he said, "I have done nothing and know nothing of the case. I led a democratic protest with the students of Dibrugarh University." He further added, "I do not know Akhil Gogoi personally, so how would I know anything about him? Nor I am connected with any anti social organizations."

     He termed it a tragic moment for a democratic student leader to receive such a summon in a case in which he is nohow related.

     The various students organizations including All Assam Students Organization (AASU), Gorkha Students Union, Tai Ahom Yuba Satra Parishad, Lachit Hena, are extending their all pervasive support to Rahul Chetry. He also sought the advice of legal practitioners to deal with the matter.

     Earlier in February, two other students leaders Pranjol Kalita of Cotton University and Arupjyoti Saikia of IIT Guwahati also faced similar consequences after they had taken active part in CAA protests. 

     In a democracy everyone has a right to raise a voice against the government in a democratic and peaceful manner. In spite having no involvement in any unconstitutional activities, why should the students leaders get such summons from investigating agencies? 

     Is it an attempt to pressurize the voices  of innocent and promising leaders of tomorrow? Will the students who are often termed as the future of nation lose their own good future in the dirty political whirlpools?

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