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Lesson 14 | My Loving Mother Questions Answers | Class 3 Shishu Niketan

 Lesson 14 | My Loving Mother Questions Answers | Class 3 Sankardev Shishu Niketan Solutions Assam

Lesson 14 | My Loving Mother Questions Answers | Class 3 Shishu Niketan
My Loving Mother Questions Answers


Thousands of stars twinkle at night 

But there is one shining moon. 

Hundred of birds fly in the morning 

To greet the rising sun. 

Hundreds of flowers greet the bees 

And the butterflies on the lawn. 

Thousands of dewdrops shine there 

To welcome the nice dawn. 

Thousands and thousands of sea waves 

Warmly embrace one another 

But in the whole wide world 

There is one loving mother. 

Class 3 English Sankardev Shishu Niketan Solutions


1. Understand the meaning of the following : 

thousands of stars | sea wave | rising sun 

hundreds of flowers | dew drop | Shining moon

2. Find the rhyming words : 

Greet, night, bee, embrace, tree 

farm, entrance, treat, warm, fight.


Greet - treat

night - fight

bee - tree

embrace - entrance

farm - warm

3. Write suitable sentences in correct form for your loving mother. She is my loving mother, because 

i) She takes care of me. (gives/takes) 

ii) She play with me. (plays/quarrels) 

iii) She tells me how to behave. (helps/tells) 

iv) She helps me in need. (helps/keeps) 

v) She gives me food. (takes/gives) 

4. Fill up the gaps : 

(EXAMPLE: one book; two books; many books) 

a) One flower; two flowers; many flowers.

b) One butterfly; two butterflies; hundreds of flowers

c) One wave; two waves; thousands of waves.

d) One bookshelf; two bookshelves; five bookshelves.

e) One bee; two bees; hundreds of bees 

f) One drop; two drop; thousands of drops.

g) One knife; two knives; three knives.

h) One sentry; two sentries; many sentries 

5. Complete the following pairs of sentences : (using the words twinkle, morning, evening, dew drops, rising, sun, shining moon welcome, dawn, night) 

a) Stars twinkle at night

Stars do not twinkle at day time.

b) Birds come out from their nests in the morning

 Birds go into their nests in the evening.

c) Dewdrops welcome the nice dawn.

Dewdrops do not welcome the evening. 

d) Waves on the sea are sea waves. 

Drops of dew are dewdrops.

e) The sun is rising, that is the morning.

The moon is shining, that is the night.

6. Write sentences using the following sets of words : 

a) (welcome, dawn, nice, dewdrops, the) 

Answer: Dewdrops welcome the nice Dawn.

b) (one, there, loving, is, only, mother) 

Answer: There is only one loving mother.

c) (fly, birds, the, in, sky) 

Answer: Birds fly in the sky.

d) (night, stars, at, twinkle) 

Answer: Stars twinkle at night.

e) (dew drops, in, shine, morning, the) 

Answer: Dewdrops shine in the morning.

7. Fill up the blanks : 

a) There is one loving mother 

b) There is one shining moon.

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